Poultry Breeders who sell Rhode Island Red

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AGR Poultry

We keep the following breeds of standard poultry: Sussex (Light, Buff, Speckled), Maran (Dark Cuckoo, Copper Black, Wheatan), Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Bbarnevelder, Plymouth Rock (Barred, Buff), New Hampshire Red, Araucana.
We have young pullets of all the above for sale but is advisable to phone to check. All pullets are between 16/18 weeks of age.
We keep domestic ducks and have young for sale of the following: Welsh Harlequin, Abacot Ranger, Campbell (Khaki), Cayuga, Appleyard, Magpie (Black & White, Blue & White), Indian Runner (Fawn & White) White, Strikers.
We sell hatching eggs but unfortunately are booked up until the end of July but should be able to take orders after then.

Location: Tyrone
Phone: 07788562727

Altmore Poultry

Quality registered stock.

Orpington (Black , Blue, Lavender, Buff), Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light, Red), Cream Legbar, Maran (French Copper Blue, French Copper Black), Gold Campines, Blue Barnvelder.

Location: Altmore, Co. Tyrone
Phone: 07765816214

Andys Birds (Updated 2012)

I am mainly a hobby breeder and all birds are of the highest quality.
I breed:
Bantams: jap blacktail whites , black silkies and gold laced wyndottes
Largefowl: Rhode island reds
Waterfowl: chineese geese......

Call for availability on 0867923305...orders taken from day olds to pullets

Location: Monaghan
Phone: 0867923305

Boyd, Tom. 2014

LARGEFOWL: Rhode island red, Light Sussex , Vorwerk, Lakenvelder, Black Minorca .
BANTAM: Nankin, Polish (Chamois, Cuckoo creole, White crested black).
CALL DUCKS: White, Magpie, Blue bibbed, Black bibbed, Mallard)
TURKEYS: Crollwitzer, Blue slate, Lavender, Bourbon red, Narrangasett, Bronze, Nebraskan.
PEAFOWL: Indian blue, Dark shouldered, White, Java green.
GUINEA FOWL: Chocolate, Grey

DUCKS: Khaki camplbell,Muscovy (black and white)

I also sell hatching eggs, day old chicks and pullets for each breed all year round.

Location: Donegal
Phone: 0857579026
Website: www.Lakesidepoultry@webs.com

Breekers Poultry

Large Fowl: Rhode Island Red (pure+hybrids), Barnevelder, Sussex (Light, Buff), Campine.
Bantam: Hamburg (Golden Pencilled, Silver Spangled), Silkie, Sebright, Dutch,
Waterfowl: Indian Runner, Alyesbury, Call Ducks (Mallard).

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0860301517

Buena Vista Poultry Farm

Specializing in La Bresse-Gauloise, the noble French table bird also an excellent layer.
Other breeds for 2010 include: Minorca, Maran (Copper Black), Welsummer, Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Araucana.

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 087 4128810

Burns, Mark & Tara

We are small hobbyist breeders that operate on the basis of quality not quantity. The breeds we keep include:
Large fowl: Rhode Island Red, Maran (Cuckoo), Sussex (Light), Wyandotte.
Bantam: Ko shamo, Yokohama (Red saddled), Japanese (Black tailed white), Polish (White crested black), Barbu d'uccle (Porcelain), Barbu d'anver, Dutch (Gold).
I also now breed quail.

*We are only starting out and hope to have many more breeds by next year! Thanks for reading our ad.

Location: Monaghan
Phone: 0833400641

Burrenreagh Poultry. 2015

Breeder of the following rhode island reds light sussex,wellsummers, barnevelder, amber whites,all the above are pure bred, also hatching eggs for sale 6 for 6 12 for 12i am taking order for day old chicks hatching 2.4.15

Location: Castlewellan . County Down . N. Ireland
Phone: 07712633248

Butler. Andrew. 2014

Small hobby breeder, small numbers of hatching egg and hens will be available in season.

Large Fowl: Rhode Island Reds

Location: Tipperary
Website: www.thechookbooks.com

C&B Poultry

we are breeders of pure breed poultry..Breeds include the light sussex, the araucana(lavander), cuckoo marans, the rhode island reds. We also sell hybrid breeds to include the copper star, the bluebell, speckledy marans and the fenton blue.
We supply meat birds from day olds to table ready in all our utility breeds and also one of the best free ranging breeds the wessex supreme which will reach about 8lb at 14 weeks. This breed shows none of the problems of the common broiler and it's meat is supreme in taste..
please see our website for all our available services and breeds..

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 0872121843
Website: www.cbpoultry.com

Carrowtrasna Pedigree Poultry

At carrowtrasna poultry we breed quality pure bred poultry. Current breeds for 2011 are as follows:
Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, Leghorn (Red Mottled), Orpington (Blue, Black, Splash, Lavender), Wyandotte (Silver Laced).
Bantam: Pekin (Buff), Orpington (Black).

