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Pekin Hatching eggs, White pekin and Buff cuckoo pekin  vmulvany  

Khaki Campbell and bronze heritage turkey hatching eggs  rob101  

Hatching eggs wanted  Crackers  

Hen House and Run  brian k  

Sabelpot booted bantams cock and two hens porcelain in colour  Tom Dormer  

Welsummer Trio  chris363  

Wanted bantams  kristin  

Doves  Torsten Schulz  

Australorp roosters Silkie roosters  rob101  

Silkie Hatching Eggs  johnnyg  

Roosters  jjsuper  

Hatching Eggs  Daireforan  

Indian game  Crackers  

Poland’s  Ciara hen  

Hatching eggs khaki Campbell and bronze turkey  rob101  

Hatching eggs  Claire89howard  

Gold Laces Wyandotte Hatching Eggs  johnnyg  

WANTED  bayley  

Ayam Cemani  Ballybrugalbeg  

goose eggs  kevin g  

brown leghorns hatching eggs  pat shiels  

Silky hatching eggs  Sham087  

Welsummer hens  chris363  

Geese  Antokelly5  

Goose Eggs for Sale.  Blatnaid Gallagher  

Pekins  mel  

call duck  Ciara hen  

Blue laced Wyandotte bantam rooster  JM  

Chinese Painted/Button Quail Wanted  Holly W  

Japanese bantams  Sham087  

Polish Rooster  CraggKlefor  

Adult bluescale quail  iwtand  

Free to good home call drake  Micheal o leary2  

Khaki Campbell hatching eggs  rob101  

Gold Laced Wyandotte Hatching Eggs  johnnyg  

Wyandotte Roosters  Ailbhe12  

Anconna cross RIR  biddy'odd'socks  

Embden gander, light Sussex bantam x pekin  kathykin  

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