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Benchs Birds 2014

I have Oeg several colours, Bantam Asil, Ko Shamo several colours, Bantam Silkies, super little birds all sourced in uk, O Shamo black red ,blue splash, do have others from time to time.
Hope to have eggs available from april,,

Location: Ballinasloe, Galway.

Berry, Tom123. 2014.

I breed Taiwan Shamo Hens.

Location: Dublin
Phone: 0861655913

Bradford, Helen

Large Fowl: Friesian, Sussex (Light, Red), Maran (Copper Blue, Cuckoo), Silkie (Gold, Black, Partridge).
Bantam: Barbu D'anver, Silkie (Gold, Black, Partridge), Ko Shamo, Japanese, Yokohama, Sebright (Gold, Silver), German Langshans (Blue, Black)
Exhibition Quality Stock

Location: Portadown, Co. Armagh
Phone: 028 38842709

Burns, Mark & Tara

We are small hobbyist breeders that operate on the basis of quality not quantity. The breeds we keep include:
Large fowl: Rhode Island Red, Maran (Cuckoo), Sussex (Light), Wyandotte.
Bantam: Ko shamo, Yokohama (Red saddled), Japanese (Black tailed white), Polish (White crested black), Barbu d'uccle (Porcelain), Barbu d'anver, Dutch (Gold).
I also now breed quail.

*We are only starting out and hope to have many more breeds by next year! Thanks for reading our ad.

Location: Monaghan
Phone: 0833400641

Carpenter, John

shamo asil thi thiwan ko shamo and meny more

Location: dublin cavan
Phone: 0852293159

Charlene, Martin (Rare Poultry N.Ireland)

Rare Breed Show Stock from the following Birds:
Large Fowl: Leghorn (Red Mottled), Sussex, Yokohama (Red Black), Ixworth.
Bantam: D’Watermeal (Blue Quail), D’Grubb (Blue Quail), D’anver (Blue Quail), Sebright (Gold), Serama (Various Colours), Japanese (Berchine, Black-Tailed White, Black-Tailed Buff, Black Mottled, White), Sussex, Ko-Shamo (Various colours), Modern Game (Lemon Blue, Partridge, Black-Red), Old English Game (Furness, Polecat, Light Red Pile), Yokahama (Black Red).
Other: Guniea Fowl.

Location: Down & Antrim
Phone: 07900513978
Website: www.freewebs.co.uk/rarepoultryni

Clarke, Jack (Updated 2012)

I breed o shamo (black red,blue)ko shamo (white,brown,black white,wheaton) pekins(lemon cuckoo).

Location: allen co.kildare
Phone: 0851414737

Dean (Update 2012)

i breed oshamo,shamo taiwan , asil,ko shamo. i have bird 35 ins and 13 pond in weight and hens 29 ins i keep pure game.sum of my fowl are ringed on the legs top class birds

Location: Dublin
Phone: 0858455128

Donnelly Poultry. 2016

We provide very high quality pure bred chickens and fertilised eggs. We have sumatras large and bantam, Shamos ko Asil ko English Game Rhodes island reds Light speckled Sussex Japanese bantams Dutch bantams Phoenix Icelandic Brahmas Irish game And many more.

Location: Longford
Phone: 0874470053
Website: https://m.facebook.com/Donnelly-Poultry-1682987165276793/

Fowl Play Poultry

All birds are to exhibition standard. Imported bloodlines from USA and Europe.


Araucana lavender black and white (blue egg layers)

Cream Legbar (blue egg layers, autosexing)

Ayam Cemani

Oxford Game

Silkie black blue partridge white and paint

Wyandotte white

Mapuche only current birds in UK and Ireland.(the original blue egg layers from Chile)


Sebright gold and silver

Barbu de Danver quail

Barbu de Watermael quail

Silkie white and black


Ko Shamo

Modern Game

Viewing without obligation most welcome.

Unrelated breeding sets, male, females, chicks and hatching eggs.

Location: Fermanagh
Phone: 07754145172 / 02889531827

Grange Poultry 2014

I breed:

sussex (buff,light)


Rhode Island Red


Also hatching eggs and day olds when available.

