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trio Grey Jungle fowl  martib  

Show/very good quality call ducks  Phil (Coote Pheasantry & Waterfowl)  

RIR roo free  Fintan96  

Vorwerk roosters  jral  

looking for pekins  Dylan Boggan  

Irish game  midge  

drakes  Virginia's fowl  

LF Silkie Cockerel  FFowl  

Sumatra & Lakenvelder roosters  nm  

trio of mallard indian runners  Virginia's fowl  

Two young bantam cockerels  AB Poultry  

ducklings for sale  joshlea  

pigeons for sale  Mike O brien  

Free Bantam Cockerels  PekinFowl  

Show Quality Poultry  nmccormick  

Chinese brown ganders  Massey  

3 male California quails  Oisin  

Selection  alan45  

1 Gander and 3 Geese. 80euro Great Layers  MissyFitzo  

Looking for a Vorwerk Rooster  ojn  

Bantam Barnevelder , Large silkies, Jeresy Giants.Call Ducks.  jon k  

Oeg bantam cocks  Ballyandy  

ducks ducks ducks  Virginia's fowl  

O.E.G. Bantams.  bantam1  

Cream legbars  Silkies  

Bantam silkie rooster  AB Poultry  

ornamental pheasants and poultry  vincent  

Different breeds  Elli  

number of unwanted hens  shaunam5849  

Serama roosters  adrianmac23  

Large Rhode Island Red and Speckled Sussex  nmccormick  

Poultry and heat plate  Ballinabarney  

Black-Red OEG banties  Ciarán D  

Dutch,sussex,legbars,pekins  Silkies  

Looking for hatching eggs,posted.  vmulvany  

Purebred largefowl Pullets  TomMcGrath  

Silver Dutch Trio  Frankie Mc Govern  

Poultry feed and pigeon feed  Smileyk  

Khaki campbell duck pol  hyland  

Ancona Bantams  marco  

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