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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Columbian pekin  Smileyk  

Reeves hen pheasant  mel  

wanted gold and silver dutch bantams  michaeljohn  

Silkie pullet & incubator  kathykin  

Ayam cemani  aerdd  

WANTED Turkeys and La Bresse chicks or young pullets  osmacice  

Gold Laced Polish Bantams  chris363  

Silkie hen/pullet wanted  Fintan96  

Silver Double Laced Barnevelder  Michael Sherman  

Wanted: partridge, SL, GL, BLR Wyandottes  Cork Wyandotte  

Broilers in the North  christor  

Hen house and run on wheels with handle  eire  

Silver Seabright hen wanted  Daira  

Hatching eggs wanted  Daira  

Looking for mini turkeys and hens  eire  

Wanted Le bresse  Bar  

Drakes  aerdd  

Looking for rooster and mixture of hens  eire  

Quail, partridge  Torsten Schulz  

Leghorn  alan45  

Looking for Bali Ducks or Indian Runners  Green Rooster  

Silkie  kathykin  

Partridge  Torsten Schulz  

Old English game large fowl  toml  

sanjak long crowers wanted  roostercroweburn  

Looking for quail eggs  Igor  

Buff, Blue/Red and Gold laced Wyandotte Bantam Roosters  Joanne  

Hatching eggs  mel  

Silkie pullets wanted  jt12345  

Looking for rooster and mixture of hens  eire  

any hatching eggs available!!!  sarahmuldunne  

Drake Wanted  richj  

Light Sussex and copper Maran  rob101  

Silver laced wyandotte pullets  MickB  

Call Birds  Matilda  

Wyndott  kathykin  

Partridge  Torsten Schulz  

Pheasants wanted  Mc fadden  

Hatching eggs wanted  Kevin123  

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