Location: Dublin
Phone: 0852849755


i breed asil shamo thiwan and i buy birds

Location: Longford
Phone: 0851131194

Keogh, Pat (Updated 2012)

shamo, tiger asil,cobra asil,cukko marran,minature appleyard

Location: Carlow, Kildare

Liam's Poultry

Large fowl: Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Silkie (White, Red, Black), Brahma (Columbian).
Bantams: Japanese (Black Mottled, Blue Mottled, Black, Blue, Black Tailed White, Black Tailed Buff, Silver), Pekin (Black Mottled, White, Lemon cuckoo, Millefleuir, Lavender, Columbian), Serama (White, Quail, Millefleuir), Ko-shamo (White, Black), Dutch (Blue, Gold, Silver, Pyle, Millefleuir), Silkie (White), Sablepoot (Lemon Millefleuir)
Ducks: Call Ducks (Pied), Saxony, Aylesbury, Campbell (Khaki), Ringneck teal.
Geese: Tolouse, African.

Light Sussex, Blackrock and Maran available all year round, all hens.

Location: Laois
Phone: 0851345048

Lyons, Daniel

Bantam: New Hampshire Red, Japanese, Old English Game, Ko Shamo, Asil, Sussex (Speckled), d'Anvers, Sumatra, Wyandotte, Sebright.
Ducks: Call Ducks (Mallard, Blue Fawn, Blue bibbed, Magpie, Bibbed, Saxony, Apricot.)

Location: Co. Longford
Phone: 087 9091222

M & M . 2015

We breed shamo and sussex.

Also hatching service available.

Location: Cavan
Phone: 0870967142

Mac Carthy, Peter

I am a breeder of: Shamo (Japanese, Brazil, Taiwan), Asil (Parker).
I have stags standing from 30ins to 35ins tall the are pure bread birds. I imported them all.

Location: Tipperary
Phone: 087 6819690


i breed and sell shamo ko shamo irish game american game poish bantams, pekins, modern game

Location: Wexford
Phone: 0879722077

Mc Mahon, Niall

I have just started breeding: Shamo and Taiwan.

I would be interested in selling and buying...

Location: Fermanagh
Phone: 07890985515

McCabe, Leanne

Shamo, Taiwan, Asil, Polish bantams, Irish Game, Pitgame.

Location: Cavan
Phone: 0861595385

McCabe, Peter

I breed: Shamo, Asil, Ko shamo, Silkie, Old English Game.

Location: Dublin
Phone: 0879277962 or 0857609763

Miney, Paddy

Breeder of game birds: Old English Game bantam, Shamo, Tiwan, Ko-Shamo.
Hope to have more breeds in the new year.

Location: Cavan
Phone: 086 0790538

Murphy, Larry

I bred the following pure bred large and bantam poultry,
Large fowl: Ancona, Araucana, Sussex (Light), Indian Game, Shamo, Minorca (Black), Old English Game (Pile {carlisle type}), Pit Game, Leghorn (Red Mottled), Marran (Cooper Black).
Bantam: Old English Game, Sussex (Light, Buff), Leghorn (Lavender, Black), Brahma (Gold), Pekin (Mottled, Partridge, Lavender, Columbian, Millefleur, Lemon cuckoo), Silkie (Cuckoo, Red, White), Japanese (Cuckoo).
Hatching bantams purpose bred also. I can also supply hatching eggs, day olds chicks or off heat to point of lay pullets or cockerels from all the above breeds when available.
more breeds added through out the year

Location: Kildare
Phone: 0877740395

Nolan, Eugene

Large Fow: Faverolle (Salmon), Rhode Island Red, Maran (Cuckoo), Sussex (Coronation, Light, Buff), Black Rocks and cross breeds
Bantam: Pekin (Red, Black, Lavendar, Gold Partridge, Cuckoo), Japenease (Black Tailed White), Silkie (Black, White, Gold, Blue), Sussex (Buff), Ko Shamo (Black Red, Wheaton), Polish (White).

Location: Laois
Phone: 0858403258

O Connor, Brendan

Bantams: Japanese (Brown Red, Black tailed White, Mottled, Silver), Pekin (Black, Columbian), Modern Game (Silver Birchen, Silver Blue, Lemon Blue), Booted Bantam (Lavender), Sablepoot (Lemon Millefleur), German Langshan (Black), Dutch (Gold), Rhode Island Red, Rosecomb (Black), Ko Shamo (White).
Ducks: Pekin, Mandarin (Normal), European Wigeon, Call Ducks (Various colours)
more breeds and varieties added throughout.

