Poultry Breeders in County Kildare

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Joe. 2023.

Bantam Silkie

Young chicks and Hatching eggs

Gold Laced Barnevelder LF

Young chicks and Hatching Eggs

Bantam Light Sussex

Young chicks and Hatching Eggs

March - End September

Location: Athy. Kildare.
Phone: 0876766581

Pearson. Glen. 2023

Large Wyandottes.
Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Buff Laced, Gold laced, Barred, Buff, Black, Pencilled Partridge.
Blue, Blue silver Pencilled, White, Red, Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Speckled Sussex.
Rhode Island Red.
Buff Orpington.

Location: Kildare
Phone: 085 7121784

Shanahan. Grace. 2023

We breed and sell USA Silkies.
Colours available are Black, White, Blue, Splash, Buff,Red Pyle, Paint, Chocolate and Chocolate paint.
All my parent birds come from UK and European bloodlines.
Chicks Available throughout the year.
I also have females available which are sexed through dna sexing.
Our Facebook page is Blakestown Poultry

Location: Kildare