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Forum Rules for Irish Fowl.  Flock Master  

Egg Laying?  Will R  

indian runner drake  Hannahd  

ornamental pheasants  seanq  

Gosford  Mc fadden  

Corby rock chick starter  paddycrawford  

**PKCI Bantam show schedule update***  mcpat  

Chicken coop.  mike lydon  

Fattening birds for the table  rob101  

The Young Bird Show 2018  Will R  

Geese and ducks  jt12345  


Young bird show  Ballinabarney  

Good dual purpose/table bird?  Mrs. F  

Wheat wanted  Jungo  

Scratchers  Finefowl  

PKSI ** Bantam show** 29th September  mcpat  

Poultry Keepers Society of Ireland News  mcpat  

Looking for a poultry abbatoir in South East  Mrs. F  

24 hyline Point of lay Pullets wanted  Jungo  

Food  tippbirdman  

Pekin hen  Peter01  

Gosford  polishbantams  

Anyone bringing Gold Brahmas to Coolwood Sale?  Shell Shock  

Tannaghmore gardens  John333  

Redstart fodder  Massey590  

Anyone from omagh traveling to Lisburn this week?  Oisin  

Leg rings  jjsuper  

Chicken Wire  Will R  

Starling problems  Mike O brien  

Coonagh  Pekinsebright  

Myshall 29th July  Woolly123  

Muscovys  Niall124  

Adding chicks  Gerry Dolan  

Where do I get equinola bedding??  vmulvany  

Red or yellow golden pheasant  dutch  

Poultry couriers  Pekinsebright  

What done it??  Darmaddo  

rooster  seanq  

dark brown layers  seanq  

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