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Jersey giant cross and silver laced Wyandotte rooster  Stynes  

Lavender Muscovy Drake. Selection of cockerels  PoulacapplePoultry  

Rehoming ducks  Kate  

White Silkie Pair  steno  

Quail barbu d'Anver rooster  FionnG  

Showing / Breeding Quality Rhode Island Red  nmccormick  

Selection of lovely quality birds  pearl stanley  

Cuckoo Maran rooster  The Waxbill  

White Orpington or Partridge Cochin hen wanted  Nollcondon  

Selection of purebred roosters  alan45  

Indian runner and silver brahma  chriss.higgins  

Pure Bred Poultry  jameson  

Pure bred Sussex, Vorwerk, Barnevelder and RIR roosters  Barny321  

pigeons for sale  trevorbr  

Large Sussex, Minorcas, bantam Orpington's & Pekin Ducks  D Gardiner  

Copper Marans *wanted*  Oisin  

White Silkie Bantams For Sale  Louises1973  

P.B Rouen ducks and P.B Speckeled Sussex  Joe Tipp  

Octagon 20 Advance EX Auto  bryandavies  

Ova Easy 380 for sale or swap for geese  Stephen Mc Donnell  

Janoel24 automatic incubator  Oisin  

Rosecomb and Japanese bantam  sebrights  

Cuckoo Maran rooster for sale  The Waxbill  

Pekin lovers out there! Pekins wanted  vmulvany  

Pekin Chicks  FFowl  

Turkeys  gervine724  

Silkie Chickens  margaret  

Pea fowl  hyland  

Purebred Pullets and ducks  TomMcGrath  

Poultry  Thechickenman  

Sebrights, BEI ducks, Silkie bantam crosses  Susan Mc  

cream leg bar  king cream  

Welsummer Chicks, Dutch Silver Rooster, Khaki Campbell Drake  Michael Sherman  

Serama  Dorothy  

Sultan  M & R Neill  

Copper maran and gold Dutch bantam pair and cuckoo maran rooster wanted  Oisin  

6 Unsexed Ducklings  SarahBolger  

Khaki Campbell Drake and Ducks  SarahBolger  

5 Khaki Campbell Ducks For Sale  OisinG2016  

Various Quality Poultry For Sale(pics included)  nmccormick  

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