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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

wanted a speckled rooster or a rooster that is nice in colour and speckled plus hens  mar  

Shamo chicks  toml  

Wanted Cream Legbar pullets  Sarah Delaney  

Gold Brahma Hens or hatching eggs wanted  Shell Shock  

Heritage turkey poults or eggs  Ballybrugalbeg  

Lemon cuckoo Niederrheiner  Tw  

Hatching eggs  Tadhg13  

I am wanting someone to build me a chicken house on wheels with handle  mar  

Hatching eggs wanted  mel  

Shamo hatching eggs  toml  

Hatching eggs  Dollachick  

royal pam turkeys  pat shiels  

Old English game  toml  

White and lemon brahma  Ballinabarney  

Blue or silver silkie  smurph  

Looking for white or black silkies in roscommon  Darmaddo  

wanted hens, and rooster birr area co offaly  mar  

Wanted hatching eggs  Ballinabarney  

Fancy miniature bantam trio  Tw  

6/10 fertile fuck eggs wanted  Tonyatcwfarm  

hens,rooster, and ducks,guinea fowl  mar  

Wanted fertile eggs  PhilCallaghan  

Orpington hatching eggs  Mrs. F  

Barnevelder Chicks  Chris Walsh  

hens,rooster, and ducks,guinea fowl  mar  

Wanted hatching eggs  Liam  

Columbian pekins  mel  

Looking For Buff Orpington & Cochin hatching eggs  ojn  

Wanted - Day Old Bronze Turkeys  Chris Walsh  

poultry wanted  mar  

Dutch Silver Bantam Rooster  paddykk  

Goldtop hen  Shanehallett  

Rare breed hatching eggs wanted  Perks  

Wanted: Large Pale Sussex Rooster  KDuffy  

Red legged partridge /bobwhite  Torsten Schulz  

Looking for silkies  Darmaddo  

Chicks pullets ducklings  jt12345  

hens,rooster, and ducks,guinea fowl  mar  

Call duck hatching eggs  mel  

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