All birds healthy,vaccinated,free ranging and free from all parasites. Contact Damien on 086 2254206 anytime or 0749381809 after 6pm

Location: Donegal
Phone: 086 2254206

Carter, Simon

Rare Breed,utility and ornamental fowl.
Large fowl: Ancona, Sussex (Brown, Speckled, White, Red, Coronation, Uility Light), Utility Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (American Chocolate), Norfolk Grey, Ixworth, Barnevelder (Double laced/Blue laced), Old English Pheasant Fowl, Lincolnshire Buff, Croad Langshan (Black, White), Houdan.
Bantam: Sussex (Red, White, Light), Sebright (American Buff laced / Chamois), Silkie (White), Wyandotte (Blue laced), Pekin (Millifluer), Tufties for hatching.
Other: Turkey (Bronze, Black), Stanbridge White Duck, Partridge (Red legged)

Hatching eggs,Day olds and growers in season.
Houses,Arks and runs made to order.

Location: Nenagh,Tipperary
Phone: 067 26983 / 087 2131258

Casey, Terence

Breeders of: Barbu D'Anver (Millefleur, Quail, Black), Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red.

Location: Offaly

Cherry Tree Poultry. 2016

Large Fowl

Rhode Island Reds
Light Sussex

Growers and POL

Hatching Eggs

Location: Clare
Phone: 0863536813
Website: www.cherrytreepoultry.com

Cherryville Poultry. 2015

We are currently breeding Large Fowl Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red & Barnevelder.

Location: Kildare
Website: www.cherryvillepoultry.com

Chicken Hill Poultry (Updated 2012)

I have a selection of Leghorns (White), Light Sussex, Bluebells,
Silkies (White), Rhode Island Red.
Hatching eggs also available, please feel free to contact me by phone or email at any time.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0870692629

Chickens Direct

I breed: Sebright, Sussex, Jersey Gaint, Blackrock, Rhode Island Red, Leghorn.

I would trade for Campine, Sussex and Polish.

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0667129079 0876687701 0872213922

Christy's Purebred Poultry

Breeder of purebred poultry. Large Fowl: Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Wynedotte (Silver Laced).
Varouis Bantam Breeds.

Eggs and Chicks avaliable mostly all year round

Location: Tipperary
Phone: Contact Christy 087 8537244

Connaughton, Paul

I am a Breeder & exhibitor of the following pure breed poultry, Large fowl: Astrolorp (black), Rhode Island Red, Maran (Cuckoo).
Bantams: Astrolorp (black), Welsummer, Wyandotte (Blue Laced, Gold Laced, Buff Laced).
I sell all of these breeds ranging from hatching eggs, day old and point of lay birds.

Location: Athlone, Co. Westmeath
Phone: 087 9199735

Connor. Alex. 2016

Point of lay pullets and roosters for sale all year round.
Pure bred large fowl breeds
Cream Legbar
Buff, light, Speckled Sussex
White, brown Leghorn
Cuckoo, copper Marran
Barred rock
Rhode Island Red
Jersey Giant
Silver laced wyandotte

Location: Ballyclare
Phone: 07802455342

Conor Pass Poultry. 2014

Breeding for 2014:
Large fowl: light Sussex and Rhode island red.
Bantam: millefleur and lavender Perkin.
Ducks: Muscovy and Indian runner.

Location: West Kerry
Phone: 0872043788

Corrachombra Farm

We are keeping a variety of purebred, large fowl breeds on our smallholding. Most of them are dual-purpose breeds.

Large Fowl : Sussex (Light, Speckled), Orpington (Blue), Dorking (Sliver Gery), Bielefelder, Wyandotte (Blue Laced, Silver Laced), Ixworth, La Bresse Gauloises, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock (Barred),Jersey Giant (Black), Ancona, La Fleche, Brahma (Gold, Silver, Lemon Pyle Brahma), Salmon Faverolle, Sulmtaler, Silkie.
Bantam: Silkie.
Ducks : Muscovy (White, Black&White, Chocolate, Lavender).
Other: Geese (Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse), Turkeys (Bourbon Red, Bronze, Blue), Quail (Italian).

We are selling hatching eggs, also day-olds and older birds when available, in small numbers and to good homes only !

Location: West Cavan
Website: www.corrachombra.webs.com

Corrigan, Sean (Island Poultry).

Ducks: Silver Appleyard (Large).
Hens: Wyandotte (Blue laced, Gold laced, both large), Barnvelder (Double laced, large), Rhode Island Red large, Silkie (Black & White).

