Poultry Breeders who sell Rhode Island Red

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Andys Birds. 2013.

I am mainly a hobby breeder and all birds are of the highest quality.
I breed:
Bantams: jap blacktail whites , black silkies and gold laced wyndottes
Largefowl: Rhode island reds
Waterfowl: chineese geese......

Call for availability on 0867923305...orders taken from day olds to pullets

Location: Monaghan
Phone: 0867923305

Ballinabarney Poultry. 2016.

We are now breeeding

LF welsummer
LF cream legbars
LF Rhode island red
LF lemon Pyle Brahma 2 bloodlines
LF light Columbian Brahma 2 bloodlines
LF silver Brahma
Silkie bantam three colours white 2 bloodlines Blue Black

Location: Kilkenny / Wexford
Phone: 0864172248

Boyd, Tom. 2014

LARGEFOWL: Rhode island red, Light Sussex , Vorwerk, Lakenvelder, Black Minorca .
BANTAM: Nankin, Polish (Chamois, Cuckoo creole, White crested black).
CALL DUCKS: White, Magpie, Blue bibbed, Black bibbed, Mallard)
TURKEYS: Crollwitzer, Blue slate, Lavender, Bourbon red, Narrangasett, Bronze, Nebraskan.
PEAFOWL: Indian blue, Dark shouldered, White, Java green.
GUINEA FOWL: Chocolate, Grey

DUCKS: Khaki camplbell,Muscovy (black and white)

I also sell hatching eggs, day old chicks and pullets for each breed all year round.

Location: Donegal
Phone: 0857579026
Website: www.Lakesidepoultry@webs.com

Burrenreagh Poultry. 2015

Breeder of the following rhode island reds light sussex,wellsummers, barnevelder, amber whites,all the above are pure bred, also hatching eggs for sale £6 for 6 £12 for 12i am taking order for day old chicks hatching 2.4.15

Location: Castlewellan . County Down . N. Ireland
Phone: 07712633248

Cherry Tree Poultry. 2016

Large Fowl

Rhode Island Reds
Light Sussex

Growers and POL

Hatching Eggs

Location: Clare
Phone: 0863536813
Website: www.cherrytreepoultry.com

Connor. Alex. 2016

Point of lay pullets and roosters for sale all year round.
Pure bred large fowl breeds
Cream Legbar
Buff, light, Speckled Sussex
White, brown Leghorn
Cuckoo, copper Marran
Barred rock
Rhode Island Red
Jersey Giant
Silver laced wyandotte

Location: Ballyclare
Phone: 07802455342

Conor Pass Poultry. 2014

Breeding for 2014:
Large fowl: light Sussex and Rhode island red.
Bantam: millefleur and lavender Perkin.
Ducks: Muscovy and Indian runner.

Location: West Kerry
Phone: 0872043788

Costello poultry & waterfowl. 2016

Experienced breeder of top quality Rhode island reds,Khaki Campbell's and Welsh harlequins.call for more information or check out "Costello's poultry & waterfowl"on done deal.

Location: Inverin, Galway
Phone: 0876546359

Crowley, Billy. 2015

I breed Pure Bred Rhode Island Reds and bare necks both show quality

Location: Cork
Phone: 0860868180

CTG Poultry. 2016

Rhode Island reds (large fowl)
Light Sussex. (Large)
Buff orpingtons
These are bred from the best breeders in Ireland and uk, lines included are Richard Everett, David Neill, Stewart ferris.
Summer 2016 will have show quality pullets available.
Hoping to add blue laced wyandottes to my flock in 2016 also also silver sebrights..

Khaki Campbell

Location: Castletown Geoghegan, Co.Westmeath
Phone: 0860654936
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Ctgpoultry/

Donnelly Poultry. 2016

We provide very high quality pure bred chickens and fertilised eggs. We have sumatras large and bantam, Shamos ko Asil ko English Game Rhodes island reds Light speckled Sussex Japanese bantams Dutch bantams Phoenix Icelandic Brahmas Irish game And many more.

Location: Longford
Phone: 0874470053
Website: https://m.facebook.com/Donnelly-Poultry-1682987165276793/

Dunne, James 2014

Pure bred Rhode Island Red fertile eggs for sale € 10 euro a dozen.

