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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Blue Brahma  Fintan96  

Irish- English or American game eggs.  Fight like hell  

Galway  noelc  

Pure bred Rhode Island Red hatching eggs  Fintan96  

Wanted Gold or lemon millefleur booted bantam roo  Jazz-a-belle poultry  

Silkie Roo'  Ratcatcher  

Chocolate Wyandotte bantams  polishbantams  

trio of hens  seanq  

Plymouth rock rooster  Willc80  

Goldtops wanted  trevorbr  

Plymouth rock rooster  Willc80  

Cream legbar pullet  Fintan96  

Broilers layer  Euan  

Serema rooster wanted  Claire89howard  

Guinea fowl fermanagh  smurph  

Hatching eggs wanted  Glyn  

ducks  king cream  

Hatching eggs wanted  Ejade22  

Call Duck Eggs Wanted  Green Rooster  

Gold and Silver sebright trios  Thelanecottage  

Palmino vorwerk  Thelanecottage  

Barnvelder rooster  polishbantams  

Wanted  Virginia's fowl  

Welsummer Rooster  pat f  

Buff Orpington, salmon favorelle, Brahmas  fegan_casey  

Pekin Hens  Louises1973  

Bielefelders  Derekw  

Wellsummers /lebresse  Derekw  

Turkeys for Eating  craigmartin  

Hatching Eggs  Daireforan  

Lakenvelders and vorweck  Carmel bird  

Silkie Buff Rooster  Ratcatcher  

Chicks wanted- Co cork  Ejade22  

Wanted serema rooster  Claire89howard  

Polish bantams  polishbantams  

looking for a pair of Wyandotte  StephenH  

Brahma Pullets  Dollachick  

Jersey Giant  Costworth  

Rhode Island Red HENS  DrBaker  

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