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What Might I Have, Please?

Firstly, a shout out to Mr G. Taylor, of Co. Leitrim! Ye little, white Silkie roo is a little trooper! Thanks :)

Now, to say I took my eye off the ball would be the understatement of the age. If it could be gaffed? I gaffed it! But, cutting to the chase? I had a Light Sussex *And* a Goldtop go broody. Shared the same nest box. I had no idea what was what.

This morning, I found two Yellow chicks in there! (Pretty sure they're yellow? I could have easily lost an eye, if I'd kept my screaming head in that pop hole another second!)

*Whose* they are? No idea! Roo liked his Sussex. Possibly both hers. So; That'd make them Goldtops. I forget which colour GT roo's are. What if they're Silkie x GT?

And, if anyone's wondering why so few? Well, because Some idiot kept guessing the eggs might be from the wrong bird. Or that the brood was a bluff. And Eating them!

Thanks for any insight. I'll write it down this time!

Thursday, May 18th, 2023

If they are goldtops, yellow would be roosters, although with only 2 it may be hard to tell if you are not used to them as the hens are a golden brown (more gold than brown), easy to tell if you have a batch to compare them, not so easy when they are both the same colour. If they are white silkie cross goldtops,yellows would be slightly more likely, but far from defiantly, roosters. In my experience a sussex would lay a slightly larger egg than a goldtop. Are you sure they can only be from those 2 hens? Did any others have access to the nest?

Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Thanks, Glyn! I've literally just popped back in here, having read, elsewhere that chicks, hatched then ignored, will likely still grow up fine, as long as the hen isn't actively hurting them.

That's relevant because I have No Idea who's done what with whom, or anything else. Truth is, I decided on the fatalistic approach from the moment I got over the Enormous shock! Sort of shrugged; " Mehh. Probably be dead by tomorrow. "

Dunno why I thought that. Looking back, Both hens were patently completely intent of taking my eyes out. The little chicks were dashing about sort of trying to hide amongst them. Just seems a weird concept. Birds raising just one or two chicks.

What ever. Yeah. If they stick around, I'll try to see them better, as the hens settle down. They were a world better, even by this evening.

Damn! I was just looking back, thinking; " Yep. Yellow. I'm pretty sure they were. " Then I re read ye and saw that'd make them block material :( Gutted!!!

Am I sure? Err ... These are the only birds I now own! " Gnasher ", the white roo. (Named for a guy I know, of that handle, who is vehemently adamant that one should go only with ones own kind. And that roo Really preferred the white bird!)

My head's spinning, now. I seriously need to get a damn good Stare at those chicks. Balls of blurred fluff dashing about the place wouldn't be most conducive to discerning subtleties.

Might have asked this before? But; Gnasher x GT? Indeterminate 'rubbish'? (I'm thinking they'd at least lay eggs, if not be the valued GT's themselves)

Bear with me, please. I'll get a fix on these chicks, dead or alive, asap. I'll also make notes of all these permutations and keep them to hand.

Thanks, again.

Thursday, May 18th, 2023

Glyn! They're Yellow and 'Brown'! Completely!

*NOT* little humbugs, like striped. (The image is already fading) But, practically 50 / 50. If this carries on, I'll try for a photo. I'm just impressed they're still alive! (Don't look like that! I've never done this before! LOL!)

Friday, May 19th, 2023

Bingo!!! :D I *Think* these are both?

Like little ostriches! Running around in there. Pecking amongst the shavings :D

Friday, May 19th, 2023

Ratcatcher, yes I think you're right if they are goldtop you have a pair there.

If they are goldtop silkie crosses they will make fine birds, good layers (including winter) and great broodies, the type that want to take your eyes out.

The chicks will need to brood under one of the hens, atleast during the night, but it sounds like your hens will be upto the job.

Friday, May 19th, 2023

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