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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Cream legbar and copper marans wanted  Fintan96  

Porcelain or millifleur Sablepoot  CockCrow  

Muscovy drake wanted  sebrights  

Roscommon sales Pekin  CockCrow  

Wanted cream crested legbar pullets  1acre  

Wanted lemon sableboots  Darren-od  

PB Hatching Eggs  chris363  

Crested cream legbar  Farmerphilip  

Silver sebright rooster wanted  sebrights  

Wanted: Bantam Barred Plymouth Rock  dolmen  

Wanted: Bantam Indian Game  dolmen  

Cream Crested Legbar Cock  Mo Hens  

Bantam or Clocking breeds  C Dunne  

Ancona6  MW  

Copper black marans  Fintan96  

Looking for white large silkys  Tw  

Runner ducks&drakes  toml  

Goose  clyde  

Poultry  Michael Sherman  

Wanted gold penciled or gold spangled hamburg  trevorbr  

Pekin bantams  Glen  

Looking for LF trios  Liam McBride  

Wanted  Liam  

Wanted: Swedish Flower Hens  MeCon  

Barbu de watermael  Liam McBride  

Looking for a large white silky rooster.  Tw  

Lavender Orpington hatching eggs or stock  CockCrow  

Wanted Pekins  CockCrow  

Wanted or swop Green Legged Partridges  rjohnston732  

Wanted, Light Brahma and Japanese hens  Daireforan  

Wanted, hens, light Sussex, Cuckoo Maran, RIR, Faverolles, Wyandotte.  Pam  

Dutch bantam hatching eggs  Liam McBride  

Silkie male  aidenb  

Poultry  Michael Sherman  

Indian runners  aidenb  

Quail  Liam McBride  

Light Sussex bantams  Digger  

Quail  Liam McBride  

Quail  Liam McBride  

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