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my turkeys are been fed turkey grower ,just wondering would it be ok to feed them grains such as barley oats ,would it benefit them ,flavour of meat .
do ye give them cabbage etc

shannon mist
Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Wheat is probably the best grain for turkeys, give it in a seperate hopper from their growers, You can start them on finisher about four weeks before processing and they can have wheat up to the day before. They will lay down white fat if given wheat. Maize will give them yellow fat. Avoid grain that has been treated with prop corn, we used to get our wheat from a local farmer and it was dried whole grain. Cabbages are good for turkeys, helps prevent feather pecking, some green grocers ( if you can find one ) will get you oversized cabbages which are cheaper than normal size. As for flavour, Flavour is achieved by dry plucking and hanging time to allow the meat to mature. Ten days is good if weather is mild. Allowing the bird to cool for up to an hour after cooking helps as well, meat will be moist. They also like an odd loaf of bread

Saturday, October 19th, 2019

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