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Ixworth eggs  rich1  

White Guinea  Euan  

Maran cockerels  Micheal o leary2  

Wanted: Silver Laced Wyandotte (large fowl)  C Dunne  

Wanted: Black Pekin Hen and Millefleur Pekin hens  vmulvany  

Purebred roosters  ADRIAN ROCHE  

Poultry available  polishbantams  

Bantam Buff Orpington Cockerels  stevenbaker  

Bearded silkie hens  All about the girls  

White bantam cocks  larryb  

Wanted Gold Partridge Pekin Bantam Rooster  vmulvany  

Wanted  Gosford road poultry  

Kahki Campbell duck and blue runner drake  Claire89howard  

Bantams  Gosford road poultry  

Austrolorp and silkie roosters  alan45  

Roosters for Sale - Buff Orpingtons, RIRs, Welsummers, Silike  mkz2020  

Gold Laced Wyandotte Trio  Dj 3650  

Bantams  CraggKlefor  

Jersey Giant Rooster for sale  iamfinbarr  

Bantam Rhode Island Red  Ciara hen  

Light sussex.. Rhode Island Red.. Khaki Campbell  rob101  

Pekin bantams  Ben J  

La Bresse Rooster Sell or Swop  mojomictv  

Silky Rooster and Buff Orpington Free  mojomictv  

Aylesbury’s Ducks Exhibition  M & R Neill  

Araucana X, Buff Laced Wyandotte, Welsummer  BB  

Maran cockerel  Micheal o leary2  

Show quality welsummer rooster  JM  

Black Indian Runner Duck wanted  Holly W  

Turkey stags khaki Campbell Drakes light Sussex roosters  rob101  

Gray jungle fowl  Bar  

Pure bred cockerels  Ciara hen  


Indian Runner ducks for sale or trade.  linmad  

Australorp pairs for sale.  Stepheng  

Australorp pairs for sale.  Stepheng  

Purebred Welsummer Cocks and Khaki Campbell Drakes  Tom2247  

Purebred Welsummer Cocks and Khaki Campbell Drakes  Tom2247  

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