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Barnevelder rooster  christmasdiane  

Call duck eggs  Thechickenman  

Hatching eggs  tom boyd  

Purebred Khaki campbell hatching eggs  rob101  

Temmnicks Tragopans  Scott G  

Wanted  Feathered farm  

Lavender Pekins Wanted  Ray C  

Wyandotte / Silkie Hatching Eggs  johnnyg  

Hatching Eggs  Louises1973  

Spanish whiteface  noelc  

trio of moscovys an 4 ducklings  pearl  

looking for hybred hens under 1 year  Williams poultry  

Hatching eggs - Pekin bantam and Cream legbar.  FionnG  

Roosters and Drakes Wanted  Dylan99  

Bantam roosters  alan45  

coturnix quail Hen  Oisin  

Gold partridge pekin bantam hatching eggs.  FionnG  

tuzos and american cross oxford game for sale  joshlea  

Roosters  james scanlon  

White leghorn pullets and roosters  james scanlon  

Silver and light Colombian brahama  chriss.higgins  

Pekin colours for this year  Tonyatcwfarm  

bantams  grange poultry ni  

Barnvelder rooster  polishbantams  

Roosters for sale  adrian r  

Wellsummers  Fintan96  

Maran Bantams  sultan at home  

Black Birchen Marans  vin1971  

R com suro  johnnyg  

silkies , pekins and turkeys for sale  Ciara hen  

2016 pr elliots pheasants  martib  

Hatching Eggs  Orior  

Pierce Littleton Fethard ring me if you still want this Light sussex for swap  james scanlon  

Chocolate barred wyandotte rooster  alan45  

Rhode Island Red Rooster  ojn  

Brinsea Mini Eco.  FionnG  

Jersey Giant Roosters  steno  

Black australorp pullets  rob101  

Pekin and silkies wanted  Dylan99  

Pekins for sale  thomaswhi  

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