Also I keep agood number of crossbred bantams for hatching, as i dont use an incubator all my birds are reared natural with broodie hens, thank you for reading my ad...

Location: Mayo
Phone: 086-8721000

Coyne, Pa

Chickens: Rhode Island Red, Silkie, Sussex (Light,Buff), Maran (Cuckoo), Leghorn (White), Jersey Giant.
Ducks: Aleysbury, Campbell (Khaki).
Also hybrid pullets avaible.

Day old to point of lay

Location: Tipperary, between Clonmel & Dungarvan
Phone: 087 2808042

Crettyard Poultry

Welsummer, Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light), Wyandotte, Maran (Black French), Brahma (Golden), Cochin.

Location: Laois
Phone: 087 1347510

Crowley, Billy. 2015

I breed Pure Bred Rhode Island Reds and bare necks both show quality

Location: Cork
Phone: 0860868180

Cunneen, Jason

Minorca (Black), Brahma (Gold), Vorwerk, Sussex (Buff, Light, Speckled), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (Lavander), Pekin (Buff, Lavander, Black), Japanese Bantams.
Quail (Japanese).

Location: Cork
Phone: 087 1401972

Dernaroy Poultry (Updated 2012)

We have a good variety of breeds available for 2012. (lf)Rhode Island Red,Cuckoo Maran, Welsummer,Barnevelder, Buff Sussex, Silver laced Wyandotte, Pencilled Partridge Wyandotte, Buff Orpington, Gold Laced Orpington. Barnevelder Bantam.

All breeding stock are selected to meet breed standards as closely as possible.
I sell hatching eggs,day old chicks to point of lay subject to availability.
Call anytime for a chat.

Location: Monaghan
Phone: 086 3351387

DNF Poultry

We breed the following exhibition poultry in Ireland.

Rhode Island Red Large Fowl and Bantam
Black Australorp Large Fowl
Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot
White Barbu Danver
White Barbu Duccle
Red Saddled Yokohama LF
Chocolate Orpington Bantam
Spangled Russian Orloff Bantam
Silver Duckwing Phoenix Bantam
Gold Phoenix Bantam

In 2014 we will have hatching eggs for sale throughout the breeding season from our list of breeds, feel free to contact us about buying eggs, birds or for some general info on our birds were happy to help.

We will also be attending most Irish Poultry Shows in The Summer of 2014 where we will be exhibiting our birds.

Location: North Mayo
Phone: 0872971307 or 0868871959

Doddy, Kieran

Breeds: Cayuga, Muscovy, Rhode Island Red.

Location: Sligo
Phone: 0872192549

Donnelly Poultry. 2016

We provide very high quality pure bred chickens and fertilised eggs. We have sumatras large and bantam, Shamos ko Asil ko English Game Rhodes island reds Light speckled Sussex Japanese bantams Dutch bantams Phoenix Icelandic Brahmas Irish game And many more.

Location: Longford
Phone: 0874470053
Website: https://m.facebook.com/Donnelly-Poultry-1682987165276793/

Dunne, James 2014

Pure bred Rhode Island Red fertile eggs for sale 10 euro a dozen.

Phone: 0872369919

Effernogue Foul (Updated 2012)

We breed rhode island reds and black rocks
and nearly all types of pekins (lavender,black,lemon cuckoo)

Location: Wexford
Phone: 0852436575

Finlay, Jason

Breeds: Rhode Island Red, Maran (Cukoo), Sussex (Light, Speckled), Jersey Giant, Lakenvelder Bantams and Silver Laced Wyandotte.
These breds can be bought as Hatching eggs or as chicks.

Location: Wicklow
Phone: 085 1319729

Fitzgerald, Dom

Large Fowl: Sussex (Light, Speckled), Rhode Island Red, Barnvelder, Ancona, Araucana, French Maran (Copper), Brahma (Gold), Orpington (Buff, White), Indian Game.
Hatching eggs and day-olds sometimes available.

Location: Limerick
Phone: 0878578765

Flanagan Farm Fowl

A great selection of pure breds: Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light, Buff, Silver), Leghorn (Exchequer), Maran (French Copper), Jersey Giant, Cream Legbar, Orpington (Buff, Blue, Splash), Silke (Black, White), Faverolle, Pekin.
Ducks include: Indian Runner, Campbell (Khaki), Muscovy.
Turkeys, chicks and eggs when available.
I bred all the above and sell from day old to point of lay pullets, hatching eggs when available.

