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muscovies rirs and cucko marans  sean t  

Hen and chicks  MichaelConnor  

Hen and chicks  MichaelConnor  

L.F. Dark Indian game cockeral  Wyandotte  

White brahma rooster  micheal501  

brahmas  seamus  

broiler chicks  jocks  

Auracana Cockerells. Two of.  Alasdair MacDonald  

indian game bantams and irish game  midge  

LF Coronation Light and Silver Sussex for sale  Ash - Cork - Wyandotte  

Gold sebrights  Cillín  

Silver Sussex, Goldtops & incubator.  David Cole  

Pekin's for sale ( frizzled)  Ryan Haverty  

white silkie breeding pair  alan45  

cuckoo frizzle pekin  pointer  

pb white wyandotte rooster, this years bird  baphelan  

Laying hens and black East Indian drakes and buff orpington cock  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

Selection of Poultry and Ducks for Sale  brian k  

Polish  fowl play poultry  

Large Fowl Blue Laced Red Wyandottes (Hens or Roos)  Ash - Cork - Wyandotte  

red laying hens 2  Jake Doyle  

week old broiler chicks  jocks  

***CALL DUCKS***  Frank Costello  

Purebred Pullets and Cockerels  TomMcGrath  

hens  hayes14  

Various colours of pekins  Ryan Haverty  

birds for sale  seamus  

Dark Indian Game cockeral lf  Wyandotte  

Jersey Giants  MissyFitzo  

RIR bantam chicks  cian177  

Boar or sale  mel  

araucana breeding pair.  Jake Doyle  

Black East Indian drakes  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

silkie growers an light sussex bantams.  pearl  

Hens for sale  William McGrath jnr  

Garden sheds, clocking hens, day olds and Incubator for Sale  David Cole  

trio vorwerk  fifi  

Guineas-Aylesbury Trio  joe.c  

Wanted: Show Quality Mallard Call Drake  Sophie O'neill  

Two young roosters looking for a good home  cltt97  

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