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Chicken coop unsanitary conditions (mud&poop)

I have 8 chickens the grass area is gone the chickens are it now it's mud. Smells awful .
I went to my kellihers in tralee to see what I could put in the mud to (a) get rid of the smell and (b) to allow the chickens to be more hygienic. I was give HY-CAL 10 . Has anyone used it before is it ok for the chickens. I bought bark today to put on the mud hopefully this will allow for better drainage . I would appreciate any advice.
Kind regards

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

In my experience its hard to beat a day pen that has sand in it for drainage. Put grit on first for drainage then put down ordinary sand 6 inches would be a great job. Its easy to pick up droppings in the evenings. The hens love dust bathing in it when the weather is dry. Hygiene would be easily maintained. Trouble with the bark is fungus grows in it when it gets wet. I let my hens out to a grass pen in the evenings when tbey would be tired digging in the sand.

FLood K
Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

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