Poultry Breeders who sell Old English Game

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Crowley, Billy. 2020

Cuckoo barbu D’anvers (show quality)

White and black mottled pekins (show quality)

Cuckoo old English game bantam (show quality)

pile, brown red and birchen Modern game LF and bantam (show quality)

Silver Campines (show quality and pet quality)

White crested black polish bantams (pet quality)

Will have other breeds later in the year

Hatching eggs and birds available from time to time

Location: Cork
Phone: 0874619223

Eugene. 2019.

I keep Old English Game bantams.

The colours I keep are:

Blue furnace

Polcat furnace



Blue reds

I also keep Modern Game bantams

Silver duckwing


Location: Carlow
Phone: 0879934138

Kevin H. 2019

Cream legbar



Silver Campine

Old English Game

Call ducks


Ringed teal

Sharp wing teal

Guinea fowl- mixed colours

Grey Partridge

Location: South Tipperary
Phone: 0871171601

Ryan. Kieran. 2019

asil (black/red)

silkie (white)

sumatra (black)

carisle old english game

rosecomb (black)

barbu d"anver (black,,quail)


old english game (bantam)

indian game (dark,,bantam)

sebright (silver)

Location: Tipperary / Limerick
Phone: 0872983045