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Rooster attacked by dog

Today a dog from a walker who decided he could be u leashed jumped into our chicken field. Our rooster and one chicken got it pretty bad while the rest (11 other chickens) escaped unharmed - probably thanks to the rooster and cheeky chicken. They both limp but the chicken is still moving around and eating. We used purple spray to clean the wound and hope
That she will pull through. The rooster sat in a corner of the field the entire time. He did move to the sleeping cabin just now. He wasnít eating his favourite snacks this afternoon and seems to have a cut on his chest.

We now have two dilemmas: one do we put him out of his misery or would he recover?
If he would recover: would he become more or less aggressive after such an event? It was already a very feisty rooster and we were debating if we could keep as we have children who love to go to the chickens.

Any advice? Itís our first time that this happened to us. My husband gave a proper angry chat to the guy walking his dog for unleashing him in agriculture area with chickens and sheep if he didnít know that his dog could behave around other animals.

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Hope he's still ok. Sitting in a corner quietly I could imagine he would die of shock. If he recovers though I cannot see why he should be more aggressive. More timid I would imagine

Torsten Schulz
Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

I have had my fair share of dog trouble and those birds that were not torn to pieces were mauled.

A bird is not like a dog that can go away and lick itself.

Sadly any bird i had that received a mauling, however slight ,succumbed in a few days,

Dave Daly
Saturday, April 4th, 2020

Around 2months ago now one of our mini apple yards got attacked by a fox, we just caught the attack in the nick of time. There was a 2inch deep hole in her breast and she was still alive.We took her to the out of hours vet on a saturday evening and he washed the hole out and sowed her up leaving a drain hole. She lived in out bathroom for over two weeks on pain killers and antibiotics and is now fully healed flying and making and laying in a nest. Its unreal how hard they can be at times, I hope your rooster pulls through, Darren.

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

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