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Bantam Turkeys?!

:D I mean, come on ....!!! Can ye *Imagine* anything more excellent to have around the place? Dinky little 'Heritage Breed' ones. Size of coconuts. What a blast they would be! :D

Wonder no one's ever come up with them. Those, and MEG's! Imagine that? Put them on the grass together? Be like something out of 'Alice'!

Chuck in a white Netherland Dwarf and I think we'd have game, set and match! LMAO!

Monday, January 8th, 2024

White midget are the smallest you can get,unfortunately still the size of a lf chicken. I don't know if anyone is breeding them in Ireland.

Monday, January 8th, 2024

Oh, good god! What ever ye do, Glyn; *Don't* search on " White Midget Turkey " and press Images!!! Oh, my eyes! How in blazes did That go so wrong?! Urgh!

Anyway, naah. Nice try, Alabama. I want Smaller. And just about Any colour than plain white.

One of those 'Bronze' types. Things we grew up seeing in school books ~ Yet, I've never laid eyes on, in real life!

Shame, that. Would likely need a lifetime to breed anything proper. Not much chance of that then.

I wouldn't mind a full sized Tom, to be honest. Dunno where he'd sleep though. Same with a Peacock. Love their call. I'll have to settle for my few Gif's, and be extremely grateful that life has finally brought me to the position of That being possible :)

Really *Must* banish this niggling, new thought of Buying a bloody shiplap shed!!! LOL!

Monday, January 8th, 2024

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