Location: Co.Laois
Phone: 0851709936

O Leary Poultry. 2014

I keep a few different breeds WATERFOWL call ducks, muscovies,crested,khaki, khaki crosses, indian runner at times,chinese geese and embden geese large fowl indian game , Transylvanian naked necks,rhode islands and some others breeds at times HYBRID BREEDS I sell, 8 types available , bluebell, blackrock,bareed rock,sussex hybrid and rir hybrid aswell as few others BANTAMS old English game ,dutch bantams,ko shamo,pekin,mixed bred aswell

Location: Macroom, Co. Cork
Phone: 0879697939

Oakman, John

Pure bred poultry out of prize winning poultry and all ireland winners. Large Fowl: Brahma (Gold, Columbian, Buff), Faverolle (Salmon), Cochin (Black, Blue, White, Partidge, Cuckoo), Rhode Island Red, Indian Game (Dark, Jubilee), Welsummer, Sussex (Speckled), Minorca (Black), New Hamshire Red, Orpington (Buff, Black).
Bantam: Old English Game (several colours), Pekin (several colours), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (Black, White), Dutch (Gold, Blue, Yellow, Blue Partidge), Brahma (Gold), Ancona, Japanese (several colours), Ko-shamo (several colours), Modern Game.
Ducks: East Indian (Black), Crested Duck (several colours), Appelyard (miniture silver), Call Ducks (several colours).
Geese: Chinese Geese (White, Grey), Embden (White), Toulouse (Grey).
Pigeons: Tumbler, Jacobin, Indian Fantail, Capuchin.

Location: Glasson, Weastmeath
Phone: 0906485096 or 0851318815

OReilly. Michael. 2015

Hi I sell all types of gamefowl including Oshamo, Malay, tywan & asill

Location: Portlaoise
Phone: 0892259181 or 0863204307

Peter & Maria 2014

We are Breeders off Shamo, Thiwan & Asil.
We sell eggs and birds most of the year

Location: Dublin
Phone: 0858265795

Quinn, Patricia

Silkie (Black, Blue, White, bearded & none bearded), Ko Shamo (Black, White, Blue, Silver), O Shamo (Black, Red, White & Black)
Call Ducks (7 colours).
Hobby keeper only, very little birds for selling..

Location: Galway

Reilly, Brigid

Hi I am a breeder of: Shamo, Ko Shamo, Indan Game, Smanta Game.
I have ducks all pure breed and i have shamo,ko,shamo, for sale shamo hen are about 28ench in hight shamo roster about 34 ench in hight.

Location: Clonmel, Co Tipperary
Phone: 0863482828/0862130054

Roarke, Jamie

Large fowl:asil,cochin(cuckoo,black),shamo,oxford old english game, american game.

Bantam:Asil,Ko-shamo(red black,gingers,white),Barnvelder(double laced),Orpington(black),Indian game(all),Oeg(dark furness,blue furness,partidge,crele),Polish(black crested),Seramas(class a),
Silkie(white,buff),d'anver(millfuer,black,lavender),Modern game(silver blue,silver duckwing, birchen),Hamburgs(gold),Rumpless game(red black,brassy back).

Water fowl:Calls(white),Pekin,Saxony,Rouen.
Phesants: Yellow golden.
Pigoens:Tumblers,Fantails,Modeneys,Nuns,Limerick tumblers,Chinese owls.

Will have other birds during the year.
All birds are show quaility.
Will have chicks,growers,fully grown ones during the year

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 0861789577


Just started breeding: Shamo, Asil, Ko Shamo.

Location: Dublin
Phone: 085 7359690

Stewart. Joshua. 2015

I am starting to breed oshamo and will be selling in the summer i will be willing to also buy and swap them

Location: Cavan

Sweeney, Pat

Breeds Kept include: Shamo, Tiawan, Tuzo.

Phone: 087 0574234

Tarpey, John

Bantams: Old English Game (Black), Modern Game (Yellow Birchen, Silver Duckwing), Ko Shamo (White, Silver Duckwing, Black, Wheaton).

Location: Galway
Phone: 085 1756831

Ward, John. 2015

I'm looking to buy class A serama chickens and also looking for young ko shamo chickens

Location: Galway
Phone: 0892349341