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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Bantam light Sussex eggs  jjsuper  

pheasant eggs  bucks  

Blue laced Barnvelder  polishbantams  

French Copper Maran and Silver Appleyard Ballinasloe  Tom Q  

Hatching quail eggs or birds  andrew11046  

ASIL Trio/pair  GreyMagpie  

Looking for doves, pigeons, crosses  Virginia's fowl  

Looking for a Lavander and a white pekin hens  Tw  

Red golden pheasant hen/hens  dave w  

Columbian pekins  Smileyk  

Turkey stag and Muscovy drake  corrachombra  

Gander wanted  Niall124  

Bantam pairs or trio's  Peter01  

Silver Seabright hen  Daira  

Day old chicks wanted  Daira  

Salmon faverolle  billy b  

Purebreed good laying ducks wanted  KMLC  

Turkey Hatching Eggs  Bonkersdan  

Looking for large fowl hens for hatching  holligan  

Black Dutch Bantams  jon k  

Guinea fowl  Fintan96  

Pheasant and Quail hatching/fertile eggs wanted  vinbee75  

Wanted . Sussex orpington wyandotte and old English game bantams  michael p  

White silkies  alan45  

Miniature Appleyards WANTED  Springwell  

Any Barbu de Watermael out there?  7lick  

Silkies  tippbirdman  

Columbian Pekin Cockerel wanted  7lick  

Columbian buff brahama rooster & silver brahama hens and rooster  brahama  

brahma rooster wanted  jjsuper  

Bantam Silkie Hens Wanted  richj  

Light Sussex cockerel  PoulacapplePoultry  

Polish Silkie Bantam or similar Eggs for incubation  ruairi17  

Wanted!  zack  

Mallard and white calls  smurph  

bronze turkey  michael c  

White hackle  zack  

Old English game pyle  billy b  

Pullets  Ailbhe12  

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