Phone: 0872369919

Dunne, Seamus. 2016.

Breeding pure bred rhode island reds & offering hatching eggs for sale.

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0872369919

Flanagan Farm Fowl. 2016

Rhode Island Reds
Jersey Giants
Buff Sussex

Black Rock & Bluebells also available

Khaki Campbell
Indian Runner
Welsh Harlequin

Location: Limerick
Phone: 086 1580837

Flanagan, Oliver. 2014

Poultry Portfolio 2014
8 Indian Runner Ducks, 2 Indian Runner Drakes, 3 Khaki Campbell Ducks,
1 Welsh Harlequin Duck, 15 Chilten Ducks, 5 Aylesbury Ducks, 1 Cayuga Duck, 1 Blue Swedish Duck, 7 Pekin Ducks and 1 Pekin Drake.
Speckled Maran Hens, Blackrock Hens, Blue Bell Hens, Hyliner Hens, Snowdrops, Rhode Island Red Hens,Brown Leghorn Hens, White Leghorn Hens, Light Sussex Hens, Daisy Bell Hens, Rhode Island Red Rooster.
Guinea Hen, Guinea Cock and Embden Goose and Gander.
For Sale Free Range Duck and Hen Eggs.
Six Duck eggs €2.50
Six Hen Eggs €2.00
We also breed Pedigree Irish Angus, Beef Shorthorn and Belted Galloway Cattle.

Location: Athlone, Westmeath
Phone: 087 6112938
Website: www.athloneshow.ie

Gatehouse Poultry. 2016.

AGR Poultry have over 35 years of experience in breeding poultry and waterfowl, And have a large range of various breeds of pullets,all which are large fowl and also ducks. We try to have stock for sale all year round but this depends on demand. Please have a look below of the breeds which we currently are breeding

SUSSEX; Light,Buff,Speckled.
MARAN; Copper Black, Cuckoo Dark.
BARNEVELDER;Partridge Double Laced.
PLYMOUTH ROCK; Barred,Buff,Silver Pencilled RHODE ISLAND RED; WELSUMMERS;Partridge, WYANDOTTES; Silver Laced, LEGBARS; Cream Crested, (green egg layers) ARAUCANA; Lavender. (green egg layers) NEWHAMPSHIRE REDS;

Abacot Ranger,
WELSH Harlequin,
RUNNERS FawnWhite,

Location: Tyrone
Phone: 0044778852727 or 07788562727

Grange Poultry 2014

I breed:

sussex (buff,light)


Rhode Island Red


Also hatching eggs and day olds when available.

Location: Dublin
Phone: 0852849755

Hatching Service. 2014

New Hatching Service
We charge €1.50 per egg that hatches and nothing for eggs that do not hatch.
You can give us your own eggs or if you want we can source the eggs for you.
We also have a rearing service for chicks, 1 week €2, 2weeks €3.50 , 3weeks €5 , 1 month ( 4 weeks)€6.50, 2 months €11.50
This price excludes hatching fees ( €1.50 P/E ) but includes the price of supplies.

Breeds we source

Barred rock



Rhode Island Reds






And others at request.

Location: Mayo

Jungo. 2014

We keep the following pure and rare breeds of hens:

Real Rhode Island Reds (LF),
Light Sussex (both Bantams and LF),
Gold Brahmas, Silver Brahmas and Lemon Pyle Brahmas (all large fowl) and Silkies (LF).

We keep the following breeds of ducks:

Indian Runners, Silver Appleyards and Call ducks. We keep these breeds pure and as a hobby so we do not generally have birds for sale. We do have hatching eggs available throughout the breeding season.

We are located just outside Galway City. Thank you.

Location: Galway
Phone: 0871369714

Keogh. Colin. 2014

Rhode island reds
yokohama(red saddled)
lemon sablepoot
abacot ranger
Carolina(normal and blonde)
mandarin(normal and silver)
Calafornian Quail
and the extremely rare Ayam Cemani
I will have hatching eggs, growers and chicks for sale throughout the year. I can post eggs anywhere in Ireland for 5 euro a half dozen.

