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Call ducklings  tfk  

Moscovy Ducks for sale  goldeneagle33  

For Sale: LF Barred Wyandottes (very rare colour)  GolanViewPoultry  

Indian Game or Cornish pullets + different roosters  corrachombra  

Minature jack russel/chihuahua bitch  paddycrawford  

Poultry for sale  Kelsey Howard  

Cheap Dutch Bantams  Matt K  

Various birds for sale  Ander  

CAYUGA ducks wanted  Johnmc  

Mature Brahma and Salmon Faverole Cockerals for sale plus Indian Runner Drake  Clive  

Call Ducks Apricot & Silver  jon  

2 buff orpintons  FERRET  

cream legbar pullets  matt porter  

poultry for sale  erjr  

Buff Orpingtons  M & R Neill  

Two month chicks  Ross Smith:)  

old english oxford browns 8 off  slapstick3  

i need advice from hawk keepers  Virginia's fowl  

Buff Sussex / light sussex bantam pairs  Glen  

mallard cals  james t  

Barbu de Danver, Silkie, Sebright, Araucana, Cream Legbar  fowl play poultry  

Pigeons wanted Jacobin, frillback, capuchin  smurph  

Dutch Bantam Clearance  Matt K  

Trio of Large White Geese with grey gene!  StevenK  

aylesbury ducks female  eddie brennan  

roosters for sle  alan45  

10 khaki campbell ducklings.  fifi  

Black East Indians for sale  Dkspurebreedpoultry  

pairs and single pekin chickens for sale  Ryan Haverty  

wanted  matt porter  

calling ducks  toml  

Chicks  Mike O brien  

Sexed pekin growers  Tonyatcwfarm  

silkie growers for sale  alan45  

Ornamental red golden pheasants and more  Virginia's fowl  

cr legbar, vorwerk, welsummer, faverolle, lavender pekin cockerals  fifi  

Hatching hens  dmmcelli  

Chicks and ducklings  David Cole  

Gold Dutch Trio  Matt K  

Ornamental ducks for sale  Donal Campion  

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