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Rcom 20 standard incubator temp prob again

I have an rcom 20 standard incubator.
The temperature is broken.
It's reading 42C on machine.
This is the max that can be set on machine.
It's reading 37C on thermometer inside.
It has gone wrong 8 times costing Ä38 at each recalibration.
What is the part that is going wrong constantly?
Can I fix this at home for free?

Cork Wyandotte
Friday, January 22nd, 2021

It looks like a fault with the pcb board also called circuit board.
Might find parts here.

Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

You could try this depending on the age of your machine it might be correct. Ensure you are checking with a calibrated thermometer.

Press the TEMP+ and TEMP- buttons until C A appears. After a second or so, the digits will flash.

Use the TEMP+ or TEMP- buttons to adjust the temperature reading to match your thermometer reading.

When the two figures match, or very closely match, press and hold the SET button and the screen will return to normal.

Finally, wait for an hour or so for the machine to stabilise and adjust to its new settings.
If necessary, follow the above steps again to fine tune the temperature further. But please note that there will always be marginal differences between the two readings, as the incubator's and thermometer's sensors are in slightly different positions inside the incubator.

Flock Master
Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

Thanks guys.

Roostercroweburn just checked PCB on that link thanks, seems to be 90 sterling for new one, unsure if extra customs tariff for transport from UK to Ireland. I better find out why the PCB keeps going wrong coz it will get really expensive buying a new one every year or two.

Flockmaster thanks, I never knew I could set temp and humidity with 'CA' thingy. I got internal and external reading the same but when tested by raising temp to max, I can't get incy to go to 42C anymore, it only goes to 41C now. But it's good enough for hatching chicks at the moment so very grateful to you.

I'm just worried that eventually temp is going to run too cold again and it will gradually get lower and lower until I can't even get temp to 38C anymore. Is it PCB going wrong? What is causing just this part to go wrong everytime? I can't figure it out, nothing could be melting anything coz 42C or even 41C isn't that hot.

Cork Wyandotte
Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Always a tiny percentage of Potentially faulty will easily pass quality control.No one has any idea a part is going to fail or when it is going to fail.It happens with all manufactured items.So you just could be unlucky this one
Flockmaster gave you good instructions and it's working but if it happens again then you probably will have to look at a replacement part.But I do hope calibration works out for you.

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Well calibration didn't work.
Incubator is running too cold again and can't raise temperature anymore.
It's killed all the eggs I'd set none of the embryos are moving anymore on candling.

Cork Wyandotte
Monday, February 15th, 2021

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