Poultry Breeders who sell Pigeons

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Caiseal Na Ri (Update 2012)

Goldlaced orpington.
Old german owl pigeon show standard.

Location: Tipperary
Phone: 0871509502


Pigeons: Tumbler (Yellow, White, Black, Black Pieds, Yellow Pieds, Silver, Chocolate, Chocolate Pieds and others), Racer (Black, Yellow, White, Silver and lots of pieds and others), Fantail (Indian, Fantail), Owl, Helmet, Capichen and others.

If you want to order young pigeons call 0876189716

Location: Kildare
Phone: 0876189716

Deegan. James. 2015

I have original limerick tumblers, Irish flying tumblers and king pigeons all can have a variety of colours and young available on request the limericks will be mainly almond only

Location: Dublin.
Phone: 0857807434

Drysdale Bantams

Bantam: Barbu D'anver, Sebright (Gold, Silver)
Pigeons: Tumbler, Birmingham Rollers.
All for sale good quality birds.

Location: Waterford
Phone: 087 9431149

Kingdom Poultry. 2015

Large Fowl: Old English Game (Pyle), Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Barnvender.
Bantam: Japanese (White, Black-tailed White), Sebright (Gold, Silver), Old English Game (Partrige, Creole), Rosecomb (Black, Cuckoo), Polish (White, Cuckoo), Old Dutch (Gold), Silkie (Gold, White, Black, Red), Favarolle (Salmon), Sablepoot (Lemon Millefleur).
Pheasant: Golden Pheasant (Red, Yellow), Lady Amherst, Coppers, Reeves, Elliot
Quail: Japanese White Pied, Italian.
Pigeons: Racer, Garden Fantail (White.
Contact: Billy 0876528706 or Mark 0863862114

Wanted show standard chamois and silver laced polish for personal collection.

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0876528706 0863862114
Website: www.kingdompoultry.webs.com

kristins birds (Updated 2012)

i breed the following top quaility stock pekin bantams colour (black)(white)(lavender)(cuckoo)all the pekin bantams are frizzle and normal . japanese bantam colour (black tailed white)(millefleur)(black mottled)(white) all these birds are healthy and strong and some were bought in from uk will have hatching eggs and chicks available throughout the year
other:pigeon racers all colours and tumblers all colours

Location: dublin
Phone: 0857796905

M & M Poultry Rare Breeds

Breeding in 2014:
Large Black Australorp, Black Barbu de Anver, Gold Partridge Phoenix, Le Bress & Le Bress X, Sasso X both for the table, Muscovy Ducks, White Homing Pigeons, White Fantail Pigeon, Black Kings Pigeons,

Mike Gloser, Tralee

Location: Farmers Bridge, Tralee, Co. Kerry
Phone: 087 2619563

Michelles-Fowl (Updated 2012)

Large Fowl: Brahma (Gold), Marans (Cuckoo), Rhode Island Red, Welsummer.
Bantam: Australorp (Black), Brahma (Buff Columbian), Dutch (Gold), Rosecomb (Black).
Ducks: Call (Mallard, Silver), Indian Runner (Fawn & White, White).
Pigeons: English Long Faced Muffed Tumblers (Black), Garden Fantail (White), Irish Flying Tumblers (Mixed Colours).
Birds: Irish Fancy Canary, Budgie, Cockatiel (Normal), Red Rump (Normal, Lutino).
Rabbits: Lop, Straight Ear (Yellow).
Guinea Pigs: Abyssinian, Crested, Long Hair, Rex, Smooth.
Hamsters: Dwarf Winter White (Normal, Sapphire, Pearl White), Syrian.
Gerbils: Mongolian

Check my website for availability and for new and planned litters and hatches.

Location: Tipperary
Phone: 086 1689219
Website: www.michelles-fowl.webs.com


I am a hobby breeder of the following: Silkie (White/Blue, Black), Brahma (Gold), Sebright (Gold Laced), Pekin (Mottled).
Quail (Japanese), Tumbler Pigeons, White racing pigeons.

Location: East Cork
Phone: 086 3220036

Oakman, John

Pure bred poultry out of prize winning poultry and all ireland winners. Large Fowl: Brahma (Gold, Columbian, Buff), Faverolle (Salmon), Cochin (Black, Blue, White, Partidge, Cuckoo), Rhode Island Red, Indian Game (Dark, Jubilee), Welsummer, Sussex (Speckled), Minorca (Black), New Hamshire Red, Orpington (Buff, Black).
Bantam: Old English Game (several colours), Pekin (several colours), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (Black, White), Dutch (Gold, Blue, Yellow, Blue Partidge), Brahma (Gold), Ancona, Japanese (several colours), Ko-shamo (several colours), Modern Game.
Ducks: East Indian (Black), Crested Duck (several colours), Appelyard (miniture silver), Call Ducks (several colours).
Geese: Chinese Geese (White, Grey), Embden (White), Toulouse (Grey).
Pigeons: Tumbler, Jacobin, Indian Fantail, Capuchin.

Location: Glasson, Weastmeath
Phone: 0906485096 or 0851318815

Tommy (Updated 2012)

hi all
i am a hobby breeder of vorwecks,lakenvelders,minorcas,gold brahmas,bronze turkeys, peacocks,bobwhite quail,fantail pigeons,tumbler pigeon,

Location: KIlkenny
Phone: 0876424995

Woodquest Poultry . 2014

Hi folks, I am based near the Curragh in co. Kildare I specialise in hatching eggs and day old chicks and ducklings BREEDS FOR EGGS CONSIST OF.
Peafowl: white/Indian blue. 20 each
Turkey: red bourbon 5 each
Goose: Chinese/Emden cross 3 each
Guinea fowl: 1 each
Pheasant eggs:1 each
Light Sussex, Rir, Plymouth rock, Barnvelder, White silkies.
Khaki Campbell, Indian runner, Ancona, Aylesbury.
ALL HEN AND DUCK EGGS 1 EACH or 10 per dozen Can be posted anywhere in Ireland for as little as 7 start Day old clicks in all above breeds sometimes available ALSO PIGEONS AVAILABLE GM THE FOLLOWING BREEDS.

Phone: 0879969193