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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

any hatching eggs available!!!  sarahmuldunne  

Drake Wanted  richj  

Light Sussex and copper Maran  rob101  

Silver laced wyandotte pullets  MickB  

Call Birds  Matilda  

Wyndott  kathykin  

Partridge  Torsten Schulz  

Pheasants wanted  Mc fadden  

Hatching eggs wanted  Kevin123  

Red Silkies  jjsuper  

Looking for two turkeys  eire  

Hatching Eggs  chris363  

Wanted golden Sebright  Kevin123  

dutch bantam rooster  erjr  

Anyone have day olds?  sarahmuldunne  

Wanted  aidenb  

black copper maran pullets or hens  seamus Dunne  

Old English game bantam  toml  

Light Sussex Pol Wanted  Darren Leonard  

Keets guniea fowl wanted  eire  

Polish hens  Smileyk  

Seabright bantams  All about the girls  

Hen run and house on wheels looking for guniea fowl alsol  eire  

Hatching turkey eggs  Igor  

Hatching eggs  mel  

Ducklings?  sarahmuldunne  

Cuckoo marran light Sussex pol wanted  Sham087  

Looking for hen run in wheels with hen house  eire  

EMU/RHEA/OSTRICHES???  sarahmuldunne  

Crested guineas  jimbo074  

Hatching eggs?  sarahmuldunne  

Silver sebright hatching eggs  Phoebe  

French copper maran  Peter bows  

Chinese Goose  Darren Leonard  

Pekin hens  Emmet  

Blue & white Jersey Giants wanted  Boherbue Poultry  

Silky hatching eggs  Sham087  

Wanted  mel  

african geese  pat shiels  

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