Location: Limerick
Phone: 086 1580837 or 086 3756468

Flanagan, Oliver. 2014

Poultry Portfolio 2014
8 Indian Runner Ducks, 2 Indian Runner Drakes, 3 Khaki Campbell Ducks,
1 Welsh Harlequin Duck, 15 Chilten Ducks, 5 Aylesbury Ducks, 1 Cayuga Duck, 1 Blue Swedish Duck, 7 Pekin Ducks and 1 Pekin Drake.
Speckled Maran Hens, Blackrock Hens, Blue Bell Hens, Hyliner Hens, Snowdrops, Rhode Island Red Hens,Brown Leghorn Hens, White Leghorn Hens, Light Sussex Hens, Daisy Bell Hens, Rhode Island Red Rooster.
Guinea Hen, Guinea Cock and Embden Goose and Gander.
For Sale Free Range Duck and Hen Eggs.
Six Duck eggs 2.50
Six Hen Eggs 2.00
We also breed Pedigree Irish Angus, Beef Shorthorn and Belted Galloway Cattle.

Location: Athlone, Westmeath
Phone: 087 6112938
Website: www.athloneshow.ie

Fleming, Mary

Large Fowl: Cochin (Cuckoo, White, Blue, Black, Partridge), Orpington (Blue, Black, Buff), Welsummer, Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light), Araucana (Lavender), Vorwerk, Brahma, Wyandotte (Gold), Maran, Araucana (Black).
Bantam: Wyandotte (Silver), Pekin (Black), Rosecomb (White), Dutch, Polish.
Ducks: Rouen.
Other Fowl: Guinea Fowl, Peafowl (Indian Blue).
All breeds are of show quality and I show birds regularly myself. The abovementioned breeds are available at certain times throughout the year. To enquire if i have a certain breed available please do not hestitate to get in touch with me by phone or by email at anytime.

Location: Co. Wexford
Phone: 087 2254236
Website: www.puddleduckpoultry.webs.com

Fowl Things

We raise and sell the following breeds: Large Fow :Large selection of Hybrids always in stock.
Sussex (Light, Buff), Brahma (Light), Maran (Speckled, Cuckoo), Welsummer (4 separate strains), ixworyh, Leghorn (White,exchequer 3 separate strains), Plymouth Rock (Barred), Maran hybrids, Indian Game, Rhode Island Red, Barnvelder.
Bantam: Silkies (White, Buff, Black), Old English Game (lemon pyle), Barbu d\'uccle.
Water fowl: Campbell (Khaki), Indian Runner (White), Call Ducks (White), Mallard, Mallard crosses , Aylesbury, Muscovy (Lavender), Embden, Chinese Geese (brown).
Others: Guinea Fowl- pied,lavender, Japanese Quail.

As we have a large variety, sometimes its better to book your trio or birds in advance to avoid disappointment. We can supply breeding groups of some breeds.

Location: Carrick-on-shannon, Roscommon
Phone: 086-8889795

Gethins, Gerry

Breed: Quality Rhode Island Red's only

Location: Beltra, Co. Sligo
Phone: 086 8142469

Gibbons, Mary

I have all different types of hens: Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light, Silver), Orpington (Buff).
Silkies from day old to point of lay. I have turkey hens laying and fertile true bred Khaki Campbell duck eggs and Indian Runner eggs. I have ducklings from day old to point of lay. I have Turkeys, (Bronze, Black, White) from day old to laying..All well bred and very healthy. Wormed and fed with breeders diet.Thanks

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0871691678

Gleeson Poultry

I have a selection of the following pure breed birds available from day old and point of lay in both male and female.
Breeds: Rhode Island Red, Japanese (Black Tailed White), Campbell (Khaki).

Hatching eggs also for sale. Contact anytime

Location: Cork (central)
Phone: 0873186298

Glenn's Poultry Supplies

I breed: Brahma, Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Silkie, Polish, Dorking (Silver Grey).
Ducks: Magpie, Campbell (Khaki), Aylesbury, Crested, Muscovy, Call Ducks, Indian Rrunner.

Location: Sligo
Phone: 0870640826

Golan View Poultry (Updated 2012)

At Golan View Poultry we keep the following breeds of poultry: Light & Buff Sussex's , Wellsummers , Barred plymouth rock , Barnevelders , Rhode Island Reds (both single & rosecomb) & the following breeds of wyandottes Silver laced , Gold laced , Buff laced , Blue laced , Partridge & Silver pencilled. All our Birds are pure bred and excellent layers. We can also supply hatching eggs of the above breeds. Were Based in Dromore Co.Tyrone.

Location: Tyrone
Phone: 07936410316

Gordon, Michael

Breeder of ducks, chickens and geese.
Breeds include: Brahma (Gold), Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light, Speckled), Orpington (Black, Buff) bantam, Silkie (White, Gold), Wyandotte (Gold Laced, Blue Laced), Pekin (Black)
Ducks: Muscovy (Black, Chocolate, Black & White, Grey & White, Chocolate Ripple, Pure White, Chocolate & White, Blue, Blue & White), Abacot Ranger, Aylesbury, Campbell (Khaki), Mallard.
Other: Embden geese, Sebastopol Geese, Grey & White geese. Also pure black chickens and cross breeds. Hens and ducks from 10 each and geese 30 each..

