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Forum Rules for Irish Fowl.  Flock Master  

Peafowl  Sloanstarr  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sale on Sunday 26th March 2023  hazel321  

Poultry Pep - 500g  Flock Master  

Advice appreciated egg sales  kwackers  

Phacelia Seed in stock  Flock Master  

Stoat problem  Digger  

Modern English Game Bantams ~ SDW?  Ratcatcher  

Electric Fences?  Ratcatcher  

Eggs from Uk  Green Rooster  

Turkeys  rich1  

Poultry transport  GrayKoon  

Feed fermentation is definately a better way and more cost effect way to feed your chickens.  roostercroweburn  

Foxes threat to unprotected greenhouse/ poultry residence  kwackers  

2023  paddycrawford  

Poultry stolen  polishbantams  

Happy Christmas Everyone  Flock Master  

Anyone need used egg cartons?  Joseph lawler  

Humane Killing?  kwackers  

Bird ring ID  Aurelien  

Fermenting Chicken Feed  craigmartin  

Diatomaceous Earth  craigmartin  

Slkie Rooster?  Ratcatcher  

Confinement Monday  kwackers  

Anyone raising pigeons?  linmad  

Serial Timewaster  Green Rooster  

Myshall Bring and Buy Sale Sunday 30th October  hazel321  

Poultry processors Tralee area  kwackers  

Processing meat - red???  Cork Wyandotte  

Goldtop Rooster?  Ratcatcher  

Myshall poultry sale  Lee Doyle  

Ballyforan Fair & Festival Poultry Show  Oliver Flanagan  

Dublin.  Desy  

Hens stopped laying  Ballybeg4  

? About Peafowl Eggs  Ratcatcher  

What to do with your roosters  craigmartin  

Heygates / Marriages Flubenvet layers pellets in North of Ireland?  mkz2020  

Hen's not laying  Euan  

White birds.  shay  

Horse drawn.  Desy  

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