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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Indian Runner Ducks  Dollachick  

Hens, ducks, guniea fowl  eire  

Splash and Black Silkie bantams  Sean60  

Gold laced polish & chocolate dash silkies  MatthewB  

Wanted 5/6 light Sussex bantams.  Tw  

Roosters wanted  aerdd  

Wheaten Marans  MW  

Turkey eggs/poults  Bonkersdan  

Any ayam cemani eggs for sale??  Jim-d15  

Silkie, Guinea Fowl and Alysebury ducks  GWP  

Hens, ducks, guniea fowl  eire  

Quails. Diamond Doves  fanno.1  

Goose eggs for hatching  mary b  

Silver Grey Dorking  rob10538  

Keets or Young Guineas  Sam_massey  

Coronation Sussex  Martin gilmartin  

Keets wanted 8/6/19  Sam_massey  

Fertile silkie eggs  Monstercooke  

Hatching eggs wanted  Sham087  

Hatching eggs wanted  Sham087  

White pheasant eggs wanted  Irishb  

Guinea fowl  Miriam conlon  

Black Minorca hatching eggs  dave w  

Hens, ducks, hen run, turkeys  eire  

Abacot rangers  Francis1  

Silkie hens  JLB  

Columbian pekins  Smileyk  

Wild American Turkey hatching eggs  kevin harkin  

Sultan chicken  William O Brien  

Roosters wanted  Gosford road poultry  

Goose eggs  mary b  

Wanted pair of oeg bantams  Foxhunter  

Rhode Island Red roosters wanted  Fintan96  

Leicester  Poacherhill  

Wanted pheasant eggs  SF94  

Hatching Eggs  chris363  

Ailsbury duck eggs  DD  

Rosecomb  Torsten Schulz  

Hens, ducks, hen run, turkeys  eire  

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