Location: Cliften, Co.Galway
Phone: 095 44902
Website: www.galwaypoultry.weebly.com

Gortumly Poultry Farm

Breeds kept: Maran (French Copper Black, Copper Blue) great layers of dark brown eggs and also make a great table bird, Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light)2 seprate strains, Silkie bantam and large fowl (White, Black), Bantam Anacona (Speckled), Lakenvelder.
Hatching eggs, day olds, growers available.

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 086-8161465

Grange Poultry 2014

I breed:

sussex (buff,light)


Rhode Island Red


Also hatching eggs and day olds when available.

Location: Dublin
Phone: 0852849755

Grant, John or Lauren

Pure breed chickens: Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light, Buff), Welsummer, Black Minorca, Leghorn (Brown, Exchequor), Barnvelder, Ancona, Brahma (Columbian), Silkie (Brown).
Pure Breed Ducks: Campbell (Khaki, White), Chilton, Aylesbury, Indian Runner, Muscovy, Call Ducks ( 5 different colours), Mandarin, Carolina, Black East Indian.
Goslings - Embden

Location: Tipperary
Phone: 0876796567, 0529154710, 0876308967

Greencastle Pure Bred Poultry

At Greencastle pure bred poultry we breed a limited number of the healthiest, top quality and most productive breeds.

Current breeds on-site include: Rhode Island Red, Blue/Black Barnvelders (Double Laced), Blue/Black French Copper Marans (Dark brown egg layers), Melanistic Mutant Pheasants (Very limited numbers available).

All birds are healthy and parasite free.
As we have close association with another breeder of similar high quality pure bred birds other breeds may become available from time to time, including for example various Orpingtons, Sussex etc. Generally most common breeds can be sourced to order with some notice.

Location: Donegal
Phone: 0833196988

Hanley, Dean (Updated 2012)

Hi everyone, I am a breeder of pure breed poultry, with alot of knowledge and experiance in breeding and rearing poultry! I breed large and bantam fowl hens with a nice mix of traditional and rare breeds! I aim to improve the standard of each breed by doing my very best to source top quality hens and roosters to breed from!!

LARGE FOWL '2012:Light sussex Rhode Island red Gold Brahma Buff Orpington Jubilee Orpington Lavander Auracana.
BANTAM FOWL '2012: Pekin (Lavander,Black-mottled,Milliflure) Chocolate Orpington (Rare) White Silkie Lemon millifure sablepoot Chamois poland.
OTHER FOWL: Guinea fowl Call Ducks Colourfull laying Ducks.

Day old chicks, growers and point of lay pullets will be available throughout the year. Also there will be small amounts of hatching eggs available! Please feel free to call anytime if you think you might be interested in any of my birds and i will do my best to give you all the advice and information i can!!

Meath/Kildare border... Near Enfield, Kinnegad on N4. Thanks for reading.

Location: Meath/Kildare
Phone: 0877518286

Hatching Service. 2014

New Hatching Service
We charge 1.50 per egg that hatches and nothing for eggs that do not hatch.
You can give us your own eggs or if you want we can source the eggs for you.
We also have a rearing service for chicks, 1 week 2, 2weeks 3.50 , 3weeks 5 , 1 month ( 4 weeks)6.50, 2 months 11.50
This price excludes hatching fees ( 1.50 P/E ) but includes the price of supplies.

Breeds we source

Barred rock



Rhode Island Reds






And others at request.

Location: Mayo

Hennessy Poultry, Damien and Pat

We breed lots of different fowl from chicks to a few months old.
Here are our breeds:
Orpington, (Buff, Yellow), Faverolle (Salmon), Jersey Giant, Polish (Black), Plymounth Rock (Yellow), Wyandotte (Silver Laced), Silkie (different colours), Leghorn (Brown, White), Black Rock, Sussex (Buff, Light), Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Ancona, Hamburg, Maran (Copper, Speckeldy), Bluebell, splash Pekin(Cuckoo, White), Japanese, Dutch (Black and gold).
Guinea Fowl (different colours).
Waterfowl: Campbell (Khaki), Indian Runner (different colours) and more. thanks

Location: East Cork
Phone: 086 8074919


Large Fowl: Brahma, Cochin, Orpington, Rhode Island Red.
Bantam Fowl: Rhode Island Red, Dutch, Surama, Brahma.

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 0857190387

Jungo. 2014

We keep the following pure and rare breeds of hens:

Real Rhode Island Reds (LF),
Light Sussex (both Bantams and LF),
Gold Brahmas, Silver Brahmas and Lemon Pyle Brahmas (all large fowl) and Silkies (LF).

