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Help with broody bantams

Hi There,

I want to hatch some eggs under a bantam. I have two Hens and a cock, all going well and laying well. I know I cannot male a hen go broody, but really want I need help with are there ways on encouraging it?

At the moment they are all sharing the same run, and house with nest boxes. Both hens are laying although one s daily and the other seems every second day. At first they would lay and hide the eggs under the straw, I知 not collecting the eggs and no they just leave them in the nest box.

My questions are should I move the main laying into separate box to encourage bloodiness or keep her with the others in the hope she will start herself?
Should I move the cockerel out, he has covered the then hens several times, or keep him with them.
Should I collect the eggs or leave them with them, i.e do you wait for them to lay a clutch or take eggs, until you see her starting to go broody and then introduce the whole clutch, currently she has laid six eggs, but showing no sign of,sitting.

Appreciate any help.


Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Leave the eggs in the nest, could take up to 10/12 eggs before one of them starts sitting. If not, give it some time, could still be a bit too cold, not enough daylight or whatever but they should make a start eventually

Torsten Schulz
Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

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