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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Wanted bantam eggs  Phoebe  

Broody hen  David Cole  

Looking for white or black silkie hatching eggs  Silkie123  

Top net  hyland  

hatching eggs wanted  behanc123  

Call duck hatching eggs wanted  lredmond  

Looking for khaki call hatching eggs!  RDarling  

Call drake wanted  andrew11046  

Pure breed true bantams wanted- only hens (no roosters)  ColinMcGuirk  

Silkie Partridge Bantam Cockerel.  jon k  

Call ducks  toml  

Bobwhites/ Californian  Torsten Schulz  

Various bantam breeds wanted  ColinMcGuirk  

welsh harlequin  king cream  

Bourbon Red Turkey stag  corrachombra  

Wanted Sussex  Williams poultry  

Ayam Cemani Hens  septicsac  

Red breasted goose  mel  

Polish partridge green leg hens.  Joseph lawler  

Silkies wanted  Tj  

Hatching eggs.  Tadhg  

Wanted, gold and silver sebright bantam hatching eggs  Phoebe  

red jungle fowl  hawkinest  

Blue and paint/splash silkies  Oisin  

Omagh show Blue and splash/paint silkies  Oisin  

Pekin Duck  kierancos  

Wanted pekin bantams  C&K poultry  

looking for black giant jersey rooster and acona hens  debbie h  

Day old Chicks needed Kildare  jjsuper  

Call duck hatching eggs  burren  

Sussex, Wyandottes, Australorps  Fintan96  

Californian quail hen  Torsten Schulz  

Dorking Pullets  sultan at home  

pullets of any breed  seantolan  

Wanted light Sussex day olds  Ballinabarney  

Large fowl quad  Fintan96  

Bielefelder and / or Sulmtaler  Otmar Wullich  

Looking for very high standard Rhode Island Red hatching eggs  Sean Canning  

Wanted Bantam hatching eggs  Daireforan  

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