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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

looking for exchequer rooster  Derekmc  

Jersey Giants Wanted  Boherbue Poultry  

Wanted white pekins  Ballinabarney  

Wanted Silver Seabright hen  Daira  

Polish and Silkie bantams wanted please  All about the girls  

Buff Orpington (LF)  Tonybeckwith  

Bantam light sussex  k29  

Light Sussex bantam pullets  k29  

Light Sussex Rooster Wanted  richj  

Wanted silver seabright hen  Daira  

Hatching eggs wanted, any breed, dozen  Hitmanhof  

Wanted: Hatching Incubator  skylights2015  

Colourful egg layers  MrPickles58  

Looking for hens and fowl must deliver to birr area thanks  eire  

Columbian pekin  Smileyk  

Red golden pheasants  jral  

Calls,  kathykin  

Looking for hens and fowl must deliver to birr area thanks  eire  

Wyandottes Wanted (LF)  Cork Wyandotte  

2 silkie hens  RjD  

Polish , Silkies  ccsteve  

Wanted Hatching eggs Blue/Splash French copper maran/Polish/Silkies/Leghorns/Ancona  Tom Beaky  

Looking for Faverolle  Nollcondon  

Unusual ducks  suem  

Chocolate Muscovy Drake  Ballyandy  

runner ducks  mickjcrowe  

Standard laying hens  jt12345  

Welsh Harlequin Drake  bernie321  

Wanted hatching eggs  Liam  

Silkie hens  Monstercooke  

Looking for a Silkie in Cork  Henscottage  

Bantam eggs for hatching  Sham087  

Turkeys fertile eggs wanted  ali570  

Wyandotte bantams  polishbantams  

Dead frozen ducks  Aurelien  

Indian Runner Ducks  Dollachick  

Hens, ducks, guniea fowl  eire  

Splash and Black Silkie bantams  Sean60  

Gold laced polish & chocolate dash silkies  MatthewB  

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