How do you send Private Messages (PMs)?

Private messages, sometimes referred to as PMs, are integral to almost every forum on the Internet. They allow you to talk to another user without the glare of publicity, and on Irish Fowl are ideally suited to closing deals or passing your contact information to another user.

Who can send and receive a PM?

Users who are registered and who have an email address associated with their account. You can send a PM by clicking on the mail icon next to a user's name under a post or comment. If you cannot see a mail icon next to a user's name, this means they are unable to receive PMs.

Private Messages can be accessed by clicking the link under "Your Account" on the left sidebar. This link is only visible when you are logged in, and shows you how many unread PMs are waiting for you.

When you receive a new PM, you will NOT receive an email from us. This means you need to check the site now and then to see if you have any new messages.