We keep the following breeds of ducks:

Indian Runners, Silver Appleyards and Call ducks. We keep these breeds pure and as a hobby so we do not generally have birds for sale. We do have hatching eggs available throughout the breeding season.

We are located just outside Galway City. Thank you.

Location: Galway
Phone: 0871369714

Kealey, Paul

I breed and sell: Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light), Cream Legbar.

All birds are Pure Bred and will have hatching eggs for sale. Please phone at anytime as I may have various birds available. Thanks Paul.

Location: Limavady, Co. Derry
Phone: 07919060807

Keogh. Colin. 2014

Rhode island reds
yokohama(red saddled)
lemon sablepoot
abacot ranger
Carolina(normal and blonde)
mandarin(normal and silver)
Calafornian Quail
and the extremely rare Ayam Cemani
I will have hatching eggs, growers and chicks for sale throughout the year. I can post eggs anywhere in Ireland for 5 euro a half dozen.

Location: Tullamore. Offaly
Phone: 0863490247

Kieran Lambert

I keep the following breeds:
Lemon Millefluer, Sablepoot, Porcelain Sablepoot, Black Mottled Pekin, Lavender Pekin, Rhode Island Red, Buff Pekin, Gold Partridg Pekin & Slow growing table birds.
I have hatching eggs and from day old upwards from time to time

Location: Mullingar
Phone: 087 9905333

Killops, Raymond

Large fowl: Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (Brown), Plymouth Rock (Barred), Cream Legbar.
Bantam: Sussex (Light), Auracana.
Hatching eggs & day olds for sale in season, occassionaly adult fowl available.

Location: Co. Down
Phone: 07711889666

Kingdom Poultry. 2015

Large Fowl: Old English Game (Pyle), Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Barnvender.
Bantam: Japanese (White, Black-tailed White), Sebright (Gold, Silver), Old English Game (Partrige, Creole), Rosecomb (Black, Cuckoo), Polish (White, Cuckoo), Old Dutch (Gold), Silkie (Gold, White, Black, Red), Favarolle (Salmon), Sablepoot (Lemon Millefleur).
Pheasant: Golden Pheasant (Red, Yellow), Lady Amherst, Coppers, Reeves, Elliot
Quail: Japanese White Pied, Italian.
Pigeons: Racer, Garden Fantail (White.
Contact: Billy 0876528706 or Mark 0863862114

Wanted show standard chamois and silver laced polish for personal collection.

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0876528706 0863862114
Website: www.kingdompoultry.webs.com

Kings Poultry. 2014

We breed the following large fowl all pure breed: Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light,Buff), Maran (Cuckoo), Leghorn (White), Minocra (Black) Ancona, Campine (Silver),Appenzeller Spitzhauben (Silver)
Ducks: Saxony, Welsh Harlequin.

Hatching Eggs and Chicks form Day Old to Point of Lay for sale when availible.

Call Brian on 0469021330 or 0864043998

Location: Navan, Co.Meath
Phone: 0864043998

Leam Poultry and Waterfowl

Specialises in keeping top quality poultry, waterfowl and equipment.

Large Fowl: Sussex (Buff, Light, Red), Orpington (Blue/Splash, Buff ), Barnevelder, Rhode Island Red, Maran (French Copper Blue & Black).
Bantam: Polish (White Crested Cuckoo, Bearded Gold Laced), Sussex (Light, Buff), Sebright (Gold Laced ).
Other Breeds are sometimes available
Ducks: Indian Runner (English and American Fawn and White, Fawn, White),Call Ducks (White, Apricot, Mallard, Blue/Lavender/Black Bibbed).

Hybrid laying Pullets also Stocked. Hatching Eggs are Posted to UK and Ireland. Birds are Sold as POL or Day Old.
A large range of high quality poultry feeders and drinkers are also available and can be posted to UK and Ireland.Starter packs that include - Hen Ark, Pullets, Feeder + dinker, Meal and grain are available.

Location: Fivemiletown, Tyrone/Fermanagh
Phone: 07706728515

Lee, Bridget

Breeds kept: Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Araucana (Lavender),Wyandotte.
Bantam: Pekin.
I also keep Ducks: Campbell (Khaki), Muscovy ( Lavender and some White).

Location: Ballyconneely, Clifden, Co. Galway.
Phone: 087 6555804

Lenaghan, Basil

I have a flock of five Rhode Island Red hens which are now about four years old. They are out of two pure bred hens a colleague purchased from a reliable source in county Sligo coupled with a rooster who was a first generation selected good looking son of one of them whose father was a white-tailed but guaranteed pure bred Rhode Islander - ok there might well have been a little sussex in him.

