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Khaki campbell ducks  John333  

black langshans wanted  Virginia's fowl  

Pekin week old  PekinFowl  

Vorweck Bantams/Yomato Gunkei/Buff ORP  erjr  

Shellduck wanted  AB Poultry  

Wanted  Edward o gorman  

Breeding stock  Stephenmc  

Chinese geese  Marilyn  

Young Turkeys and clocking hen for sale  gervine724  

Pekins/Seramas  erjr  

Quail, Chinese painted & Texas A&M  The Waxbill  

Cream Legbar Trio and Rhode Island Red cockerals  Williams poultry  

Dorkings wanted  Hurstyj  

Roosters for sale  sebrights  

Silver Sussex rooster  Ciarán D  

indian runners  Virginia's fowl  

polish,silkie and ducclles  Jamiesub  

Poultry wanted  Ballinabarney  

Salmon faverolle rooster wanted  k29  

Hatching Eggs Wante  Williams poultry  

silver laced wyandotte  vin1971  

Silver Dutch + exchequer leghorn Roosters  Frankie Mc Govern  

Pekin Hatching eggs wanted?(Chicken)  vmulvany  

Selection of pure breed poultry  Malek  

Saxoney and appelyard ducks  gerri  

speckled sussex eggs WANTED!!!!  Williams poultry  

Cayuga trio  alan45  

Top quality Rhode island red roosters  Thechickenman  

Cream legbar roosters chamois pencilled friesian cock exchequer cock  adrian r  

Poultry and pigeon feed  Smileyk  

Cream legbars  FionnG  

Silkies  Tj  

Looking for Giant Toulouse  CountryChick  

Blue bantam silkie hatching eggs  Ballinabarney  

Indian runners  AB Poultry  

Barnevelder Chicks, Wellsummer Growers, Rohdisland Red cross Growers  Michael Sherman  

Toulouse  kathykin  

Mandarin Ducks  Emmet Mcknight  

selection of waterfowl and fowl  joshlea  

Polish Rooster  marmay  

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