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Irish Society of Poultry Fanciers 31st National Show

Irish Society of Poultry Fanciers

31st National Show
(The Poultry Club Regional Show)

Ossory Showgrounds
Co. Laois
R32 P7F8

Saturday 26th January 2019

Show Schedule

Entries close Friday 4th January 2019

Postal Entries to: Michelle Kiely, Shronell, Lattin, Co. Tipperary

Online Entries to:

Rules and Regulations (Please Read Carefully)
1. Show hall will be open from 8:00am on show day. All birds must be penned by 10:00am. Judging commences at 10:30am sharp.
2. Penning slips will be available on arrival at show.
3. The Irish Society of Poultry Fanciers accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to exhibits, equipment or personal injury however caused.
4. All exhibits are accepted into the show at the owner’s risk.
5. Any bird showing signs of parasites, disease or illness will be removed from the show.
6. Exhibitors are responsible for the security and wellbeing of their own exhibits.
7. Birds being entered into the show must be in the ownership of the exhibitor for 6 weeks minimum.
8. Junior and Intermediate exhibitors must be present at the show.
9. Only official leg rings may be worn i.e. British Poultry Club.
10. Only birds entered in the show will be permitted into the show area.
11. All exhibitors and visitors to leave the show area for judging to commence at 10:30am.
12. Access to show area is restricted to judges and stewards during the judging. The show area will be open to the public as soon as judging is completed. The judge’s decision is final and must be respected.
13. No birds to leave the show hall before 4pm or until all the birds are accounted for. Any help would be much appreciated in taking down the cages.
14. The Organisers/Committee reserve the right to search show boxes at any time.
15. No entries can be accepted unless accompanied by the correct entry fee before show date. Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to the ‘Irish Society of Poultry Fanciers’. No responsibility for cash sent in the post if it is lost.
16. Online entries are payable through PayPal , a small fee will apply. Entry forms must be emailed before the closing date to
17. All exhibitors must be fully paid up members of the ISPF for 2019. Entries that do not comply with this will not be entered into the show.
18. If for any reason, outside the control of the ISPF the show is cancelled after the closing date, 25% of exhibitor’s entry fees will be retained by the Society. This will be deemed a donation to the Society.
19. If for any reason, outside the control of the ISPF the show is postponed, no refunds will be given.
20. If there are 5 or more birds exhibited by 3 or more owners of breed or colour a separate class will be staged. Less than 5, the class will be amalgamated where possible.

Entry Fee: €4.00 per bird £4.00 per bird
€3.00 eggs £3.00 eggs
€2.00 photographs £2.00 photographs

A limited number of sales cages will be available at the show at €3.00 per cage. Please book in advance on entry form.

Entries close Friday 4th January 2019.
Late entries will not be accepted. Please post in plenty time.
No entries accepted through Facebook.

Postal Entries to: Michelle Kiely Shronell Lattin Co. Tipperary
(086) 1689219
(086) 8160918
Online Entries to:


• Mr. Dilwyn Green
• Mr. Tony Brown
• Dr. James Rigby
• Mr. Paul Heath
• Mrs. Nikki Heath

Trophy List

1. Show Champion - ISPF Trophy
2. Reserve Champion - ISPF Trophy
3. Best Waterfowl - P.J. Hegarty & Sons
4. Best Large Heavy Soft Feather - Arthur Whiteside Memorial Trophy
5. Best Bantam Heavy Soft Feather - Dingle Poultry & Farm Supplies
6. Best Large Light Soft Feather - Michael Fitzgibbon Memorial Trophy
7. Best Bantam Light Soft Feather - Fr. Tom Wallace Memorial Trophy
8. Best Large Hard Feather - ISPF Shield
9. Best Bantam Hard Feather - Brian Molloy Memorial Trophy
10. Best Rare Breed - Wexford Farmers Co-Op
11. Best True Bantam - ISPF Shield
12. Best Intermediate - P.J. Hegarty & Sons
13. Best Junior - Justin Butler Memorial Trophy
14. Best Eggs - ISPF Trophy
15. Best Araucana - Araucana Club Trophy
16. Best Barbu d’Anver - Downe Family Cup
17. Best Barnevelder - Kinsella’s of Killeen’s Shield
18. Best Booted Bantam - Moloney Cup
19. Best Brahma - Boylan Family Cup
20. Best Call - Petmania Shield
21. Best Campine - Rich Howlin Cup
22. Best Cochin - Mary Fleming Cup
23. Best Dutch - Nirvana Shield
24. Best Faverolles -The Swandel Bowl
25. Best In

