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Legbar Pullets  FionnG  

Light Sussex and SL Wyandottes Cockerels  Mo Hens  

Barnvelder cockerells.  gofer  

Looking For A Buff Laced Polish Rooster  Green Rooster  

Silkie pair  alan45  

Light Sussex and Cuckoo Maran  Ed  

Copper marans and leghorn  Micheal o leary2  

Pekins  mel  

Leghorn roosters  alan45  

Barbu de Watermeal cockerels for sale.  7lick  

Trio Blue laced Wyndotte Bantams  JM  

Buff Sussex Roosters  Green Rooster  

Poultry Cages  Adrian Kelly  

Salmon pekin pair  Dylan Boggan  

French Copper marran pullets  Copper96  

Large selection of poultry for sale.  Crackers  

Copper Maran and Cream Legbar Roosters for Sale  Tom Q  

Bali Ducks  M & R Neill  

Purebred 1 month old white leghorn (unsexed)  Shauntelle Doyle  

Silver Sebright Rooster for sale  richj  

Trio Japanese  Torsten Schulz  

Bantam Silver Laced Wyandotte Cockerels and Black Pekin Cockerel  Springwell  

Roosters  Michael Sherman  

Buff Leghorn and Welsummer  JM  

African geese (Buff Gene Ganders)  Serb  

Silkies  alan45  

Turkeys  Bonkersdan  

Male Anglo nubian wanted  Chuck k  

Poultry for sale  Crackers  

Japanese quail  Torsten Schulz  

Any seabright breeders?  All about the girls  

PB Welsummer Rooster  chris363  

Exhibition Light Sussex bantam Trio  JM  

Black-laced wyandotte bantam rooster  Stevoid  

Cream Legbars Pullets for sale  Tom Q  

Black-laced gold wyandotte bantam rooster for sale  Stevoid  

Seabright Bantams wanted please  All about the girls  

American Game / Irish Game hatch eggs  Saiyko  

Pea chicks & geese  kathykin  

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