Since the middle of January these birds have been running with a pure bred Rhode Island Red cock already proven and, not only a good looking bird, but guaranteed pure bred
On average they're currently laying about 2.5 eggs daily. This pattern has just recently begun so I'm confident that any eggs are coming from good layers. Is that not the case, bearing in mind the very cold winter and the start stop Spring that has only just begun almost like magic? I'm now in the position to offer their eggs for sale at 2.00 an egg, in batches of six or twelve. Thank you.

Location: County Fermanagh
Phone: 07787432284

Liam's Poultry

Large fowl: Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Silkie (White, Red, Black), Brahma (Columbian).
Bantams: Japanese (Black Mottled, Blue Mottled, Black, Blue, Black Tailed White, Black Tailed Buff, Silver), Pekin (Black Mottled, White, Lemon cuckoo, Millefleuir, Lavender, Columbian), Serama (White, Quail, Millefleuir), Ko-shamo (White, Black), Dutch (Blue, Gold, Silver, Pyle, Millefleuir), Silkie (White), Sablepoot (Lemon Millefleuir)
Ducks: Call Ducks (Pied), Saxony, Aylesbury, Campbell (Khaki), Ringneck teal.
Geese: Tolouse, African.

Light Sussex, Blackrock and Maran available all year round, all hens.

Location: Laois
Phone: 0851345048

Little Ford Poultry

I breed and sell: Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Jersey Giant, Cream Legbar, Orpington.
I will in the spring of 2011 have Old English Phesant Fowl and also Coronation Sussex.
All birds are Pure Bred and will have hatching eggs for sale.

Please phone at any time as I may have various birds available, and if I am out leave a message and I will return your call. Thanks

Location: Limavady, Derry.
Phone: 028 777 64866

Lodge Cross Poultry

I breed large fowl: Maran (Cuckoo), Rhode Island Red, Hamburg (Golden Penciled). Andalusian (Black), Polish (Blue, White), Dutch bantams.

I keep hybrids and nearly always have something for sale. I also sell hatching eggs and breeding starts every March.

Location: North Kerry
Phone: 085 1680090

Lodgecross Poultry.2014

I breed the following birds

Large fowl:
Rhode island reds, Cuckoo marans, andualusians (black or blue), jersey giants.

Golden pencilled hamburgs

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0851680090


Breeder of: Old English Game, Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Egyptian
Fyomi (Quail), Barbu (d,anver), sebright (Gold).

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 087 6769829


Dorking (Silver Grey), Campine (Gold, Silver), Derbyshire Red Cap, Plymouth rock (Barred), Orpington (Buff, Blue), Brahma (Gold,Dark(Silver)), Wyandotte Gold Laced,
Maran (Copper Black), Barnvelder (Normal, Blue), Welsummer, Black Minorca, Leghorn (Brown, Red Mottled), Sussex (Light, Buff, Speckled), Silkie (White, Blue), Ancona, Cream Legbar, Aruacana (Lavender), Rhode Island Red and more.

Location: Galwaay
Website: www.tuampoultry.webs.com

Mc Gee,Eamonn

I keep: Rhode Island Red hens.

I sell a small amount of day old chicks every week.

Location: Ballintra, Co. Donegal
Phone: 0860533812

Mc Nally, Francis

Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Sussex (Light), Orpington (Buff), Sebright.

Location: Monaghan
Phone: 086 2667878

McGrath, Tom

Breeder of large fowl, Black Astralorp, Rhode Island Red, Wyandottes( Silver Pencilled, Gold Laced, Silver Laced, Blue Laced, Buff), Brahmas( Gold, Silver, Blue Columbian, Light), Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Salmon Faverolles

Hatching Eggs, Day-olds, Growers and Pullets available to order

Khaki Campbell and Aylesbury ducklings and hatching eggs available to order.

Fertile Goose eggs and Goslings also available to order.

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 087-275-3845

McGraths Poultry. 2014

Golden Brahma

Light Sussex

Rhode Island Red

All bird pure bred.
Hatching eggs available all year.
I hatch new batch of each breed every four weeks.
Chicks available most of the time.

Text or email for details

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0864172248

McGuire, Margaret and Colin

We are hobby breeders of: Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex (sex link cross).
Pekin Bantams various colours, pure white Pekin Bantams.
Hatching eggs available in the spring. We also breed Rex Rabbits (non shedding suitable for children with allergies, asthma etc)
Irish agents for Allen and Page Small Holder Range.
We also stock a full range of Organic GM Free poultry feed, rabbit food, dog food and horse feed. Feeders and drinkers also available.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0868408944 0238839880

McHugh, Brian

Most breeds at geniune prices: Sebright, Rhode Island Red, Call Ducks etc.

