Poultry Breeders who sell Lakenvelder

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Alexs Quail. 2017.

Fertile hatching eggs supplied from all breeds below

Japanese coturnix
Golden coturnix
British coturnix
White Texas
Golden giant
Chinese painted
Northern bobwhite
Mexican bobwhite
Red Tennessee bobwhite
White bobwhite
Snowflake bobwhite

Quail eggs also available for eating. 2.50 per dozen. Not fertile.

Click on website link to purchase online. Postage available nationwide. Discount on large orders.

Location: Kilkeel. Co. Down.
Phone: 07514270343
Website: http://alexsbirds.webs.com/apps/webstore/

Kevin H. 2019

Cream legbar



Silver Campine

Old English Game

Call ducks


Ringed teal

Sharp wing teal

Guinea fowl- mixed colours

Grey Partridge

Location: South Tipperary
Phone: 0871171601

William. 2016.

Araucana Black and White L/F.
Black Minorca L/F.
Vorwerk L/F.
Black Jersey Giant.
Silver Dorkin.
Lakenvelder L/F & Bantom

Location: Northern Ireland
Phone: 07789550653