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What The ....?! Glyn? What's THIS, Please?

Behold; " The Ball "!

This thing is 99.9% the result of a White Silkie over a Light Sussex.

I'm almost traumatised! LOL! What even Is it, please? Looks like a hen, to me?

Not even that clear on the fine details, now, to be honest. Hatched 'late' last year. I *Think* this one might have hatched Yellow. There were three others, like I had before, when the Silkie got the LS *and* my Goldtop. 'Yellow and brown'. For some reason, they just never made it. (I'll post about that in a minute)

Glyn; You're my Go To for these things. Ye mentioned before that, was it Silkie roo x Goldtop could throw all manner of things? Is this an All Manner?

Weird looking thing. It's doing no harm, anyway. Certain it's the LS's, because it stuck to her like a magnet from day one. Very soon turning white and looking like a little ball as it shot about between her legs.



Sunday, January 7th, 2024

Hi Ratcatcher, I would say she is almost certainly a cross between the goldtop and the silkie.

The clues are in the genetics. Almost all white silkies are 'recesive white', to be white they need 2 white genes, one from each parent. The sussex may look white but genetically it isn't, it is 'silver' and will have no white genes (assuming it is a pure sussex) and can't produce white offspring. All goldtops have 1 white gene inherited from their white silkie father. So a cross between a white silkie and a goldtop will produce 50% visually white offspring.

There is also another type of 'white' in silkies but far rarer, dominant white, where only one white gene is needed BUT the bird must also be genetically black. A white rooster of this type could theoretically give the result you got crossed to a sussex. White silkies of this type are very rare, I have only encountered them in US silkies, where they are used in the breeding of the 'paint' colour. So not very likely in your birds.

Whatever, see is she is a smart looking bird and should make a great broody as she isn't carrying too many leg feathers which can be a problem for the chicks.

Monday, January 8th, 2024

" I would say she is almost certainly a cross between the goldtop and the silkie."

Really?! Damn! Well, that's curious. Because, as I say, she was absolutely stuck to that LS. Goldtop never even showed any sign of interest. Oh well.

" Paint "? I have a slight obsession with Piebald, myself! :D Black 'n white just gets my vote, where creatures are concerned.

So; Another broody brooder on the way, eh? Good lord. I asked for it! LOL! Only really ever Wanted 'Broody', so I could get one to rear me some Guinea Fowl. That was the very fulcrum of this whole project.

Now? I'm starting to wonder if I might not start looking beyond that? Hope to get Gif eggs, this year. *Also* wondering about my little pride and joys: My MEG Bantams! (God, I LOVE those little birds! :D )

Iron is; I'd imagine I'll need to buy an incubator, for anything the Favourite Four manage to come up with? I think a massive part of these ones Massive appeal is just their utter bombproofness. I reckon I could carry them around in my pocket, if those legs would fit! LOL!

But, yeah. We don't live for ever. This is all bucket list / pipe dream stuff, for me. Noticed bantam Naked Necks, on here, yesterday. That's got to be a Must Have! If only to wind my neighbour up with the stories I can give him about what 'happened to them'!

Dunno where I'm Housing all this stuff! Keeps me happy though! ;)

Monday, January 8th, 2024

Rooster only needs to catch a hen once a fortnight to fill eggs for the next 14 days, usually he does the rounds first thing in the morning as they come off the roost. I have had one rooster
successfully filling eggs for over 20 hens.

Have you looked at showgirls? Naked neck, silkie crosses, they look like something out of the muppet show. That would be an interesting project.

Monday, January 8th, 2024

Showgirls? (I was damn wary of searching That one, too! LOL!)

Urgh! No! It's those damned pom poms! Can't *Stand* those on a bird ~ or much else, thinking about it. Like Polish. They drive me mad too.

Naah. Nekked Necks just look so fantastically, delightfully 'Wrong'! :D

Something I could live with.

Are You freezing ye bits off too, Glyn?! Lapland's come to Leitrim!

Monday, January 8th, 2024

Yep, pretty freezing here in Clare, only going out when the birds need it, or for firewood.

Monday, January 8th, 2024

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