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Recommendations for thermometer

Could anyone please recommend a decent thermometer to check the incubator temperature? I have recently purchased a borreto incubator and the reading on the display is showing 37.7 degrees. I have had the two the thermometers below in to check it and the digital one is showing 38.4 ( not too bad) but the other one was showing 41 degrees, so not sure which is right?
Also has anybody else, hatching duck eggs had any problems? I have tried two hatches now, with a total of 9 fertile eggs in and only 4 have hatched, but we have had to help all of them out as the membranes have been very dry and hard? Temp has been a constant 37.7, with the humidity at 40-45% for the first 25 days then increased to 55-60%?

Monday, August 5th, 2019

The check up digital incubator thermometer is the most popular incubator thermometer we sell for checking incubator temperature. see link below.

Make sure you take the temperature at the top of the egg and out of direct airflow.
Regarding relative humidity for ducks i would generally advise 45 % up to chipping then increase to 70% when about a third have chipped.

Flock Master
Saturday, August 17th, 2019

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