Poultry Breeders in County Mayo

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Burton. Paul. 2024

Breeding Rosecomb b,Oxford Game b,Belgians,Lincolnshire Buff both sizes,Gold Legbar both sizes, Rhodebar both sizes,Japanese in Grey silkie feathered only

Location: Mayo
Phone: 0861520659

Jazz-a-belle Poultry. 2023

Hatching eggs, chicks and pol rare pure breed poultry from high quality/show lines

Bantam :-

Pekin ( black mottled, lavender and white )

Booted bantam ( black, porcelain, lemon millefleurs, white, buff mottled )

Silkie ( painted and blue )

Wyandotte ( blue laced, buff laced and gold laced )

Large fowl:-

Light Sussex

Speckled Sussex

Buff Orpington



Call ducks ( mixed coloured breeding group )

Farm yard ducks ( various colours )

Embden geese

Red bourbon turkeys

Hatching service

Poultry equipment and feeds, bedding etc

Location: Mayo
Website: jazzabelle-poultry.simplesite.com