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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Runner Duck Sellers?  Sulky Bantam  

ayam cemani wanyef  Thelanecottage  

Wanted hens  eire  

Polish or eggs for Sale  Green Rooster  

Wanted/Looking for Silkies / pheasants hatching eggs  vinbee75  

SILKIES.......?!  Sulky Bantam  

Silkies or Pheasants hatching eggs needed  vinbee75  

french maran or copper black cockrel wanted  pearl  

Looking for a silkie hen!  Sulky Bantam  

WANTED: Silkie Hen, Large or Bantam, Any Colour, Any Age  Sulky Bantam  

Runner ducks  toml  

Poultry wanted  eire  

Speckled Sussex White leghorn  Stevowhyte  

White call ducks  mark c  

Silver laced Wyandotte  Dj 3650  

brown chocolate Muscovy drake  tommy stag  

Ayam Cemani Cockerel Wanted  DrBaker  

Khaki Campbell ducks wanted  Fearnach  

Welsummer  pat f  

Quail hatching eggs wanted  pinksapphire  

Muscovy Drake wanted  DrBaker  

Mandarin ducks  dave w  

Looking for blue/green egg layers  Ailbhe12  

Ducks wanted  Fionn193  

Bronze turkey stag  tumbler124  

Gambel quail  Caylinquigley  

Looking for quail chicks  pinksapphire  

Bluebelle and/or Light Sussex PB Rooster(s) Wanted  VincentC  

Seabright Bantams  All about the girls  

Swap Columbian Brahma  Bar  

Duck hatching eggs wanted  Fionn193  

Rhode Island Red bantam pullets/hens  paulburton  

Bantam partridge Wyandotte  Stevoid  

Poultry wanted  eire  

Call ducks  Gosford road poultry  

Silver Partridge Pekin  Fearnach  

Guinea Hens  Nelly hens  

Rabbits  aerdd  

Polish  ccsteve  

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