Poultry Breeders in County Wicklow

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Ballygannon. 2023

Barred Plymouth Rocks

Location: Wicklow

Little Acre Farm. 2021

All large fowl.

Silver, Gold, Blue laced Wyandotte’s


Cream legbar

Have pullets for laying available and pure pullets and hatching eggs throughout the season.

Location: Wicklow
Phone: 086 8329034

Saralam. Nadja. 2023

Bresse Gauloise

Hatching eggs, day-olds, and (sometimes) young adult birds available.
The flock DNA is kept fresh as I import Bresse Gauloise eggs from reputable breeders on the Continent, and my rooster changes yearly.
My focus is on quality birds of the breed with good carcass size.

Most Irish Bresse are from a very limited bloodline tracing back to a couple of birds imported a number of years ago into Cork.
My blood lines are closely managed, and I guarantee diversity, unlike the standard Irish Bresse bird.

Location: Wicklow

Springwell Poultry. 2022

Breeders of exhibition quality bantam fowl

Pekins (Black/Blue/Splash)

Booted Bantam (Porcelain)

Ohiki (Black breasted Red)

Modern Game (Pyle/Silver Duckwing/Gold Duckwing)


Miniature Silver Appleyard


Excess stock advertised on Facebook/Sales forum

Location: Wicklow
Website: www.facebook.com/springwellpoultry/