Location: Tullamore. Offaly
Phone: 0863490247

Kingdom Poultry. 2015

Large Fowl: Old English Game (Pyle), Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Barnvender.
Bantam: Japanese (White, Black-tailed White), Sebright (Gold, Silver), Old English Game (Partrige, Creole), Rosecomb (Black, Cuckoo), Polish (White, Cuckoo), Old Dutch (Gold), Silkie (Gold, White, Black, Red), Favarolle (Salmon), Sablepoot (Lemon Millefleur).
Pheasant: Golden Pheasant (Red, Yellow), Lady Amherst, Coppers, Reeves, Elliot
Quail: Japanese White Pied, Italian.
Pigeons: Racer, Garden Fantail (White.
Contact: Billy 0876528706 or Mark 0863862114

Wanted show standard chamois and silver laced polish for personal collection.

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0876528706 0863862114
Website: www.kingdompoultry.webs.com

Kings Poultry. 2016

Large Fowl Pure Breed:
Rhode Island Red.
Sussex (Light,Buff.
Maran (Cuckoo.
Leghorn (White).
Minocra (Black).
Campine (Silver).
Appenzeller Spitzhauben (Silver).
Legbar (Cream).
Barnevelder(Gold Laced).


Hatching Eggs and Chicks form Day Old to Point of Lay for sale when available.

Location: Navan, Co.Meath
Phone: 0864043998

Lodgecross Poultry.2014

I breed the following birds

Large fowl:
Rhode island reds, Cuckoo marans, andualusians (black or blue), jersey giants.

Golden pencilled hamburgs

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0851680090

McCormick. Niall. 2016

I breed show quality :
•Rhode Island Reds
•Speckled Sussex
All are top quality and parent birds have been shown successfully in recent years.
Only the best are bred from so to ensure only top quality birds are available.
Stock birds are purchased from top breeders in England and Ireland.
Pullets and cockerels usually available from July onwards.
Call for more details and prices.

Location: Antrim
Phone: 07598325587

McGraths Poultry. 2014

Golden Brahma

Light Sussex

Rhode Island Red

All bird pure bred.
Hatching eggs available all year.
I hatch new batch of each breed every four weeks.
Chicks available most of the time.

Text or email for details

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0864172248

Murphy. Aaron. 2014

Hi i breed the following birds Ducks Call ducks(white) Aylesbury Pekin(All Ireland Champions 2014) Saxony(Supreme Champion Tullamore 2014) Hens Rhode Island Reds Pekin Welsummer Japenese Barbu d anver Australop All the above birds are show quality and have the best bloodlines.

Location: Westmeath.
Phone: 0858265696

Murphy. Alan. 2014

Hi i breed top quality poultry WE Breed
Saxony(Supreme champion Tullamore Show 2014)
Rhode Island Red
Barbu d Anver
All the above are show stock and have won many prizes

Location: Athlone. Westmeath
Phone: 0858265696

O Leary Poultry. 2014

I keep a few different breeds WATERFOWL call ducks, muscovies,crested,khaki, khaki crosses, indian runner at times,chinese geese and embden geese large fowl indian game , Transylvanian naked necks,rhode islands and some others breeds at times HYBRID BREEDS I sell, 8 types available , bluebell, blackrock,bareed rock,sussex hybrid and rir hybrid aswell as few others BANTAMS old English game ,dutch bantams,ko shamo,pekin,mixed bred aswell

Location: Macroom, Co. Cork
Phone: 0879697939

P n A Poultry. 2014

We are breeders of
Buff orpingtons.
Lavender pekins.
Rhode island reds.
Buff Pekins.
Millefleur Pekins
Gold partridge Pekins
White crested polish bantams and welsummers

Our aim is quality not quantity.
we will have pullets growers and hatching eggs available.

Location: Offaly
Phone: 086 837 3519

Pearson. Glen. 2014

Large Fowl

Sussex(Buff, Light, Speckled) Welsummer(Partridge, Silver Duckwing, White) Rhode Island Red, White Wyandotte.

