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Farm Dogs Territorial?  kwackers  

New Zealand and Standard Rex rabbits Galway  Mat  

Trio of unrelated flemish giants  Virginia's fowl  

Truffle  steveo2002irl  

Mottled pekin bluelaced wyandotte khaki campbell  shcl21  

Saxony eggs wanted  Virginia's fowl  

Breeding birds this spring  polishbantams  

Budgie and cannery  Eddie 86  

Saanen puck for sale  DrBaker  

Poultry online  eire  

looking for a farm house to rent or caretake  linmad  

What to put in my new large pen  eire  

2 cast iron baths  Eddie 86  

gone to the dogs  Tadhg13  

Anyone breed angora rabbits?  DrBaker  

American chinchilla giant rabbits  rich1  

Hypoallergenic dog nuts  SF94  

Where to buy killing pigs  Thechickenman  

Register rabbit breeder  sarak6173  

Looking for a good stud dog  Eggempire  

Sugarless Jams.  side of the hill  

Best pigs to feed.  side of the hill  

Giant Flemish rabbits  Gracie  

Hunting dogs  Pekinsebright  

Pigs  jt12345  

Polish Chicks and Pekin Frizzle Trio  Daireforan  

GOAT SHOW  pearl  

Ryeland sheep  Flock Master  

Goldfinch,bullfinch,canary,mules wanted  Pekinsebright  

Goat  Georgia  

Anyone in transport or delivery birds  malgraham  

guinea pigs for sale  trevorbr  

Any long haired Guinea pigs for sale??  vmulvany  

Looking for Indian runner hatching eggs ASAP  Daira  

Magpies  suem  

Waterford country fair 10th June  Smyth poultry  


Stiff kids  davidk  

Selection of pigs for sale some ready for butcher or breeding ans some are younger.  Farmboy  

Pygmy Kids  Katiesocks10  

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