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Slkie Rooster?

Putting it here, because it's as much (More?) a question as an advert.

Rick, my brown silkie, was bought as part of a small job lot, couple of months ago, to get me on the road too producing Goldtops.

Well, due to no fault, I don't think he's gonna want his supper. Probably on his last legs when he arrived. No skulduggery. Just the way it went.

So; I have a little bunch of disgustingly fit and healthy birds out there. No rooster. It's November. Help!!! What in hell does one do, in this situation?!

I'm surmising no one's likely to just happen to have a fit, virile, younger bird, just being fed for fun, that they'd now sell? I'm thinking it doesn't work like that.

What's Plan B, please?

Leitrim ~ Only tansport's a taxi.

Thursday, November 10th, 2022

Don't panic, you have 3 months to locate one, now you have put the word out I am sure you will find one. Maybe an add in donedeal? There is always someone out there who thought it was a good idea to hatch a few eggs in the summer and is now at war with the neighbours over the crowing. If you have some decent Sussex hens that is the hard part of the equation. I don't think you will need a plan b.

Sunday, November 13th, 2022

Glyn!!! I've done it!

Just got home. Now, my head's spinning like blazes! I'm *Laughing* with delight though!

God, I wish I had a friend!!! I'm just bouncing off the walls with the Need to jabber out the whole story. Probably insist they come straight round for a look! :D

It's SO frustrating. All this joy and excitement to share.

One thing I Must do is go and cancel that advert on Done Deal! 'Sorted Thanks!'

Such madness! What I've done? Put it in a book and nobody would believe it. LMAO!

I've got Two birds. Both cocks. But, they're clutch bro's, and have been raised with a little flock of hens.

*Awesome* birds in, every way, too! Poor Rick was so Skinny and light! I now realize how old and sickly he really was.

These two are bloody monsters! Fox turns up, with These two on the door? It'll be; " Sorry, mate. Not tonight. " Fox'll behave and move along.

Their names are epic too! Legendary! I knew, as soon as I saw a photo of the one, what his name Had to be.

All the way home, with them in the back. Dark when I got here, so I've put them in a spare room, with a battery LED lamp on. If the batteries run out before dawn? Cool! Either way, they'll be happier with so many objects in there.

Just tucking them in when the other ones name struck me. I had to stagger out. Doubled over and crying at the stuff that springs from my troubled mind!

Off to read the entirety of the internet now. Find out what the hell I'm supposed to do tomorrow!


Monday, November 14th, 2022

Great news, hope you get some awesome chicks off them.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

Silky rooster for sale Newtowngore Co leitrim 0876252103 if you're still looking for 1

Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

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