Poultry Breeders who sell Old English Game

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Barnwall, Leigh

Hi i breed the following pure bred, top quality stock.

Large Fowl: Orpington (Gold Laced, Silver Laced, Buff), Vorwerk (Gold, Lakenvelder), Australorp (Black), Bielefelder, Norfolk Grey, Ixworth (White), Dorking (Silver Grey).

Bantam: Old English Game (Black Furness)

Eggs and chicks for sale of most listed breeds all year around.

Location: North Co.Dublin
Phone: 0864094056

Bourke, Charlie. 2015

Most of my birds have come from english backgrounds and have won many prizes in the past.

I breed the following:

Orpington (Black),Wyandotte (White),Croad Langshan (Black),Australorp (Black),Cochin (Black),Yokohama (Red -Saddled,Blue Partridge)Sumatra (Black).

Sebright(Gold,Silver),Rosecomb(Black),Silkie (White),Ancona (Straight Combed),Leghorn (Black),Wyandotte (White),German Langshan (Black),Serama,Barbu DAnver (White,Black,Blue,Quail,Blue Quail),Barbu DWatermael (Quail),Barbu DGrubbe (Quail,Silver-Blue Quail,Lavender)Sumatra (Black),Yokohama(Red-Saddled),Phoenix (White),Modern Game (Pyle,Black-Red,Gold Duckwing),Indian Game (Dark,Jubilee),Old English Game (Blue Furness),Japanese (White,Silver-Birchen,Black-Tailed-White),Pekin (White),

Indian Runner (Trout,Fawn,Saxony),Pekin. (White),Call(Mallard,White),Saxony,Rouen,Cayuga

Chinese (White)

Location: Mayo
Phone: 0872977420
Website: www.ctbpoultry.webs.com

Charlene, Martin (Rare Poultry N.Ireland)

Rare Breed Show Stock from the following Birds:
Large Fowl: Leghorn (Red Mottled), Sussex, Yokohama (Red Black), Ixworth.
Bantam: D’Watermeal (Blue Quail), D’Grubb (Blue Quail), D’anver (Blue Quail), Sebright (Gold), Serama (Various Colours), Japanese (Berchine, Black-Tailed White, Black-Tailed Buff, Black Mottled, White), Sussex, Ko-Shamo (Various colours), Modern Game (Lemon Blue, Partridge, Black-Red), Old English Game (Furness, Polecat, Light Red Pile), Yokahama (Black Red).
Other: Guniea Fowl.

Location: Down & Antrim
Phone: 07900513978
Website: www.freewebs.co.uk/rarepoultryni

Eugene. 2014

Hi I breed, show and sell Old English Game bantams.
I have the following colours.

Location: Carlow
Phone: 0879934138

eva (Updated 2012)

large fowl: Orpington(Blue,Black,Jubbile,Cuckoo), Appenzeller(Silver,Gold), Wyandottes (Golden laced blue),
Bantams: Orpington(Black,Jubbile,Chocolated), Old English Game(Furnes), Pekin (Cuckoo,Mottled,Lemon cuckoo).

all my bird are top quailty show birds,eggs are sometimes avaibile in summer months

Location: west cork
Phone: 087 2957170

Foster, Freddie

Large fowl: Orpington (Buff), Leghorn (Brown).
Bantam: Pekin (Black, Buff, Lavander, Partridge), Sebright (Gold, Silver), Rosecomb (Black), Old English Game (Duckwing, Partridge) Barbu D'anver (Partridge).
Large Duck: Indian Runner (Trout),
Bantam Duck: Call Ducks (Mallard, Apricot)

Location: South Sligo
Phone: 087 2381875

Fowl Things

We raise and sell the following breeds: Large Fow :Large selection of Hybrids always in stock.
Sussex (Light, Buff), Brahma (Light), Maran (Speckled, Cuckoo), Welsummer (4 separate strains), ixworyh, Leghorn (White,exchequer 3 separate strains), Plymouth Rock (Barred), Maran hybrids, Indian Game, Rhode Island Red, Barnvelder.
Bantam: Silkies (White, Buff, Black), Old English Game (lemon pyle), Barbu d\'uccle.
Water fowl: Campbell (Khaki), Indian Runner (White), Call Ducks (White), Mallard, Mallard crosses , Aylesbury, Muscovy (Lavender), Embden, Chinese Geese (brown).
Others: Guinea Fowl- pied,lavender, Japanese Quail.

As we have a large variety, sometimes its better to book your trio or birds in advance to avoid disappointment. We can supply breeding groups of some breeds.

