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Sonic Electronic Bird Scarers For Sale. 58

Sonic Electronic Bird Scarer.

Award Winning PestClear Bird Repeller Plugs into a standard indoor socket, and it can be mounted either on a 3 piece garden spike (included), or using the simple wall mounting kit.

A 30 ft extension lead means it can be located a reasonable distance from the plug.

There is now an optional solar power kit (PRSOLAR) which connects directly to the repeller, instead of using mains power.


The Sonic Bird Repeller has a choice of 3 sounds, and some experimentation will find the sound most suitable to your particular problem.

HAWK This is a very realistic rendition of a common bird of prey. It can be very effective at scaring small birds, that could be attacked by a hawk. Great with starlings, pigeons, doves, and similar small birds. But even bigger birds can be driven away by this sound, as the hawk is very territorial, and it will assert it's authority by harassing most birds, even crows, magpies, seagulls and similar.

BARKING DOG This is most useful if birds landing in the garden are a problem. Birds that attack soft fruit, or the dreaded heron, which attacks fish ponds, can be scared away by this sound.

DISTRESS CALL The starling distress call is made up of a rapid, chattering noise, which is replicated electronically here. To the human ear, it doesn't sound very much like a starling, but to birds, the rapid "cheep-cheep-cheep" tells them a bird is being attacked.

The repeller has a volume control, and an automatic light sensor which shuts it down when darkness falls.

It is ideal for open areas, garages, warehouses,farm buildings, stables, and any area where the noise of the repeller is not going to annoy yourself or your neighbours.

For noise sensitive areas, we suggest using the PRBIRDUS Ultrasonic repeller instead. Click Here to View.

Bird scarers are not 100 % effective and work best when used with decoys and other methods aswell.

Priced at 58 plus 8 delivery.

Flock Master
Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Ultrasonic Bird Scarer. 58.00 plus 8.00 delivery.

PestClear Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is an advanced ultrasonic pest repeller for the control of birds, including pigeons, starlings, sparrows, crows, seagulls and magpies.

It is also effective against rodents, including rats, mice, squirrels, and rabbits.

With no less than EIGHT powerful speakers, (other products have just one speaker), it is designed to cover an area the size of a typical domestic garden with carefully targeted sounds (NOT audible to humans), to repel the unwanted birds or rodents.

The sound is emitted on an adjustable timer setting.

The product is supplied with a wall and ground mounting kit, an indoor-rated AC-DC adapter, and a 10 metre extension cable.

It can also use the optional PRSOLAR solar power kit ( Not Supplied), which means it can be used even in areas with no power supply.

There is a choice of two frequencies. The high frequency repels small birds and mice, and the lower frequency is effective against larger birds, rats, squirrels, and rabbits.

Maximum coverage is approximately 200ft.

Allow 2 weeks for new behaviour patterns to become established.

Unlike cheaper battery operated repellers, the PestClear Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is suitable for both domestic and professional applications, and it is widely used in public spaces, schools, hospitals and hotels, as well as homes and farms.

Flock Master
Saturday, January 28th, 2017

Solar Power Kit for Bird Scarers.

Pest Clear Solar Power Kit.

For use with all Pestclear Outdoor Products like the Bird Scarers.

Wall & Groundmounting Kits included.

Works even during typical winter weather.

Follow link below.

Flock Master
Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

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