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Barbu Danver and black silkie bantam rooster  FionnG  

Indian Game/Silver Dutch/Belgian in cuckoo and black//Faverolles/orpington  erjr  

Breeding pair Pure Manchurian (Pallassi) pheasants  martib  

Hatching eggs  corrachombra  

Welsummer  Fintan96  

Japanese quail nice colours  Torsten Schulz  

Gosling and roosters  kslng  

pure breds  JF  

Giant Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse, Sulmtaler, rooster  corrachombra  

Chamois Polish /Wyandottes  polishbantams  

Barbu d'Anver rooster and black bantam silkie rooster.  FionnG  

Light Sussex and Rhode island red chicks pure breed  Kildare bring and buy sale  

Bantams and Incubators  Williams poultry  

Chicks  Michael Sherman  

Californian eggs  Torsten Schulz  

PB Hatching Eggs: Cream Legbar, Welsummer & RIR.  Al Toffee  

Hatching Eggs  Jungo  

Free quail hen  Torsten Schulz  

Sussex bantam cock  Duckman  

Turkey eggs fertile hatching eggs  Kildare bring and buy sale  

Exhibition quality Saxony Duck Hatching eggs  Adrian Kelly  

guinea fowl  pat shiels  

light sussex chicks  Thechickenman  


BANTAMS  erjr  

Silkie chicks  johnnyg  

guinea fowl  pat shiels  

Northern Bobwhite quail  iwtand  

Novital Cocattuto 24  Williams poultry  

Pair of 11 month old Silkies  ojn  

Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs  NeilMawr  

Hatching eggs  tom boyd  

Roosters  james scanlon  

Friesian eggs  adrian r  

Tennessee red Bobwhite  iwtand  

Lavender Pekins  Williams poultry  

35 Aylesbury ducks for sale  Ballinabarney  

Milefleur Quads - Milefleur Chicks - Milefleur Hatching eggs  PekinFowl  

Quail hen  Torsten Schulz  

light sussex cockerel for sale  seantolan  

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