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Silkie roosters  Sussexlover  

pure rir cockrels  suem  

Wanted Lakenvelder Bantams  Brookhaven  

Ducklings for sale  Massey  

Brinsea 190 for sale  M & R Neill  

trio of rir hens an unrelated roo ark holds 6 birds easily  blueboy  

welsummer quad, bei duck  stephen jerrard  

broody hen wanted quickly  michaelg  

Pekin chicks  james scanlon  

Broody wanted  MissyFitzo  

Breeding trio of barbu de danver and hatching eggs for sale  Silkies  

Birds for sale  Glen  

Coop and pekins  Ryan Haverty  

hatching eggs wanted  michaelg  

pullets for sale  aidenb  

Silkie x Sussex pullets  conor3  

Light sussex bantam hatching eggs  Silkies  

Broody hen  Jacker  

Temminicks tragopan Hen  ciaranc147  

Broody hen for sale  baphelan  

Welsummer Hatching Eggs  Jungo  

Guinnefowl  Mary corrigan  

Taken Bookings : Saddleback Pomeranian Geese  StevenK  

Broody hen wanted to buy or borrow  Tw  

Silkie roosters for sale,I'm also looking for clocking hen  Sussexlover  

clocking hen  brahama  

setting hen  DOREEN  

wanted brahmas  conor cassidy  

Legbars, Yamato Gunkei for sale  Ray C  

Jersey Giant hens/Pullets wanted  MissyFitzo  

rir bantam rooster wanted asap  markp  

Clocking hen for sale  StephenMcD  

taiwan shamo fertile eggs  ali570  

Poultry and equipment for sale  Poultrykeeper123  

Purebred chicks and growers  TomMcGrath  

Hatching eggs and silkie rooster  Silkies  

Saxony ducklings for sale  Timk  

selection of breeding roosters  rdaly  

Stunning Show Quality Orpington and Wyandotte cockerels  crempog  

brown chinese eggs  pat shiels  

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