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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Turkeys for Eating  craigmartin  

Hatching Eggs  Daireforan  

Lakenvelders and vorweck  Carmel bird  

Silkie Buff Rooster  Ratcatcher  

Chicks wanted- Co cork  Ejade22  

Wanted serema rooster  Claire89howard  

Polish bantams  polishbantams  

looking for a pair of Wyandotte  StephenH  

Brahma Pullets  Dollachick  

Jersey Giant  Costworth  

Rhode Island Red HENS  DrBaker  

white leghorns  pat shiels  

Guinea fowls  martinawaibel  

Barnvelder rooster  polishbantams  

Barnevelder Rooster  Tara2022  

Chocolate Indian runner ducks  puddle  

Any hatching eggs from show quality fowl for sale in the North?  mkz2020  

Looking for a white, Silkie Bantam rooster  Louises1973  

Goldtop roosters  Dud123  

Millefleur Pekin roosters wanted  Digger  

Pekin bantam hatching eggs.  Joseph lawler  

Gold/Red silkie rooster wanted  Digger  

Gold silkie rooster  Digger  

Dutch Bantam  Millquarter  

Wanted old English Pheasant fowl & black Australorp.  Stevowhyte  

Call duck hatching eggs  Sham087  

Wanting Hatching eggs for Blue and green egg lay  Daira  

White Cochins Wanted  Nat7000  

Barnvelder  polishbantams  

Pekin eggs WANTED  Colin7000  

rose comb rir  michaeljohn  

LF Indian Game and Brinsea Incubators  Cork Wyandotte  

LF Indian Game and Brinsea Incubators  Cork Wyandotte  

Silver Spangled Hamburg Bantam  Lena09  

Wanted  Carmel bird  

White Leghorn Rooster wanted  donal2308  

Blue or black Orpington pullets or hens or even hatching eggs.  Pam  

Hatching/Clocking Hen  MW  

Silkie or Polish hatching eggs wanted  Ejade22  

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