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Poultry  Michael Sherman  

Ko shamo  Virginia's fowl  

Wanted khaki Campbell drake gold & silkie rooster  Digger  

Black call ducks  Euan  

Wanted gold silkie rooster  Digger  

hatching eggs  king cream  

Hatching eggs  Michael Sherman  

Hatching eggs  Michael Sherman  

Khaki ducklings  aidenb  

goldtops  Peter bows  

Silkies and Austrolorp  Tom2247  

Exhibition light sussex  JM  

Sussex.  Desy  

brown leghorns hatching eggs  pat shiels  

Wanted white Indian runner hatching eggs  Kevin Quin  

Barnvelder pair  polishbantams  

Buff orphinton breeders  sultan at home  

Pair large fowl blue laced Wyandotte  JM  

Orpington Chicks  Stephen Wu  

Welsummer rooster  pat f  

Pure bred Hens  Carmel bird  

Bantam  Martin gilmartin  

Ayam cemani eggs  Thelanecottage  

Light Sussex bantam hens or pullets wanted also silkies two hen or pullet  trevorbr  

Aylesbury ducks  aidenb  

Araucana Rooster Free to a good home  Ruaille  

Chinese gander  Carmel bird  

Wanted Call Duck Eggs  Green Rooster  

Polish/Barnvelder for sale  polishbantams  

Pheasants, poultry  Carmel bird  

Irish x Hatch stag  GrayKoon  

White indian runner  Virginia's fowl  

Whitegate poultry 2023 breeding list  emmadolan7  

Pullets  Glen  

Bantams.  Desy  

Buff Orpington rooster  Babsio  

Swedish flower roosters  Carmel bird  

Free Orpington Roosters  Stephen Wu  

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