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R,com calibrating,

Hello, Im looking to get an Rcom suro 20 incubator calibrated for next year ,humidity and temperature .If there is someone
who can carry out this service competently for a fee, please get in touch.
Kildare or surrounding counties preferred.

Monday, September 7th, 2015

When I contacted P & T Poultry in the UK regarding calibrating my R-com 20 and R-com 20 Pro incubators I was given the following instructions:-

To recalibrate the rcom 20.
Press the + and - on the humidity until ca appears then the digits will
Using the + or - adjust the display to what your hygrometers read then
press set.
Leave for 1 hour then do it again to fine tune.
To recalibrate the 20 pro press set up
You will see tempo cal and humidity cal appear on the screen.
Press the up button to move onto humidity cal then press and hold the
enter button.
You will see a warning come up keep your finger on the button.
The humidity setting screen will appear then
Using the up or down button change the setting to what the hygrometer
inside the incubator is reading.
Then press enter.
Leave for 1 hour then do again to fine tune

Hope this helps.

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Hello crempog,did you manage to set your incubators to your satisfaction ?. This unit is 2nd hand, but as new so id like to sort it out .I tried it once and it went like clockwork,
I taught .But the chicks could not chip there way out so im presuming I was getting wrong readings.I would be happier to give it to an experienced fancier as I don't trust it at present.
Thanking you,

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Yes I did calibrate them following the instructions above as it was going to be too expensive to send them back to the UK. However, I still keep an eye on them with an independent hygrometer before I set my eggs.

Monday, September 7th, 2015

If I don't get anyone to calibrate it for me,il purchase a hygrometer& termomiter and attempt to rectify it in the off season.There's a place at the halfway house in Dublin which deals in all types of measuring instruments might try there.
but at the moment id prefer an experienced hand as I found
a 100% hatch failure disappointing and traumatic.

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Let me know how you get on. I would be interested in having someone experienced service my incubators before next season too.

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Will do ,enjoy the birds n Thank's

Monday, September 7th, 2015

HI, my rcom 20 started flashing on the display ,i had eggs in it at the tome, they hatched out ,but the display is still flashing away.I set the humitity at 45, then 65 for the last tree day and stop the tuuning. My chicks is getting spat leg, they have no grip .I baught the r com second hand.Like you it would be great if someone could set them again.

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

I had problems with an rcom 20 and 50 , both bought from pandt I was told like you how to calibrate , this is all very well but don't think you can just go out and buy a thermometer and hygrometer for a few quid , it's not as simple as that , you ideally need three of each , and all really good quality to ensure you have a proper control reading for temp and humidity and unless you are absolutely sure your readings are accurate there is no point setting the rcom to dodgy readings . I found it was easier and cheaper to get them done by old macdonalds in Carlow , I can't remember how much they charged me but it was fair , and while the rcoms aren't perfect my hatch rate has improved dramatically , I don't really understand why but after they were recalibrated the first two hatches weren't much better than before then the next hatches were much better and thankfully have stayed that way .

murt from wexford
Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Sometimes the built in Hygrometers aren't accurate, resetting to factory settings might not cure the problem if the factory fitted hygrometer is not accurate.

Below is a method I use to check my hygrometers and calibrate my incubators, I use 2 quality external hygrometers to check my incubators but even they are not 100% accurate.

Do you have another hygrometer? If so get yourself an air tight sip bag, a small shot glass or similar and some table salt, fill the shot glass with the table salt and add some droplets of water until the salt is damp and sticky (like sand at the beach) put your hygrometer in the sip bag along with the shot glass of salt and seal it tight. Leave this for 8-24hrs and your hygrometer should read 75%RH. If it reads 70% then you add 5% to what it says when you place it in your incubator or if its reading 80% you take 5% away.

Once you know the true reading of your incubator using your external hygrometer you can recalibrate the built in hygrometer in the Rcom.

Emmet Mcknight
Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Hello,Today iv purchased a digital hygrometer and thermometer
as a single unit, and a separate thermometer also of a decent quality.
I look forward to having a go recalibrating this inci next week taking into account your comments and the manual.
Thank you, il let you know the outcome.

Friday, September 18th, 2015

I would be interested to hear how you get on. I've set my R-com 20 Pro (x 2) aside as even after calibrating I feel they are still unreliable.

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Hello crempog and other interested parties,I set about running this inci last week to try and sort it as I had no reply to take on the task. I acquired 2 manual thermometer's
and a digital with a hygrometer combined .I tried to insure these were of decent quality and to test this I left them standing for abt 2 days and monitored them as they adjusted in perfect tandem.I then cleaned the inci's sensor and set it up.I placed the 3 gages inside ,one each end but tilted up by resting them on the egg tray.the digital unit has a prop stand,so all 3 were up off the black matt.I ran it for 4 hrs to settle, then took readings. Internal temperature was -.8 off setting or 36.7 / humidity was 52% ,+ 7% off setting. I recalibrated using the readout off the digital unit .it takes a few goes as the temperature reading fluctuates on the display before you press (ok) to lock it. I also had to fine tune the temp,as internally it switched 37.3/37.7.
I have run it now for 3 x 48 hours unplugged and removed the cover inbetween.On restart it attains the chosen settings after a period and Internal readings and display are in tandem.This was a second hand unit I purchased but in every other respect is new ,but if the internal climate does not match the display values id be better trying to incubate in a shoe box. I hope I can get a decent hatch with it next season as that is where the interest and reward is.
To this end when next I use this inci I will place the duel display monitor in the cabinet ,its small and unobtrusive and will give me valuable info.
Some fanciers knock this unit as a piece of scrap,maybe there speaking from experience and right,maybe not.Having now looked at it,In my humble opinion its a very cleverly designed piece of kit.Working backwards, the humidity and pump system works a treat and is reliable as long as air is purged.(If)the temperature can be stabilised with the display a good hatch will follow.
Thank you and regards.

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

Anyone know where I can get an Rcom 20 pro incubator recalibrated in Cork?

Cork Wyandotte
Saturday, July 13th, 2019

Is this correct for calibration at home?

Cork Wyandotte
Saturday, July 13th, 2019

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