Location: Carrick-on-shannon, Roscommon
Phone: 086-8889795

Gallagher, Cian

Hobby breeders of the following: Bantam: Old English Game (Pyle, Partridge, Black Red, Blue Furnace, Creole).
Hatching eggs available from time to time

Location: Leitrim
Phone: 087 9024936

Griffiths, David

Breeds Include Large Fowl: Modern Game (Bloodwing), Malay (Blue Red), Indian Game (Dark), Araucana (Lavender).
Bantam: Sebright (Silver), Dutch (Gold), Barbu d'anver (Black), Malay (Blue Red), Modern Game (Brown Red), Old English Game (Blue Pyle).

Location: Roscommon
Phone: 0879325414

Haire, Jordan (Hill Hatchery)

I keep quite a few breeds of bantams.
They are as follows: Pekin (White, Buff, Black, Millifleur, Cuckoo), Japanese (Black-tailed white, Black-tailed buff), Sebright (Gold, Silver), Old english game (silver duckwing), Barbu D'anver (Quail), Dutch (Blue Partridge), Welsummer (Silver duckwing, Partridge), Plymouth Rock (Buff), Barnevelder, Wyandotte (Black, Barred), Sussex (Light, Buff, Silver).
Large fowl: Indian Game.

Hopefully more breeds to be added to my stock!!!
All my birds are good quality and very good breeding.

If interested in any of my breeds or would like to find out more about them please do not hesitate to contact me!!!

Location: Armagh
Phone: 07925897314
Website: www.hill-hatchery.webs.com

Kennedy, John

Hobby breeders of the following: Bantam: Old English Game (Pyle, Partridge, Black Red, Blue Furnace, Creole).
Hatching eggs available from time to time.

Location: Carlow
Phone: 087 6843932
Website: www.indiangameieland.webs.com

Kingdom Poultry. 2015

Large Fowl: Old English Game (Pyle), Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Barnvender.
Bantam: Japanese (White, Black-tailed White), Sebright (Gold, Silver), Old English Game (Partrige, Creole), Rosecomb (Black, Cuckoo), Polish (White, Cuckoo), Old Dutch (Gold), Silkie (Gold, White, Black, Red), Favarolle (Salmon), Sablepoot (Lemon Millefleur).
Pheasant: Golden Pheasant (Red, Yellow), Lady Amherst, Coppers, Reeves, Elliot
Quail: Japanese White Pied, Italian.
Pigeons: Racer, Garden Fantail (White.
Contact: Billy 0876528706 or Mark 0863862114

Wanted show standard chamois and silver laced polish for personal collection.

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0876528706 0863862114
Website: www.kingdompoultry.webs.com

Lyons, Daniel

Bantam: New Hampshire Red, Japanese, Old English Game, Ko Shamo, Asil, Sussex (Speckled), d'Anvers, Sumatra, Wyandotte, Sebright.
Ducks: Call Ducks (Mallard, Blue Fawn, Blue bibbed, Magpie, Bibbed, Saxony, Apricot.)

Location: Co. Longford
Phone: 087 9091222


Breeder of: Old English Game, Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Egyptian
Fyomi (Quail), Barbu (d,anver), sebright (Gold).

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 087 6769829

Maher, Stephen

Breeds Kept are: Large Oxford Old English Game Fowl, Kulang Asil Game Fowl.

Location: Co. Limerick

McCabe, Peter

I breed: Shamo, Asil, Ko shamo, Silkie, Old English Game.

Location: Dublin
Phone: 0879277962 or 0857609763

McCarthy, Liam

Large Fowl: Brahma.
Bantams: Pekin (Lavender, Black, White, Mottled), Silkie (White, Partidge), Old English Game, Japanese (Black-Tailed White), Brahma Bamtams (Buff), Sussex (Light, Buff), Polish (White).
Ducks: Call Ducks.

Location: Galway
Phone: 09341508

Miney, Paddy

Breeder of game birds: Old English Game bantam, Shamo, Tiwan, Ko-Shamo.
Hope to have more breeds in the new year.

