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Wanted Forum Rules: Read before posting  Fry  

Incubator  Caylinquigley  

Speckled sussex hatching eggs  CountryChick  

crested guinea fowl  evanod151  

broody hen needed urgently  roostercroweburn  


Wanted black samantra hen  Laurance Murphy  

Barred Plymouth Rocks, Plymouth Rocks wanted  ballygannon  

Maran hatching eggs  christmasdiane  

Turkeys wanted  jt12345  

Silkie wanted  Ballinabarney  

salmon faverolles hatching eggs  1eamon2  

Sulmtaler hens or hatching eggs wanted  Rhondabarrett  

Serama  C.murray  

Black mottled pekin hens , silver laced wyndottes  jjsuper  

dorkys  slapstick3  

runner ducks wanted  jt12345  

Grey jungle fowl  Gunner  

Hatching eggs  Rhondabarrett  

Pekin cockerel wanted  Alabhoy86  

Faverolles hens  StephenH  

Dutch Bantams  Banna  

Chinese quail  Torsten Schulz  

Peafowl hatching eggs wanted  Dara O Driscoll  

Grey jungle fowl  Cathaloc  

blue scale quail hatching eggs  hawkinest  

Fenton Blue  Kevinf  

Guineas  Fintan96  

Laying hens  chris363  

Peacock swap ,Muscovy drake  corrachombra  

Day olds want  Ballinabarney  

Looking for seramas  Mike O brien  

Silkies hatching eggs wantwd  Ballinabarney  

Marran hatching eggs  gregory peck  

Silkie pullets wanted  brack1  

Call duck wanted  Tara2011  

Bantam fertile eggs  David lawlor  

Mandarins and Ayam Cemani wanted  Oisin  

Wanted buff Sussex and light Sussex  "christy mc"  

Russian orloffs  moonster3  

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