Oliver Flanagan
Friday, December 28th, 2018

25. Best Indian Runner - Hugo Perdure Memorial Trophy
26. Best Japanese - Bright Promotions Trophy
27. Best Marans - Marans Club Plate
28. Best Modern Game - ISPF Trophy
29. Best OEG Bantam - R.T.B. Robinson Memorial Trophy
30. Best Orpington - Co. Monaghan Poultry Fanciers Trophy
31. Best Pekin - Fallon Family Shield
32. Best Poland - Bramble Timber Company Cup
33. Best Rhode Island Red - First Stop Poultry Shop Cup
34. Best Rosecomb - Duiske Crystal Trophy
35. Best Sebright - Peter O’Loughlin Trophy
36. Best Silkie - Courtney Trophy
37. Best Opposite Size Silkie - Smyth Trophy
38. Best Young Exhibitor - Silkie Club Under 18
39. Best Sussex - The Jean Wall Tankard
40. Best Welsummer - Members of the Welsummer Club Trophy
41. Best Wyandotte - Gormley Family Plate

If you would like to donate towards a trophy please contact our Secretary Michelle Kiely on (086) 1689219 or
The Irish Society of Poultry Fanciers would like to thank all our sponsors for kindly contributing to the National Show 2019, it is very much appreciated.
Notice to all Exhibitors
For security reasons and for the safety of all birds in the show, we would ask that all exhibitors would be patient at boxing up time. No exhibitor will be allowed to leave the show hall until all the show cages are empty and all birds are accounted for by their owners. This is to ensure that no birds are mistakenly boxed or left behind.
Anyone who was lucky enough to win a trophy at the 2018 National Show, could you please bring it back on show morning or if not attending, please have it returned to the show or our trophy manager Oliver Flanagan before January 26th 2019. Thank you.
If anyone is interested in stewarding at the National, please contact the Secretary.

Thank you to the breed clubs who are involved with the National Show 2019.

AOC – Any Other Colour
AOV – Any Other Variety
AC – Any Colour
AV – Any Variety

Class No. Breed M/F


1. Any Variety Male
2. Any Variety Female


3. Any Variety Male
4. Any Variety Female

Waterfowl Heavy

5. Appleyard Male
6. Appleyard Female
7. Aylesbury Male
8. Aylesbury Female
9. Cayuga Male
10. Cayuga Female
11. Muscovy Male
12. Muscovy Female
13. Pekin Male
14. Pekin Female
15. Rouen Male
16. Rouen Female
17. Saxony Male
18. Saxony Female
19. AOV Heavy Male
20. AOV Heavy Female

Waterfowl Light

21. Campbell Male
22. Campbell Female
23. Crested Male
24. Crested Female
25. Indian Runner (White)Male
26. Indian Runner (White)Female
27. Indian Runner (AOC) Male
28. Indian Runner (AOC) Female
29. Welsh Harlequin Male
30. Welsh Harlequin Female
31. AOV Light Drake
32. AOV Light Duck

Miniature Waterfowl

33. Appleyard Male
34. Appleyard Female
35. Black East Indian Male
36. Black East Indian Female
37. Call (White) Male
38. Call (White) Female
39. Call (AOC) Male
40. Call (AOC) Female
41. Crested Male
42. Crested Female
43. AOV Miniature Male
44. AOV Miniature Female

Large Heavy Soft Feather

45. Australorp Male
46. Australorp Female
47. Barnevelder Male
48. Barnevelder Female
49. Brahma Male
50. Brahma Female
51. Cochin Male
52. Cochin Female
53. Faverolles Male
54. Faverolles Female
55. Marans Male
56. Marans Female
57. Orpington (Black) Male
58. Orpington (Black) Female
59. Orpington (Buff) Male
60. Orpington (Buff) Female
61. Plymouth Rock Male
62. Plymouth Rock Female
63. Rhode Island Red Male
64. Rhode Island Red Female
65. Sussex (Light) Male
66. Sussex (Light) Female
67. Sussex (AOC) Male
68. Sussex (AOC) Female
69. Wyandotte Male
70. Wyandotte Female
71. AOV Heavy Male
72. AOV Heavy Female