Location: Kildare
Phone: 085 7121784

Phoenix Pheasants & Poultry 2015

Description: Small scale breeder of pheasants and poultry. We have several pairs of the breeds we keep,sourcing stock in the Ireland,Belgium,Holland and the UK.In our poultry we are striving to produce birds correct to type and exhibition quality. We will hopefully have the following for 2015-


Temmincks Tragopan.
Satyr Tragopan.
Himalayan Monal.
Sonnerats(grey) jungle fowl.
Red jungle fowl(2 races-gallus and jabouillei).
True pheasants(Korean and Bianchi).
Black crested guinea fowl.


Buff orpington- breeding stock directly sourced from David pownall
or birds from his lines.

Rhode Island reds.

Location: Cork
Phone: 086 2397476

Poulacapple Poultry. 2016

Hobbyist breeders of Breed Standard, Free Range, Traditional Breeds. Our 2016 Breeds include..... Large Fowl Rhode Island Red, Copper French Maran, Double Gold Laced Barnvelder, Gold Laced Wyandotte,,Lavender Muscovy, we also breed , Anglo Nubian Goats,

Location: Callan, Co Kilkenny
Phone: 086 8124277
Website: www.poulacapplepoultry.com

Power, Cormac. 2016

Large Fowl: Maran, Sussex (Light, Buff), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (Brown, White), Brahma (Gold, Silver).
Bantam: Dutch (Blue, Gold), Modern Game(Black Red).
Ducks: Call Ducks (Various Colours), Crested Appleyard, Indian Runner (Various Colours), Cayuga, Campbell (Khaki), Abocat Ranger, Saxony, Aylesbury.
Geese: Chinese (White), Pomerian, Giant Tolouse.
Other: Peafowl (Indian Blue, Dark Shouldered), Guinea Fowl (Pearl, Peid, Wwhite, Lavender).

Location: Galway
Phone: 0876767287

R & R Poultry. 2016

We breed a range of hens including Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Silver Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Vorweks, Barnvelders, Brown Leghorns, Partridge Wyandottes and more. We have worked with poultry for 10+ years now. Located outside Moneymore.

Location: Londonderry
Phone: 07802611986 or 07517210430

Roselawn Poultry 2014

Breeder of the following;

Rhode Island red (large fowl)

Rhode Island red (bantam)

Melanistic pheasant

All stock grass ranging

All enquires welcome via mobile or email.

Location: Meath
Phone: 086 8752820

Ross Kellys Poultry. 2015

I breed black muscovy ducks and white indian runners.
I also breed Rhode Island reds
White silkies
Large dark indian game
Buff orpingtons
All my poultry are show quality and I can supply chicks and hatching eggs also.

Location: kildalkey, meath
Phone: 0870578689

Sean T. 2014

Rhode island reds
Call ducks
Canada geese
Embden geese
Chinese geese
Light brahmas
gold brahmas
Silver brahmas
Blue buff columbian bantam brahmas
Double breasted bronze turkeys
Fawn indian runners
Naked necks

Only Pure Bred stock bred
selling some birds most of the year
Contact if interested in anything

Location: Galway
Phone: 0857834791

Tangney. Cian. 2016.

Large Fowl Rhode Island Red

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0838089190

Taylor, Graeme. 2016

Hens : Light Sussex,
Buff Orpington,
Road Island Reds,
Silver Laced Wyandottes
Gold Brahmas.

Ducks : Welsh Harlequins

Geese : Giant Dewlap Toulouse

Enquiries always welcome hatching eggs always for sale

Location: Leitrim
Phone: 087 9623548

Walsh, Sean. 2016

Large and Bantam Rhode Island Reds

Location: Mayo
Phone: 0871867975

Watkins Dylan. 2014

Hi,I have hatching eggs in the following

DUCKS: indian runners

CHICKENS: crossbreed bantams make great broody hens,rhode island reds cross with rhode island red bantam also make great broody hens .

PHEASANTS: common ringneck

Location: Offaly
Phone: 0871182939

Williams Poultry. 2016

We are a small family run business, we specialise in hybrid and purebred laying breeds of hens, hatching eggs, pullets, point of lay birds & we also do young ducks for laying and meat

Pure Breeds:

Cuckoo Maran

Rhode Island Red

Light Sussex

Location: Tipperary
Phone: 0892168444