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Border Collie Backsidish irritation Help appreciated.

For the last few weeks my collie has been paying vigorous attention around the base of his tail, as far as I can make out it is left and higher than his waste disposal chute.

He has pulled the hair off and there is a bare patch a few cm^2 visible. It's a shade pinkish no doubt from the activity, but isn't obviously inflamed.

I gave him some flea and tick treatment yesterday, is there anything else I can do to identify or eliminate the problem.

I have had dogs get fleas in the past, but these are widespread and never the subject of intensive activity in one place.

Any advice would be gratefully received, although I expect a vet visit is needed?

I hope the problem isn't as untreatable as the ducks soft eggshells :-(

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Is he only scratching one area? Have a look in the area surrounding the bald patch in case thereís anything hiding in the fur. Presume you have no issue with red mites or anything similar? Theyíll sometimes hop on dogs and will bite them. It could also be allergies, a fungal infection or bacterial infection. Worm him to rule out a worm problem also as this could cause him to scratch/bite at the genera area.
Is everything else normal with him? No excessive drinking or peeing? (Cushings disease can cause itchiness)
Highly unlikely to be untreatable- in fact most of the possible causes are an easy fix just finding out the exact cause is the hardest part.
You may need to get skin scrapings done at a vet so they can look under a microscope and see whatís going on. It would be no harm in the meantime to apply some coconut oil as this may help to soothe the skin somewhat. It may not help but it wonít do him any harm either

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

We have a male Labrador that had some kind of problem with his back end a while back. I think it had something to do with his scent glands that got swollen and were sore or itchy. We took him into the vet and I don't think it was anything real serious, but to fix it the vet put their fingers a short way up the dogs excretion hole and palpatated something causing some liquid to come out.
I can't remember a whole lot about it but maybe something like this is the problem with your dog, kwackers. I don't really remember our dog pulling hair off and causing a bald spot but maybe that is because we caught it sooner.
Anyways, all the best with your dog, kwackers!

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Many thanks,
I looked hard at the bald bit and there is nothing apart from the lack of hair.

It's wet, but I expect that's Pooch's saliva.

The hair around looks very good.

I will nip into town tomorrow and try the vetinary shop, they seem to specialise in small animals.

I haven't any oil apart from olive and should really give him a bath I suppose, but I doubt that would go down well, he turns around at the front door when its raining. Still I can pick up some mild antiseptic tomorrow also.

The flea and tick ointment might start to kick in tomorrow, if it is fleas, I'll try worming tablets also unless the vetinary place gives me strong alternative advice.

I read some stuff on the internet about anal glands giving trouble and it seems its not too uncommon. I have had many dogs but apart from mange have no experience with any skin disorder.

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

With the lab it sounds like anal glands that the vet expressed- common issue which should only ever be fixed by a vet (many groomers offer to express them but usually they mess them up and ends up requiring surgery)
Iíve never heard of anal glands causing baldness but I suppose not impossible for the pain to be causing the dog to go at the area.
Take a picture and show it to them in the vetinary shop a picture might help them get a better idea. Fungal and bacterial infections arenít uncommon either and theyíre usually treated with a medicated shampoo or a cream- depending on cause.
Itís likely to be an easy fix anyway so fingers crossed!

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

It's now well over a month since I asked for help, thanks to all.

The vetinary shop I called at gave me worming tablets, I wasn't aware it was a permanent ongoing requirement.

I dosed Pooch with no sign of worms or any real change, but within a couple of weeks the irritation was on the wane.

His morning grooming is more general now and without the loud stomach heaving slurping that was the first indication of a problem.


Friday, March 3rd, 2023

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