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Ornamental pheasant advice

Hello all,

I'm a teacher in Armagh and we've been donated 2 pairs of Lady Amherst pheasants for our school grounds. We currently have 4 very large enclosures on our site (4mx4mx4m cubes) located in our school woodland. Each pair has been given an enclosure to themselves and seem to have settled in well. The cock and hen both are roosting together under old Christmas trees set up as a hedgerow in each enclosure.

I just have a few questions if anyone would be happy to advise me?

1. Are these pheasants best kept in pairs, or are trios preferable?

2. Am I best to keep 2 pairs of the same breed, or swop 1 pair for something like a pair of gold pheasants? They are stunning birds but I wonder if a different species might not be more interesting for the kids to see and help feed? Or would have 2 pairs make selling any young easier as I could pair up bird from each pair.

3. As they will hopefully breed are the young hard to move on? I'm not looking to make a lot of money, but any birds we sell will help pay for some of the feed.

Any and all advice is most welcome. We've had a lot od experience keeping other kinds of poultry in the school, but this our first venture into pheasants so please do keep us right!!

Saturday, April 20th, 2024

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