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Wanted- Laying Hens-Ducks & Peacock  clarecormacfarmmullagmore  

12 x tama slats  Phil (Coote Pheasantry & Waterfowl)  

Japanese Jumbo Quail  brian k  

Free Barred Plymouth Rock and Buff Orpington cocks  Denslatt  

For sale 2016 trio grey jungle fowl  martib  

Free Barred Plymouth rock and Buff Orpington cocks  Denslatt  

Trio of silkies  Phil (Coote Pheasantry & Waterfowl)  

Quality Saxony Ducks.  Adrian Kelly  

2 Silkie Crosses  Ciarán D  

2 Pairs of White Silkies  steno  

Mandarin pair  Nollcondon  

indian runner x aylesbury ducklings for sale  joshlea  

Large and Bantam Sussex  D Gardiner  

breeding pair of call ducks will swap  Thechickenman  

Rhode island red  Fintan96  

White leghorn rooster  alan45  

Embden Geese Breeding Group  John M  

Wanted Rosecomb  Nollcondon  

barnicel geese pair for sale  nick84  

Eggs and duck for sale  hyland  

Looking For .....  Williams poultry  

cream legbar pullets  grange poultry ni  

Budgies  chriss.higgins  

Silver  Desy  

Welsummers  Ballinabarney  

Rhode island reds  Fintan96  

5 indian runners freeeeee  Virginia's fowl  

Coronation  Desy  

Clearout of birds  Richiedel123  

White Leghorn  Torsten Schulz  

Cream legbar roosters €3  FionnG  

Light Sussex , cream Legbar , Rhode Island Red hen  Williams poultry  

Black Araucana White Araucana Modern Game  fowl play poultry  

Hatching eggs  Edward o gorman  

Looking for Blue and Blue Splash Orpington  Nollcondon  

Cream Legbar Pullets and Roosters  FionnG  

Hatching Eggs & Chicks for Sale  Michael Sherman  


Looking For German Pekin Ducks or German Pekin Duck hatching eggs  OisinG2016  

Goose and unrelated gander  Ballyandy  

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