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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Vorwerk rooster  Fintan96  

Sableboots  Ballinabarney  

Sussex hens  eire  

indian game wanted  roostercroweburn  

La bresse gauloise  Galouse  

Incubator wanted  Fionn193  

Hatching eggs poultry  Michael Sherman  

hatching eggs  mel carlyle  

Rhode island red rooster  Pheasant plucker  

Guinea Fowl Wanted  Sussex123  

Silver spangled appenzellars hatching eggs  chickpal  

Ringed Teal wanted.  Boherbue Poultry  

Pekin eggs  willmcd  

Araucanas wanted  DrBaker  

speckled sussex  mickjcrowe  

French marans or Rhode island red breeding pairs/trios  Pheasant plucker  

Poultry  Michael Sherman  

Wanted French Copper Black Marans/POL and Ex-Batties  Bea  

Bantam sussex wanted  jjsuper  

Speckled Sussex hatching eggs  Kenmc23  

Ko shamo  Caylinquigley  

indian runner ducks wanted  MTK  

Hens, keets and ducks  eire  

Does anyone breed jersey giants ?  conormchale01  

Drakes  aidenb  

Midget white turkey eggs  Melsr  

Large Fowl hatching eggs  lindamad  

Silver Grey Dorking  rob10538  

Growers or PofL Copper french marran/Barnavelders Hens  Michael Sherman  

ISO Wyandotte, Minorca, Black Araucana, Barnevelder, Welsummer, Ayam Cemani  DrBaker  

Buff orpington Pullets/hen  Woodfield  

Wanted hatching eggsl  Liam  

Aylesbury Ducks  Givendale Spaniels  

Gold Laced Wyandotte rooster Wanted  Dj 3650  

Guniea and hens  eire  

Ducks wanted (Laying)  RjD  

Looking for a few Call Ducks  Dj 3650  

guinea fowl  tumbler124  

Incubator  Virginia's fowl  

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