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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Ancona hatching eggs  Fintan96  

Vorwick cock wanted  dave w  

Pekins wanted  mel  

Sex Linked Hatching Eggs  FLood K  

Wanted rir pullets  Thechickenman  

Copper cock pheasant  Stevo82  

Quail  Oisin  

Wanted good quality pol Rir  Kieran L  

Light Sussex Bantams  Cusleibhe  

Hatching quail eggs or birds  andrew11046  

Gold laced wyandottes  polishbantams  

Racing pigeons wanted  young91  

Mallard ducklings  michael killeen  

Wanted khaki Campbell ducks...buy/swap  rob101  

French Copper Marram  BunSileann  

Ducks  Fintan96  

Wanted Buff orpington rooster  Kevin Quin  

White silkies  rob101  

Barnevelder cockerel  Alice Clarke  

Brinsea ova easy 380  Stevo82  

silver appleyard ducks  noelforde  

mallard  michael killeen  

Silver Welsummer Wanted  Jungo  

Austrolorp rooster  alan45  

Brahams  John333  

European Wigeon Drake wanted.  Slieveroe  

Ancona Hens  Adam1  

Pomeranian Geese  Mo Hens  

old english bantems  miceal o regan  

Looking for cross breed hens  Mc fadden  

Bantam light sussexs  John333  

Wanted pekins and seramas  C&K poultry  


Australorp & Copper Maran Cockerals and PB RIR hens  GeorgieSpain  

pure breed rhode island red  pat shiels  

Ancona  Fintan96  

Lohmann brown  septicsac  

Pekin Ducks  christor  

Pure breed leghorn cock wanted  John alfred  

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