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Ballyforan Fair & Festival Poultry Show

Saturday 24th September
Judging at 12 O’Clock
Birds to be penned 11.30 am.
Poultry Classes
1st €15, 2nd € 10, 3rd €5
Entry Fee: €3
Entries To: Oliver Flanagan, Moydrum Castle Poultry Farm, Moydrum, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.
Entries close on Friday 23rd September
If more than 10 entries in a class sexes will be separated
No sick or mite infested birds
Same applies to poultry sale free to sell.
Rosette to best poultry in sale.
Class 1 Bantam Heavy Feather M/F
Class 2 Bantam Light Soft Feather M/F
Class 3 Bantam Hard Feather M/F
Class 4. True Bantam M/F
Class 5 Large Heavy Feather M/F
Class 6 Large Light Feather M/F
Class 7 Large Hard Feather M/F
Class 8 Bantam Waterfowl M/F
Class 9 Heavy Waterfowl M/F
Class 10 Light Waterfowl M/F
Class 11. Most unusual Bird M/F
Class 12 Under 16 ‘s M/F
Class 13 Best Hybrid Hen
Class 14 Best Goose or Gander
Class 15 3 Hen Eggs
Class 16. 3 Duck Eggs
Champion Bantam
Reserve Champion Bantam
Champion True Bantam
Reserve Champion True Bantam
Champion Large Fowl
Reserve Champion Large Fowl
Champion Large Waterfowl
Reserve Champion Large Waterfowl
Champion Bantam Waterfowl
Reserve Champion Bantam Waterfowl
Champion Eggs
Reserve Champion Eggs
Supreme Champion
Reserve Supreme Champion

Oliver Flanagan
Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

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