How to Post Pictures in the Forums

As the forum doesn't allow embedded images, this is a brief outline of the easiest way to post images for others to see.

If the image is on another website, all you need to do is copy and paste the URL directly into your post or comment. You do not need to add any extra code or markup, simply copy and paste from your web browser, and the forum will interpret it as a link. For example:

If the image is on your computer, then you need to upload the image first to an image hosting website before copying and pasting the link as above. The easiest image hosting website to use is

Click on the link above, select the Computer button to locate the image on your computer, and click the Start Upload button. This uploads the image. All you then need to do is copy the Direct Link that appears on the right and paste it into your forum post. Remember to copy the Direct Link and not any of the other HTML or message board links.

This is the direct link for an image I just uploaded:

This is NOT a direct link:


Of the two, you need to copy and paste the first, simple link, and NOT the second, longer link.