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Welcome to The FieldSports Forum on Irish Fowl where Irish Hunters can exchange advice.  Flock Master  

Vermin control around local farm.  Rattingman  

Bit too hot for hunting perfect for a dip!  Rattingman  

Wanted whippet hound bitch  Digger  

Keeping em fit!  Rattingman  

Last mooch of the season.  Rattingman  

Good mooch today  Rattingman  

Good mooch today.  Rattingman  

Hard work.  Rattingman  

A warning to hunters in laois and kilkenny  oldtimer  

Eugene ...  Ratcatcher  

Terrier and lurcher.  Rattingman  

The Rabbit industry in Ireland, 20th century snapshots.  Rattingman  

9/10mm lead balls  Rattingman  

Ratting/bushing terrier for stud  Rattingman  

Looking for a ratting service in the Cork/Kerry area  Paul Lynch  

fox nets  Peter bows  

terrier locator  Peter bows  

7 rats today.  Rattingman  

First day of the new season. Got 3 today. Still bit too warm so didn't stay out long.  Rattingman  

working terriers  Peter bows  

Lamping legalities  craigmartin  

Pheasant poults  Woolly123  

Working the streams and drain ditches.  Rattingman  

Jack russells for sale  johnnyg  

Minelab Equinox Metal detector  oldtimer  

Back on the lamp.  Rattingman  

Rabbit Population in your area  oldtimer  

Estuary rats!  Rattingman  

First rat of this season  Rattingman  

Wright Feeders for sale.  Flock Master  

Pure Aniseed Oil  Flock Master  

Black Cat Rat Traps for sale in Ireland  Flock Master  

Wanted  Smileyk  

Few more pics from over the last few weeks.  Rattingman  

Black Cat Rat Traps For Sale  Flock Master  

Good days vermin control.  Rattingman  

Checking the chicken 🐔 run  Rattingman  

Gundog  Woolly123  

Some ratting pics and vids from last days out.  Rattingman  

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