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Kildare bring and buy

Is this on this weekend ??

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

I'll go if it is . Does anyone no

Mc fadden
Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

It's not back until the 16th of February it's the third Sunday

Chuck k
Thursday, January 16th, 2020

Yes it's the 3rd sunday of every month weather permitting. It might be in the car park if the field is too wet.

swan 555
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

I will have point of laying hens and Ducks at this sale next Sunday if going ahead. PM me if interested

happy hatching
Friday, February 7th, 2020

Kildare poultry bring and buy sale is on sunday 16th February.
We will holding this in the carpark of karibu pet farm due to bad weather conditions
Who's brining what?
I'm looking for 2 moscovy drakes
A quad of rir.
1 light Sussex rooster
1 indian runner drake (blue if possible)

Kildare bring and buy sale
Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Any sellers of these breeds going to the Kidare bring and buy sale on Sunday 16th
2 Silver sebright hens
1 gold seabright hen
1 welsummer bantam hen
1 welsummer hen
1 Cayuga or 1 East Indie female duck
1 white Call female duck
1 Brahma hen (don't mind colour)

Holly W
Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

Anyone with silkies?

Adrian Kelly
Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

Hi folks, this sale is cancelled due to storm Denis. We hope to return on Sunday 15th march.
If anyone requires any point of lay pullets, or ducks feel free to message me.

Kildare bring and buy sale
Thursday, February 13th, 2020

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