Location: Cavan
Phone: 086 0790538

Murphy, Larry

I bred the following pure bred large and bantam poultry,
Large fowl: Ancona, Araucana, Sussex (Light), Indian Game, Shamo, Minorca (Black), Old English Game (Pile {carlisle type}), Pit Game, Leghorn (Red Mottled), Marran (Cooper Black).
Bantam: Old English Game, Sussex (Light, Buff), Leghorn (Lavender, Black), Brahma (Gold), Pekin (Mottled, Partridge, Lavender, Columbian, Millefleur, Lemon cuckoo), Silkie (Cuckoo, Red, White), Japanese (Cuckoo).
Hatching bantams purpose bred also. I can also supply hatching eggs, day olds chicks or off heat to point of lay pullets or cockerels from all the above breeds when available.
more breeds added through out the year

Location: Kildare
Phone: 0877740395

O Leary Poultry. 2014

I keep a few different breeds WATERFOWL call ducks, muscovies,crested,khaki, khaki crosses, indian runner at times,chinese geese and embden geese large fowl indian game , Transylvanian naked necks,rhode islands and some others breeds at times HYBRID BREEDS I sell, 8 types available , bluebell, blackrock,bareed rock,sussex hybrid and rir hybrid aswell as few others BANTAMS old English game ,dutch bantams,ko shamo,pekin,mixed bred aswell

Location: Macroom, Co. Cork
Phone: 0879697939

O' Connell, Andrew

Large Fowl:: Sussex (Light), Leghorn (Exchequer, White), Silkie (White)
Bantam: Barbu d'Uccle (Millefluer),Old English game, Sebright (Gold)
Ducks: Indian Runner (Fawn and White), Call Ducks (White)

Location: Cork
Phone: 086 3936825

Oakman, John

Pure bred poultry out of prize winning poultry and all ireland winners. Large Fowl: Brahma (Gold, Columbian, Buff), Faverolle (Salmon), Cochin (Black, Blue, White, Partidge, Cuckoo), Rhode Island Red, Indian Game (Dark, Jubilee), Welsummer, Sussex (Speckled), Minorca (Black), New Hamshire Red, Orpington (Buff, Black).
Bantam: Old English Game (several colours), Pekin (several colours), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (Black, White), Dutch (Gold, Blue, Yellow, Blue Partidge), Brahma (Gold), Ancona, Japanese (several colours), Ko-shamo (several colours), Modern Game.
Ducks: East Indian (Black), Crested Duck (several colours), Appelyard (miniture silver), Call Ducks (several colours).
Geese: Chinese Geese (White, Grey), Embden (White), Toulouse (Grey).
Pigeons: Tumbler, Jacobin, Indian Fantail, Capuchin.

Location: Glasson, Weastmeath
Phone: 0906485096 or 0851318815

Roarke, Jamie

Large fowl:asil,cochin(cuckoo,black),shamo,oxford old english game, american game.

Bantam:Asil,Ko-shamo(red black,gingers,white),Barnvelder(double laced),Orpington(black),Indian game(all),Oeg(dark furness,blue furness,partidge,crele),Polish(black crested),Seramas(class a),
Silkie(white,buff),d'anver(millfuer,black,lavender),Modern game(silver blue,silver duckwing, birchen),Hamburgs(gold),Rumpless game(red black,brassy back).

Water fowl:Calls(white),Pekin,Saxony,Rouen.
Phesants: Yellow golden.
Pigoens:Tumblers,Fantails,Modeneys,Nuns,Limerick tumblers,Chinese owls.

Will have other birds during the year.
All birds are show quaility.
Will have chicks,growers,fully grown ones during the year

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 0861789577

Shane Swaine

Large Fowl: Leghorn (Red Mottled, Brown, White)Rhode Island Red, Sussex White, Guinea Fowl, Maran (French), Silkie (White, Gold), Hamburg (Golden Penciled, Silver Spangled), Vorwerk, Minorca (Black).
Bantam: Dutch (gold Partridge, Silver Duckwing, Blue Partridge, Yellow Partridge, Pyle, White, Black, Lavender), Old English Game, Japanese: (Black Tailed White), Serama, Buff Rock
Pheasant: Melnilstic, Silver, Ring Neck.

Location: Athboy, Co Meath
Phone: 087 6540622

Tarpey, John

Bantams: Old English Game (Black), Modern Game (Yellow Birchen, Silver Duckwing), Ko Shamo (White, Silver Duckwing, Black, Wheaton).

Location: Galway
Phone: 085 1756831

Welsh, Niall

I keep a varity of poultry.

Bantams: Hamburg (Silver Spangled), Dutch (Gold), Sebright (Silver), Old English Game, Silkie (White), Polish.
I also keep peafowl, Guinea fowl, Ducks And White Doves.

I can sell eggs and chicks.

Location: Tyrone
Phone: 07979760499

William C

I breed a selection of breeds mainly.
Bantam: Old English Game, Silkie, Polish.
Large Fowl: Maran, Sussex (Light).

Also variety of pheasants some times available

Location: Mayo
Phone: 087 2976799