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Purebred Aylesbury and Khaki Campbell Ducklings for sale  DrBaker  

Brahmas & La Bresse  Ray C  

Gaggle of geese  Virginia's fowl  

3 pullets looking for good home  Stephen Wu  

Black Orpington hen  Williams poultry  

purebred hatching eggs wanted  larryb  

Free purebred welsummer cocks  Tom2247  

Silkies  Tromaty  

Miniature Silver Appleyard Eggs  Springwell  

Buff  Desy  

Purebred pekins and white silkies  Digger  

Pair of Muscovey Ducks Wanted  Green Rooster  

Hatching eggs  Michael Sherman  

Anyone selling a female terrier  Williams poultry  

Gold laced wyandotte and Silkie hatching eggs  johnnyg  

Chocolate Muscovy Drake  DrBaker  

Hatching eggs  Claire89howard  

Polish bantams  polishbantams  

Leghorn chicks 4 weeks old  C Dunne  

Hatching Eggs - Silver Laced Wyandotte, Orpingtons, RIR, Welsummer  mkz2020  

La bresse + hatching eggs of la bresse ,cream leg bar , Cochin  noelc  

Large modern game  Gosford road poultry  

Buff leghorn chicks and hatching eggs  Woodfield  

Partridge for bobwhite  Torsten Schulz  

Free pure bred welsummer cocks  Tom2247  

6 Bantams hens  Euan  

Light Sussex, Speckeld Sussex and minorca roosters  Woodfield  

Bantam Eggs for sale  Euan  

Wanted Gold brahma rooster  Digger  

Bantam speckled sussex  Luke  

Poultry  Michael Sherman  

Free to good home maran cockerels  Micheal o leary2  

Bantams  mel  

Gold spangled appenzeller  Luke  

French white moscovey drake  Virginia's fowl  

Silver campines  Williams poultry  

Ancona chickens  Laurance Murphy  

FREE Roosters - RIRs, Cream Crested Legbars, Buff Orpingtons  mkz2020  

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