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Chick Crumbs?

Is there any particular device, or method, for offering these to chicks / poults when the other chickens are about, please?

I made a tiny sort of tunnel I put in the Box when I have tiny, just hatched things, still scuttling about in the Box. But, once they come down that ramp? Anybodies game.

I chuck Them a handful of their expensive stuff and have to stand and watch the adults pounce. Grates, somewhat! LOL!

@Glyn ~ Imagining ye'll find this; Only Lost 'The Ball', didn't I?! Ye couldn't make this up! One chicken I've managed, so far. One I Really fancied and was happy to have? Stone dead!

Dunno what it was, mate. We had that snap, few weeks back? Snow Day? What ever. I had these two chicks, just hatched. Literally. If They'd come down that ramp, into the snow? So, I kept everyone locked in. Just for that one day.

Next morning; Ball was beneath the ramp. Messy / dirty and in a hella bad way. Jesus took that wheel.

Two roosters, confined, turned ghetto on her? Two hens got worked up about those chicks? I dunno. I wasn't there. Bloody shame though!

These two chicks aren't identical. So, One's pretty certainly a roo. Knowing my luck? Two different crosses and Both bloody roos!!! (There *Will* be a religious experience, if so!)

Sunday, February 25th, 2024

If one chick was in the box and one out the poor mum wouldn't be able to look after them both. I would always advice hatching and rearing in separate accommodation, for a few chicks something like a rabbit hutch works well, or even a big cardboard box with some mesh over the top. It can work if they are in with the others, but so much can go wrong, especially with a first time mum as they can get very stressed out. It works best when they are free ranging so mum can hide them away.

I normally feed (and water) new chicks in jam jar lids. To keep the adults off the crumb build a box with the front made of vertical dowels (or welding rods) with 2inch spacing so the chicks can get through but not the adults.

The season has hardly begun yet, plenty of times to breed the ones you want.

Monday, February 26th, 2024

Got more ship lap on my shopping list, Glyn. Wire netting is already bought and sat outside. That's for the Broody Coop ;) S'why I got that book.

LOL! Yeah. Rather renders my entire question somewhat null, doesn't it? Two, out there, are a lost cause. Next will be hatched in their own world anyway. As ye say; Jar lids.

Right now though? Netting is the pressing matter. And, I've just realised, I really don't have a real clue! I'd better get That out there, sharpish.

Monday, February 26th, 2024

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