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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Buff Orpington Hen or POL Pullet  Woodfield  

Silkies  smurph  

American wild turkey hatching eggs wanted  Bob s  

Irish/American game Cock wanted  Fionn193  

Large fowl Silkie hens wanted  corrachombra  

Clocking Bantams  Bibio  

Lavender pekin bantam hens wanted  Tom Dormer  

Welsh harlequin drake  Sham087  

Dark Sussex, birds or hatching eggs wanted  DrBaker  

Wanted gold laced wyandotte rooster  conormchale01  

Australorp hatching eggs.  Gordy674  

Rhode Island rooster  Antokelly5  

Muscovey  kathykin  

Incbator  toml  

WANTED jersey giant or buff orp hatching eggs  conormchale01  

Quails  Bar  

Light Sussex rooster  swan 555  

exhibition quality orpington male ...large buff..  sultan at home  

Polish Frizzle  Glenn  

Looking for hatching eggs in Kildare  lgflynn  

Araucana, Black LF Silkie, large Quail Hatching Eggs Wanted  DrBaker  

Large fowl Jubilee Indian game wanted  Shanehallett  

Reeves, calls  mel  

Looking for dual purpose breeds (Australorp, Orpington, Wyandotte etc)  Benrue  

Looking for run and coop on wheels with handles  eire  

Wanted copper maran cock  Thechickenman  

Pied Call Duck  johnnyg  

Wanted henny eggs or birds  Thomas101  

Nankin bantams wanted  paulburton  

Muscovey drake  kathykin  

Wanted mixed breed  Mc fadden  

Wanted bantam Sussex  Peter01  

White leghorn  alan45  

Anyone have buff orpingtons  conormchale01  

Old English game or Indian game roosters wanted  Tw  

Large silkie  kathykin  

Quail  Torsten Schulz  

Looking for custom coop and run and colourful hens.  eire  

Guinea Hens, all colours.  Ducktales  

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