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Polyhatch - Hatchmaker & Hatchmaster Parts

Please note that some parts for the Old Brinsea Still Air Incubators are now getting low and are no longer made.

We have plenty stock of the following:

Polyhatch, Hatchmaker & Hatchmaster Thermostats.
Polyhatch, Hatchmaker & Hatchmaster Thermometers.
Polyhatch, Hatchmaker & Hatchmaster Heating Elements.
Polyhatch & Hatchmaster A Wheels & Axles.
Polyhatch Turning Motors.
Polyhatch Turning Motor Arms.
Polyhatch & Hatchmaster A Turning Leads.
Hatchmaster A Turning Motor Arms.
Polyhatch & Hatchmaker O Rings to hold element in place.

Parts getting Low.

Polyhatch Turning Rods
Polyhatch top Mouldings
Hatchmaker Base Moulding
Hatchmaker mesh floors
Hatchmaker Reptile Chamber Base & Tops
Hatchmaster A Damper Sets
Hatchmaster A End Covers
Hatchmaster A Centre Mouldings
Hatchmaster A Turning Rods

Not Available anymore

Hatchmaster A Turning Motors
Hatchmaster tops and bottoms
Hatchmaker Tops
Polyhatch Bases
Polyhatch, Hatchmaker & Hatchmaster Control board boxes.

Flock Master
Thursday, May 26th, 2022

Have you you a kit to make a polymaker incubator into a automatic turning incubator

Thursday, May 26th, 2022

I presume you mean a Hatchmaker.
No there is nothing available to convert these to automatic.

Flock Master
Friday, May 27th, 2022

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