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Sale pure bread flemish giant rabbits

Pure bread Flemish giant rabbits
Claremorris, Mayo
Babby rabbits eats only top food, pure bread flemish gian rabbits grows very big, can see daddy and mummy in place.
New 4 litters arrived on
8 september
27-28 september
4 october.Already teanagers have some left...
35e. each Feeding only hay,17% rabbits pellets,(can buy in a Home Land), carrots, some cabbage and and have fresh water system for the rabbits
20 small-25 each
11 (teanagers)-35each
1 teanager white in color 45e
3 bigger males 60e each
and many more as i have 5 female rabbits breed very often, new litter ariving, litter on 27-28september and 4 on october
All rabbits will come from different dads pure bread flemish giant rabbits family tree.
16 small pure bread rabbits available NOW, can pick up you self which is the best you think for you
small rabbits 25e (AVAILABLE)
When grows as teenager price goes up only 3 available. Is nearly adults
Adult around 80e-100e grows very quick!!

New 2 litters just arrive on 20-20 December (already eats pelets carrots and hay.
Latest litter arived 3 January 2018.all doe and bucks are pure bread light grey-dark grey white in color/and breed just special colors as requared for breeding. I have it light grey-dark grey-white.
====== If you change your mind after few months or so and no more interesting keep rabbits i can take back for free,you dont need to find new home or adoption i can take back.

Friday, January 19th, 2018


I am looking for 2 does and 1 buck pref new zealand or californian.

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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