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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Polish green legged partridge cockerel  Joseph lawler  

Wanted two light Sussex bantam pullets  Tw  

Wanted khaki Campbell ducks  rob101  

Ducks  Niallobrien  

Cream Legbar  Tom Q  

Wyandottes  Ash - Cork - Wyandotte  

looking for cuckoo marans  eire  

looking for chicks and baby ducks  eire  

Columbian pekins  Smileyk  

looking for hens, small ducks and guinea fowl.  eire  

Japanese quail  Torsten Schulz  

Goosling  jt12345  

Pheasants  Joe101  

Phesants  Joe101  

Golden Brahmas  Shell Shock  

Wanted bronze turkey stag  rob101  

Breeding trio  Thelanecottage  

Electric Poultry Fencing  Fintan96  

brahmas  mickjcrowe  

Diamond /small doves  Torsten Schulz  

Orpingtons  Kevin Quin  

Andalusian hens/pullets wanted  Ghost Writer  

Guinea fowl  Fintan96  

Wanted Polish Bantums  mickjcrowe  

Turkeys wanted  Joebourke62  

Call ducks  Nollcondon  

maran hens, guinea fowl and small call ducks.  eire  

Swap  Torsten Schulz  

Black Pekin Cock wanted  Springwell  


looking for guinea fowl and hens  eire  

Gander  Kate  

Hatching eggs  Danzy  

Fawn runners  Antokelly5  

indian runner drake  Hannahd  

Looking  Ballinabarney  

White wyandotte Bantam pullets wanted  trevorbr  

Wanted day olds  Mc fadden  

Campine  Glen  

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