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Close call

Driving home on the M8 motorway this afternoon by the first fermoy exit I was almost struck head on by a car driving the wrong way on the motorway. Came up the slip road. I got an awful fright and rang the guards straight away. I told them I didn't know the number of the car but that I had a dash camera and would ring them as soon as I got home with it.
Ten minutes later I got a call back. They were trying to track where the car was. I again said I would give them the dash camera footage with the number clearly visible. They were disinterested to be honest. Said they would get him and mentioned something about a relative and that they had to go as they were receiving another call. I don't know whether the driver was visiting a relative or what.
I'm going to ring again tomorrow with the registration of the car. I thought I was dead. Thankfully I hit the brakes and was doing 70mph so stopped in time.

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Great to hear that you are safe and well Kate.
I heard that Guards won't take attachments in their e-mail.
May be it is something similar here

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

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