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Will geese keep grass down?

Been reading that geese are good lawnmowers. I have a lot of questions! Does anyone keep geese for this reason? Any breeds that are better at foraging? I hear pilgrims are one of the best grass eaters. How noisy is this breed? I Would like to build a pen about 60-90 mtrs square in a band around the back garden. How many geese would be needed year round? Not looking to breed geese so will geese/ganders of same sex get on with eachother ok? Thanks for any help!

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Geese will keep down grass quite well
Normal white geese will be good enough grazers but yes I'd always support getting rarer breeds such as the pilgrim!
The smaller the goose in general the more vocal and higher pitch their sound.
Doubt many are gonna keep them specifically for lawnmowing but that is a nice size area and d
The amount needed depends on what supplement feeding you're gonna give them. You could fit a lot of geese in that area. I'm guessing no one has worked out the ratio in practice of goose per square foot per supplement food. I'm not good at quadratics lol. .
I'd get around 10 to 15 to start. Get more females than males if you can .that will lessen aggressive behaviour.

Adrian Kelly
Monday, July 24th, 2017


I had two adults and their 5 goslings and I reckon that would keep down about a half acre plus. Maybe 1 or 2 cuts in May or June,you want it big so it doesn't get too fouled. the area was about 130 metres in circumference, that's another maths one for Adrian.

Eoin S.
Saturday, July 29th, 2017

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