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Greenhouse Windbreak Help, The saga continues.

Well the greenhouse is ordered and is guaranteed to a force orange storm, which is a bit breezy in these parts.

I want to construct a windbreak without delving into the maths if possible. I know nothing about wood but my initial thoughts are to use
2X2 inch timber at 4m lengths cut to give around a meter bedded in sandy soil.

I would space these at 2m intervals on two windward sides, the third side is shielded by Olearia which I expect to be at 3m by the end of summer. The less windy side is protected by a drystone wall, this is only 1.5 m high, leaving a meter and a half of the greenhouse exposed, so I think I might take the risk on that side.

The wind might gust to near 100 mph so I would go for a windbreak fabric to drop the speed 50%.

Has anyone any experience of this type of installation, what wood should I go for, I want something strong and rot resistant and needless to say as cheap as possible after the physical parameters are met. The posts are the proble, the material and subframes will be of limited size, so even if I do screw up on the design as long as the posts take the force, the actual windbreak panels can be redesigned and refitted easily.

I am loath to get people in to do the job as I have all the tools and equipment for a DIY project, but I have not the experience, so I am hoping someone has had a similar project. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, February 10th, 2022

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