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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Serama Trio / Pair  jon k  

Black pekin hen wanted  DrBaker  

Appenzellers wanted  nm  

Brahma cockerel wanted  Alice Clarke  

Silkies wanted  Jack hilliard  

Looking for Jubilee Orpington  Stephen Wu  

Silver pencilled Wyandotte bantam  Fearnach  

Large Fowl Wyandottes Wanted  Cork Wyandotte  

Black Orpington Rooster Wanted  DrBaker  

Standard Indian game wanted  Bar  

Indian runners  Fintan96  

day old chicks  Peter bows  

Dark campbells & Royal guinea fowl  Conor85  

Large lavender Wyandotte’s  Robertcollins  

Light Sussex Bantam  Fearnach  

Hatching eggs  Thelanecottage  

Silver Duckwing welsummer  Glen  

Pure bred utility Rhode Island Red hatching eggs  Norfolkgrey  

Wyandotte pullets  Bkooyg  

Leghorn or Minorca bantams  vin1971  

welsummers in west cork  StephenH  

Vorwerks  Thelanecottage  

Looking for someone to build a hen run  Zulu  

Swedish flower chicks  Benrue  

looking for female Toulouse in or around the Midlands.  Addison  

Pyle Dutch bantams  Banna  

Looking for blue layers, green layers.  Zulu  

Wanted in cork or on way  Virginia's fowl  

Pekin Pullets / Hens Wanted  sleen  

Partridge wanted  Torsten Schulz  

Blacks and White & Fawn Indian Runner Ducks  Conor85  

mallard indian runner drake  Hannahd  

Partridge  Torsten Schulz  

Fertile goose eggs or Toulouse goslings  DrBaker  

Wanted: large fowl purebred light Sussex rooster  Kkpoultry  

Looking white orpingtons  Stevowhyte  

Buff Orpington Rooster  craigmartin  

Looking for guineas chick  Ducktales  

Hatching Eggs  chris363  

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