Poultry Breeders who sell Silkie

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Alexs Birds. 2023.

HENS LARGE FOWL-Rhode Island red, Welsummer, leghorn, Orpington etc

BANTAMS- Seramas, D'anvers, Gold dutch, Japanese, Silkie etc

QUAIL- Bobwhite, Chinese painted, Coturnix, Californian

PEAFOWL-Indian blue, Pied, White, Opal etc

ORNAMENTAL AND DOMESTIC GEESE- Red breasted, Barnacle, Exhibition Toulouse

ORNAMENTAL DUCKS- Various breeds Mandarins, Carolinas, wigeon, pintail etc

DOMESTIC DUCKS- Indian runner, Cayuga's, Cherry valley

BANTAM DUCKS- White Calls, Black east indies

GAMEBIRDS- Ringneck, red/grey partridge

TURKEYS- Bourbon Red

PIGEON/DOVES- Fantails, barbary..


Location: Kilkeel, Co. Down.
Phone: 07514270343
Website: www.alexsbirds.co.uk

Burton. Paul. 2024

Breeding Rosecomb b,Oxford Game b,Belgians,Lincolnshire Buff both sizes,Gold Legbar both sizes, Rhodebar both sizes,Japanese in Grey silkie feathered only

Location: Mayo
Phone: 0861520659

Campion, Donal. 2023.

Ducks(cayuga,black East indie,rouen,miniature appleyard)


Geese (steinbachers,toulouse,barnacle,grey lag,bar head,emperor,white-fronted,pink foot,cackling)

Swans (black,whooper)

Ornamental ducks(mandarins,Carolinas teals,red crested pochard,

Bahamas,pintails,wigeons,whistling ducks,European shelducks,ruddy shelducks,Australian shelducks)

Peafowl (blue,pied,white,silver pied,opal,cameo,bronze,green)

Pheasants(Amhersts,goldens,reeves,Swindoe,blue eared,brown eared,tragopans,monals,Edwards,kalij,sonnerats,red junglefowl,ghost pheasants,Japanese pheasants,grey peacocks)

Quail(californian,gambles,mountain,Bob white,Chinese painted,mountain)


Bantams (large silkie,miniature silkie,black silkie,gold silkie,rose combs,Dutch,sebrights,wyandottes)

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0877749277

Jack. 2023

Large fowl UK Silkie (mix of both white and black)

Silver campines

Gold campines

Both will be available later in year

Chicks and young birds available seasonally

Location: Cork
Phone: 0871524462

Jazz-a-belle Poultry. 2023

Hatching eggs, chicks and pol rare pure breed poultry from high quality/show lines

Bantam :-

Pekin ( black mottled, lavender and white )

Booted bantam ( black, porcelain, lemon millefleurs, white, buff mottled )

Silkie ( painted and blue )

Wyandotte ( blue laced, buff laced and gold laced )

Large fowl:-

Light Sussex

Speckled Sussex

Buff Orpington



Call ducks ( mixed coloured breeding group )

Farm yard ducks ( various colours )

Embden geese

Red bourbon turkeys

Hatching service

Poultry equipment and feeds, bedding etc

Location: Mayo
Website: jazzabelle-poultry.simplesite.com

Joe. 2023.

Bantam Silkie

Young chicks and Hatching eggs

Gold Laced Barnevelder LF

Young chicks and Hatching Eggs

Bantam Light Sussex

Young chicks and Hatching Eggs

March - End September

Location: Athy. Kildare.
Phone: 0876766581

Kelly. Shauna. 2023

USA Silkies

Top quality birds bred only.
All stunning parent birds selected for type, colour and temperament.

Can be posted or collected ( will be dispatched in polystyrene boxes) Location: Ardrahan, Co Galway.

Colours: splash, black, blue, partridge, buff and red Pyle

** Taking orders for day old chicks @ €10 each **

The USA Silkies are large fowl, they have shorter bodies, more compact round chest, larger headfeathers and more feathers on their feet than the EU standard.

More photos on Instagram @burrensilkies

Location: Galway
Phone: 0852834682

Keoghan. Patrick. 2023

Ornamental pheasants and American bearded silkie.

Location: Wellington Bridge Wexford
Phone: 0872248323

Poultry Palace. 2024

Bantams: USA silkies

Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61560525741885

Robert. 2023

Description: Large fowl breeds: (2021)

Black leghorns

Exchequer leghorns

White leghorns

Blue& lavender leghorns

Black Wyandotte’s

White silkies

Red silkies

Ringneck pheasants

Guinea fowl

Poultry for sale now

Top Quality

•Black Wyandotte trio

•Black leghorn trio

•Exchequer Leghorn trio

•white leghorn pair or trio

White, black & lavender leghorn roosters also

Hatching eggs available of all the breeds we have listed can be posted!

Location: Londonderry
Phone: 07702032016

Ryan. Kieran. 2023

Large Breeds:

silkie (white)


carlsile oeg



modern game



barbu d anver

Location: Tipperary / Limerick
Phone: 0872983045

Shanahan. Grace. 2023

We breed and sell USA Silkies.
Colours available are Black, White, Blue, Splash, Buff,Red Pyle, Paint, Chocolate and Chocolate paint.
All my parent birds come from UK and European bloodlines.
Chicks Available throughout the year.
I also have females available which are sexed through dna sexing.
Our Facebook page is Blakestown Poultry

Location: Kildare

The Lane Cottage. 2023

I have fertile eggs from the following breeds

1. sablepoot bantams

2. Ayam cemani

3. Usa Silkies

4. Silver sebright bantas

5. Gold sebright bantams

6. Pekins

7. White & Brown call duck

8. Chinese geese

Location: Listowel. Co. Kerry.
Phone: 0877994226
Website: www.thelanecottagefarm.wordpress.com

Whyte. Stephen. 2022

Naked Necks (lf) and bantam

Scott's dumpy (white & Black)

Crested Cream Legbar

White Orpington

Plymouth Barred Rock

Olive Eggers

Sussex x silkies (makes good clockers)

Location: Armagh
Phone: 07748255250