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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Silkies  ColinMcGuirk  

bantams hens  pat shiels  

Indian game hatching eggs  Shane90  

Call ducks /miniature Appleyards  michelle  

Japanese black tail white bantam hens  ColinMcGuirk  

Gold silkies  Shane90  

OEG  Ballyandy  

Goldtop eggs  Shane90  

Polish hen  billy b  

North Tipperary  clyde  

Jersey Giants  Nollcondon  

hatching eggs  Kitty  

Wanted true bantam hatching eggs  Steve C  

Hatchmaster wanted  Stevo82  

Hatching eggs wanted  Thechickenman  

wanted  Virginia's fowl  

Penedesenca wanted  Eggempire  

Hatching eggs  suem  

Wanted RIR rooster  Kieran L  

Wanted Sebrights  Oisin123  

Wanted: Sablepoots. All colours  Ballinabarney  

Gold Brahma Rooster wanted  Jungo  

Welsummer roo  tippbirdman  

Blue silkie Rooster wanted , small type  jjsuper  

North Tipp  tippbirdman  

orpington  michael c  

Hen house  adrian r  

Brahma hatching eggs wanted  Ballinabarney  

North Tipp  tippbirdman  

Mille Fleur Bantams Wanted  ojn  

Gold Top hatching eggs  Cusleibhe  

Hatching Eggs Wanted  Kevin Quin  

looking for poultry and hen house on wheels.  mar  

Seabright s wanted  Tom lawless  

Seabright s wanted  Tom lawless  

Reeves hatching eggs  jimbo074  

laced wyandottes  Liamo 62  

Combattant du nord gamefowl  Fintan96  

Looking for day old chicks  CountryChick  

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