Large Light Soft Feather

73. Ancona Male
74. Ancona Female
75. Araucana Male
76. Araucana Female
77. Hamburgh Male
78. Hamburgh Female
79. Leghorn Male
80. Leghorn Female
81. Minorca Male
82. Minorca Female
83. Poland Male
84. Poland Female
85. Silkie Male
86. Silkie Female
87. Welsummer Male
88. Welsummer Female
89. AOV Light Male
90. AOV Light Female

Large Hard Feather

91. Indian Game Male
92. Indian Game Female
93. Modern Game Male
94. Modern Game Female
95. Old English Game Male
96. Old English Game Female
97. AOV Large Male
98. AOV Large Female
99. Shamo Male
100. Shamo Female
101. AV Asian Male
102. AV Asian Female

Large Rare Breeds

103. Heavy Soft Feather Male
104. Heavy Soft Feather Female
105. Light Soft Feather Mal

Oliver Flanagan
Friday, December 28th, 2018

106. Light Soft Feather Female
107. Hard Feather Male
108. Hard Feather Female

Bantam Rare Breeds

109. Heavy Soft Feather Male
110. Heavy Soft Feather Female
111. Light Soft Feather Male
112. Light Soft Feather Female
113. Hard Feather Male
114. Hard Feather Female
115. True Bantam Male
116. True Bantam Female

Bantam Heavy Soft Feather

117. Australorp Male
118. Australorp Female
119. Barnevelder Male
120. Barnevelder Female
121. Brahma Male
122. Brahma Female
123. Faverolles Male
124. Faverolles Female
125. German Langshan Male
126. German Langshan Female
127. Marans Male
128. Marans Female
129. Orpington Male
130. Orpington Female
131. Plymouth Rock Male
132. Plymouth Rock Female
133. Rhode Island Red Male
134. Rhode Island Red Female
135. Sussex Male
136. Sussex Female
137. Wyandotte Male
138. Wyandotte Female
139. AOV Heavy Male
140. AOV Heavy Female

Bantam Light Soft Feather

141. Ancona Male
142. Ancona Female
143. Araucana Male
144. Araucana Female
145. Hamburg Male
146. Hamburg Female
147. Leghorn Male
148. Leghorn Female
149. Minorca Male
150. Minorca Female
151. Poland Male
152. Poland Female
153. Silkie Male
154. Silkie Female
155. Welsummer Male
156. Welsummer Female
157. AOV Light Male
158. AOV Light Female

Bantam Hard Feather

159. Indian Game Male
160. Indian Game Female
161. Modern Game Male
162. Modern Game Female
163. Old English Game Male
164. Old English Game Female
165. AOV Bantam Male
166. AOV Bantam Female
167. Ko Shamo Male
168. Ko Shamo Female
169. AV Asian Male
170. AV Asian Female

True Bantam

171. Barbu d’Anver (Quail) Male
172. Barbu d’Anver (Quail) Female
173. Barbu d’Anver (AOC) Male
174. Barbu d’Anver (AOC) Female
175. AV Belgian Bantam Male
176. AV Belgian Bantam Female
177. Booted Bantam Male
178. Booted Bantam Female
179. Dutch Male
180. Dutch Female
181. Japanese Male
182. Japanese Female
183. Pekin (Black) Male
184. Pekin (Black) Female
185. Pekin (White) Male
186. Pekin (White) Female
187. Pekin (AOC) Male
188. Pekin (AOC) Female
189. Rosecomb Male
190. Rosecomb Female
191. Sebright Male
192. Sebright Female
193. Serama Male
194. Serama Female
195. Serama (Silkied) Male
196. Serama (Silkied) Female
197. AOV True Bantam Male
198. AOV True Bantam Female

Bantam Trios (Male & 2 Females)

199. Heavy Soft Feather (AV)
200. Light Soft Feather (AV)
201. Hard Feather (AV)
202. Rare Breed (AV)
203. True Bantam (AV)

Intermediate (15-18 years)

Large Breeds

204. AV Heavy Soft Feather Male
205. AV Heavy Soft Feather Female
206. AV Light Soft Feather Male
207. AV Light Soft Feather Female
208. AV Hard Feather Male
209. AV Hard Feather Female
210. AV Rare Breed Male
211. AV Rare Breed Female

Bantam Breeds

212. AV Heavy Soft Feather Male
213. AV Heavy Soft Feather Female
214. AV Light Soft Feather Male
215. AV Light Soft Feather Female
216. AV Hard Feather Male
217. AV Hard Feather Female
218. AV Rare Breed Male
219. AV Rare Breed Female
220. AV True Bantam Male
221. AV True Bantam Female


