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New Defenders Mega Sonic Fox Repeller.  Flock Master  

Polytunnel House  Will R  

anyone breeding polish green leg fowl?  Joseph lawler  

Bielefelder hens  FLood K  

Need advice for Muscovy care please  Finefowl  

Mix feed  Doctorsroomghost  

Bramhas  Niall124  

Johnsonís anti mite spray  Doctorsroomghost  

Aubiose Bedding  Adam1  

Fattening male goldtops  Tw  

quiet site  tumbler124  

Laying after molt  christmasdiane  

How to delete my old posts  rob101  

Housing roosters together  polishbantams  

Wanted the old brown poultry crates with a red lid.  Jungo  

PKCI.  Desy  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sales Sunday 30th September  hazel321  

Thompsons  Glen  

Thompson layer pellets  christor  

Egg Laying?  Will R  

ornamental pheasants  seanq  

Gosford  Mc fadden  

Corby rock chick starter  paddycrawford  

**PKCI Bantam show schedule update***  mcpat  

Chicken coop.  mike lydon  

Fattening birds for the table  rob101  

The Young Bird Show 2018  Will R  

Geese and ducks  jt12345  


Young bird show  Ballinabarney  

Good dual purpose/table bird?  Mrs. F  

Wheat wanted  Jungo  

Scratchers  Finefowl  

PKSI ** Bantam show** 29th September  mcpat  

Poultry Keepers Society of Ireland News  mcpat  

Looking for a poultry abbatoir in South East  Mrs. F  

24 hyline Point of lay Pullets wanted  Jungo  

Food  tippbirdman  

Pekin hen  Peter01  

Gosford  polishbantams  

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