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Goose Breeding Question

I've a question, so one of my african geese started laying and the father of the eggs is one of my young ganders (pretty sure). I separated the young ganders leaving my big African male which mated with my female today (the goose laying).

My question: Will the father of the eggs be my big male from now on after mating with her today? or will the young gander father the next couple of eggs?

A goose can stay fertile for 7-10 days after her last mating therefore does that mean I've to wait 7-10 days until the eggs will be fertilised by my big male regardless if he mated with her today or does the sperm of both males have to fight to fertilise the eggs?

The young gander is a son of the female laying and I really don't want to incubate eggs from 1.): A 8-9 month old gander and 2.): Blood related geese.

Any help and advice is appreciated!

Sunday, January 5th, 2020

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