222. AV Large Waterfowl Male
223. AV Large Waterfowl Female
224. AV Bantam Waterfowl Male
225. AV Bantam Waterfowl Female

Junior (6-14 years)

Large Breeds

226. AV Heavy Soft Feather Male
227. AV Heavy Soft Feather Female
228. AV Light Soft Feather Male
229. AV Light Soft Feather Female
230. AV Hard Feather Male
231. AV Hard Feather Female
232. AV Rare Breed Male
233. AV Rare Breed Female

Bantam Breeds

234. AV Heavy Soft Feather Male
235. AV Heavy Soft Feather Female
236. AV Light Soft Feather Male
237. AV Light Soft Feather Female
238. AV Hard Feather Male
239. AV Hard Feather Female
240. AV Rare Breed Male
241. AV Rare Breed Female
242. AV True Bantam Male
243. AV True Bantam Female


244. AV Large Waterfowl Male
245. AV Large Waterfowl Female
246. AV Bantam Waterfowl Male
247. AV Bantam Waterfowl Female

Large Hen Eggs

248. 1 Egg Dark Brown
249. 3 Eggs Dark Brown
250. 1 Egg Light Brown
251. 3 Eggs Light Brown
252. 1 Egg Cream
253. 3 Eggs Cream
254. 1 Egg White
255. 3 Eggs White
256. 1 Egg AOC
257. 3 Eggs AOC
258. 3 Eggs Mixed
259. 1 Welsummer Egg
260. 3 Welsummer Eggs

Bantam Hen Eggs

261. 1 Egg Dark Brown
262. 3 Eggs Dark Brown
263. 1 Egg Light Brown
264. 3 Eggs Light Brown
265. 1 Egg Cream

Oliver Flanagan
Friday, December 28th, 2018

266. 3 Eggs Cream
267. 1 Egg White
268. 3 Eggs White
269. 1 Egg AOC
270. 3 Eggs AOC
271. 3 Eggs Mixed
272. 1 Booted Bantam Egg
273. 3 Booted Bantam Eggs
274. 1 Welsummer Egg
275. 3 Welsummer Eggs

Large Duck Eggs

276. 1 Egg Green
277. 3 Eggs Green
278. 1 Egg White
279. 3 Eggs White
280. 3 Eggs Mixed

Bantam Duck Eggs

281. 1 Egg Green
282. 3 Eggs Green
283. 1 Egg White
284. 3 Eggs White
285. 3 Eggs Mixed


286. 1 Large Hen Egg
287. 1 Bantam Hen Egg
288. 1 Large Duck Egg
289. 1 Bantam Duck Egg

Intermediate (15-18 years)

290. 1 Large Hen Egg
291. 3 Large Hen Eggs
292. 1 Bantam Hen Egg
293. 3 Bantam Hen Eggs
294. 1 Large Duck Egg
295. 3 Large Duck Eggs
296. 1 Bantam Duck Egg
297. 3 Bantam Duck Eggs

Junior (6-14 years)

298. 1 Large Hen Egg
299. 3 Large Hen Eggs
300. 1 Bantam Hen Egg
301. 3 Bantam Hen Eggs
302. 1 Large Duck Egg
303. 3 Large Duck Eggs
304. 1 Bantam Duck Egg
305. 3 Bantam Duck Eggs

Decorated Eggs

306. Adult
307. Intermediate (15-18 years)
308. Junior (6-14 years)



309. A5 Colour Print of Single Large Fowl or Bantam
310. A5 Colour Print of Single Waterfowl or Turkey
311. A5 Colour Print of Any Poultry Subject

Intermediate (15-18 years)

312. A5 Colour Print of Single Large Fowl or Bantam
313. A5 Colour Print of Single Waterfowl or Turkey
314. A5 Colour Print of Any Poultry Subject

Junior (6-14 years)

315. A5 Colour Print of Single Large Fowl or Bantam
316. A5 Colour Print of Single Waterfowl or Turkey
317. A5 Colour Print of Any Poultry Subject

Entry forms available on

Oliver Flanagan
Friday, December 28th, 2018

Entries can be taken online through PayPal or by post. Closing date is Friday January 4th so get them in asap.

You have to be a members to enter but new members get their first year for only €10.

Hope to see you there!

