Poultry Breeders who sell Pheasant Fowl

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Carter, Simon

Rare Breed,utility and ornamental fowl.
Large fowl: Ancona, Sussex (Brown, Speckled, White, Red, Coronation, Uility Light), Utility Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (American Chocolate), Norfolk Grey, Ixworth, Barnevelder (Double laced/Blue laced), Old English Pheasant Fowl, Lincolnshire Buff, Croad Langshan (Black, White), Houdan.
Bantam: Sussex (Red, White, Light), Sebright (American Buff laced / Chamois), Silkie (White), Wyandotte (Blue laced), Pekin (Millifluer), Tufties for hatching.
Other: Turkey (Bronze, Black), Stanbridge White Duck, Partridge (Red legged)

Hatching eggs,Day olds and growers in season.
Houses,Arks and runs made to order.

Location: Nenagh,Tipperary
Phone: 067 26983 / 087 2131258

gilmartin, Martin (Updated 2012)

I have old English pheasant fowl and dark Indian game I will have young stock for sale later in the year . All enquiries welcome.RIng Martin on 0857048352

Location: North tipperary
Phone: 0857048352

Johnston, Noel

Breeds Large Fowl: Orpington (Black, Blue, Splash). Indian Game, Ixworth, Derbyshire Redcap, Old English Pheasant Fowl, Dorking (Red, Silver Grey), Faverolle.
Bantam: Wyandotte (Silver Laced).
Limited numbers available.

Location: Sligo
Phone: 071 9121994