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Pekin pairs & grower pairs  mel  

Indian Blue Peafowl  corrachombra  

Polish chicks  Daireforan  

Guinea Fowl Eggs  Michael Sherman  

White leghorn hatching eggs  Shauntelle Doyle  

Indian blue peacock and two pea hens plus 6 fertile eggs  larryb  

gold and silver sebrights  brendansmall  

OEG HATCHING EGGS  Mattieflatout  

Roosters Free  harteb  

French Copper marren and cream legbar  dave w  

Hatching eggs khaki Campbell, Rhode Island red, Australorp  rob101  

2 x 1 year old purebred khaki campbell drakes for sale  ashimashi  

Barnevalder roosters for sale.  Irishb  

Cream Legbar Chicks  Ger Fitz  

roosters(free)  Zoltanus  

Hatching eggs  hyland  

Copper Black French Marrens Roosters for Sale  Michael Sherman  

Salmon Faverolle and Mixed Bantam chicks available  Daireforan  

Crested ducks and drakes  Ciara hen  

3 rhode island hybrid roosters for sale  Shauntelle Doyle  

White Wyandotte’s Bantam  M & R Neill  

Light Sussex Bantam Rooster  JM  

Pairs  jjsuper  

Buff Leghorn Hatching eggs  JM  

Broody hens  Fintan96  

Bantam Buff Sussex / Large Silkies  jon k  

Hatching Eggs  Daireforan  

Barnevelder, silver laced wyandotte, Serama  jjsuper  

Bantams  Desy  

Hatching eggs khaki Campbell, Rhode Island red, Australorp, bantam white silkies  rob101  

Looking for Cream Legbar Hatching Eggs  Green Rooster  

Rhode Island Red growers and  Fintan96  

Old English Game hatching eggs  Eugene  

guinea fowl hatching and brown leghorns eggs  pat shiels  

Rosecomb bantam young.  bantam1  

Black Minorcas  Jungo  

Silver Dutch Bantam Trio  Springwell  

Pullets  Fintan96  

Hatching eggs  JM  

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