Squeaks & Beaks
Sunday, December 30th, 2018

Reminder that the closing date is this Friday the 4th.

Squeaks & Beaks
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019

**Closing date extended to next Wednesday January 9th**

Get your entries in now!

Squeaks & Beaks
Saturday, January 5th, 2019

We are pleased to be associated with and sponsor the show.
Best of luck to all entrants.

Flock Master
Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Hi Lads ,
Any update on how show went , was there many exhibitors what was crowd like and any results

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Only had Time to have a look for about 40mins. ALLOT of birds there. Quality looked to be very very good. A really nice mix of breeds and nearly everything there. I'm not into turkeys but there was some very very good quality turkeys there.

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Show. Champ: Adams &McLaren- Bantam Black Orpington Male
Res champ: Adams & McLaren- Fawn Indian Runner Female

Poultry Keepers Club of Ireland (PKCI)
Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Tom Q & Tw, the hall was packed! 980 birds entered and 98% turn out on the day. Great to see so many people coming. I know we were caught for time for viewing but judges wanted to make sure all birds were judged properly. Some great birds on show they said and were very pleased with the quality. We're so thankful to everyone who came and exhibited. I took today to recover but will have results up in the next few days on our website and Facebook page.

Flock Master, thank you very much too for your prizes for our raffle! It is greatly appreciated.

Squeaks & Beaks
Sunday, January 27th, 2019

Well done to all who entered the show and to all who organized it. These events take a huge amount of work to organize so well done to you all for your great work.

Flock Master
Monday, January 28th, 2019

Hi Squeaks great to hear it was such a success, let us know whenever you have the results posted , might get a good positive discussion going this week im sure there will be loads of opinions flying around,

Monday, January 28th, 2019

Nearly forgot to post them! Here are the main results from the show.

31st ISPF National Show Main Results 2019

Best Turkey – Bourbon Red Male, Herbie Lusby
Reserve Turkey – Bourbon Red Female, Herbie Lusby

Best Goose – African Male, Stephen McCarthy
Reserve Goose – Toulouse Female, Tommy & Colin Butler

Best Large Waterfowl – Fawn Indian Runner Female, Adams & McLaren
Reserve Large Waterfowl – Rouen Male, Tommy & Colin Butler

Best Bantam Waterfowl – White Call Male, Jimmy Ryan
Reserve Bantam Waterfowl – Silver Appleyard Call Female, Jimmy Ryan

Best Large Heavy SF – Gold Brahma Male, Adams & McLaren
Reserve Large Heavy SF – Buff Orpington Male, JB Aank Mano

Best Bantam Heavy SF – Black Orpington Male, Adams & McLaren
Reserve Bantam Heavy SF – Barred Plymouth Rock Male, James Weatherup

Best Large Light SF – Welsummer Female, S & R Reid
Reserve Large Light SF – White Silkie Female, Kiera McGarry

Best Bantam Light SF – White Silkie Female, Daniel Moore
Reserve Bantam Light SF – Welsummer Male, William McCausland

Best Large Hard Feather – Grey Carlisle OEG Male, Adams & McLaren
Reserve Large Hard Feather – Dark Indian Game, Chris Corrigan

Best Bantam Hard Feather - Cuckoo OEG Male, Peter O’Loughlin
Reserve Bantam Hard Feather – Duckwing Modern Game Female, Karl Scanlon

Best Large Rare – Thuringian Male, Peter Hamill
Reserve Large Rare – Naked Neck Male, Zelda Crawford

Best Bantam Rare – Thuringian Male, Adams & McLaren
Reserve Bantam Rare – Ohiki Female, Adams & McLaren

Best True Bantam – Serama Female, Conan Kenny
Reserve True Bantam – Gold Dutch Female, Ciara & Padraic Sweeney

Best Trio – Polecat OEG, Eugene & John O’Rourke
Reserve Trio – White Wyandotte, Adams & McLaren

Best Intermediate – Bantam Black Orpington Male, Óisín Coleman
Reserve Intermediate – Gold Dutch Female, Pataire Crawford

Best Junior – Bantam Partridge OEG Female, Eoin O’Rourke
Reserve Junior – Bantam Salmon Faverolles Female, Ben Crawford

Best Eggs – Eleanor Russell
Reserve Eggs – Michelle Kiely

Show Champion - Bantam Black Orpington Male, Adams & McLaren
Reserve Champion - Fawn Indian Runner Female, Adams & McLaren

Squeaks & Beaks
Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

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