Location: Bundoran
Phone: 0857873392

Michelles-Fowl (Updated 2012)

Large Fowl: Brahma (Gold), Marans (Cuckoo), Rhode Island Red, Welsummer.
Bantam: Australorp (Black), Brahma (Buff Columbian), Dutch (Gold), Rosecomb (Black).
Ducks: Call (Mallard, Silver), Indian Runner (Fawn & White, White).
Pigeons: English Long Faced Muffed Tumblers (Black), Garden Fantail (White), Irish Flying Tumblers (Mixed Colours).
Birds: Irish Fancy Canary, Budgie, Cockatiel (Normal), Red Rump (Normal, Lutino).
Rabbits: Lop, Straight Ear (Yellow).
Guinea Pigs: Abyssinian, Crested, Long Hair, Rex, Smooth.
Hamsters: Dwarf Winter White (Normal, Sapphire, Pearl White), Syrian.
Gerbils: Mongolian

Check my website for availability and for new and planned litters and hatches.

Location: Tipperary
Phone: 086 1689219
Website: www.michelles-fowl.webs.com

Midland Poultry

Supplying pure bred laying fowl, in the form of hatching eggs (when available), day old chicks, growing birds and point of lay commercial pullets.
Breeds: Rhode Island Red, Welsomer, Maran, Minorca (Black), Leghorn (White), Sussex (Light, Buff).

Location: Co. Laois
Phone: Brendan on 087 290 7081
Website: www.midlandpoultry.com

Murphy, John

Hi, I'm a hobby breeder with following breeds, available from hatching eggs to pol.

Large Fowl: Rhode Island Red, Maran, Welsummer, Jersey |Giant (black), Barnvelder, Minorca (Black), Leghorn (Exchequer), Sussex (Buff, Light), Orpington (Buff), Polish (White).
Bantam: Silkie (few colours), Sebright (Gold), Dutch (Gold), Pekin.
Ducks: Cayuga, Indian Runner (Fawn and White), Campbell (Khaki), Minature Silver Apple yard, Call Ducks (various, white, choclate,.....), Aylesbury.
Indian Blue Peafowl.
Also if interested I have large incubator if anyone interested in having eggs hatched out for them just give a buzz anytime

Regards John

Location: Kilmallock, Co Limerick.
Phone: 086 1062125

Murphy. Aaron. 2014

Hi i breed the following birds Ducks Call ducks(white) Aylesbury Pekin(All Ireland Champions 2014) Saxony(Supreme Champion Tullamore 2014) Hens Rhode Island Reds Pekin Welsummer Japenese Barbu d anver Australop All the above birds are show quality and have the best bloodlines.

Location: Westmeath.
Phone: 0858265696

Murphy. Alan. 2014

Hi i breed top quality poultry WE Breed
Saxony(Supreme champion Tullamore Show 2014)
Rhode Island Red
Barbu d Anver
All the above are show stock and have won many prizes

Location: Athlone. Westmeath
Phone: 0858265696

Myles, Aaron

I Breed: Sussex (Light, Speckled, Buff), Welsummer, Rhode Island Red.
Bantam: Silkie.
Ducks: Crested Ducks, Call Ducks, Indian Runner.
Other: Bronze Turkeys,

I Sell Eggs of all theses I dont have 1 half breed hen at all. Call me in the evenings or at weekends.

Location: Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal
Phone: 0877737763

N J Poultry

Large Fowl: Silkie (Black, White, Blue), Leghorn (Black, White, Brown, Red Mottled - all lay white eggs), Cream Legbar (lay green eggs), Plymouth Rock (Barred), Wyandotte (Silver Laced), Sussex (Light, Speckled, Silver, Buff), New Hamshire Red, Maran (Cuckoo), Rhode Island Red, Barnvelder (Double Laced, dark brown egg), Welsummer (dark brown egg), Ancona (Black and white).
Bantam: Wyandotte (Silver Laced),
Ducks: Indian Runner (Fawn and White, Trout), Campbell (Khaki), Welsh Harlequin
Muscovy (Mahogany).
Other: Quail (Chinese Painted, Large), Geese (Giant dewlapped toulouse), Turkey (Norfolk black), Pheasant (Ring neck, Golden, Lady Amherst, Melanistic).

We sell hatching eggs, day old chicks to point of lay pullets,all 100% pure breed.

Will travel countrywide for large numbers

Location: Donegal
Phone: 0858160044

Nesbitt, Roy

I keep mainly: Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Buff, Light).

Other breeds often available: Barnevelder, Welsummer, Maran, Orpington( Buff).
Hybrid pullets also when available.

Location: Armagh
Phone: 00447909535323

Nolan, Eugene

Large Fow: Faverolle (Salmon), Rhode Island Red, Maran (Cuckoo), Sussex (Coronation, Light, Buff), Black Rocks and cross breeds
Bantam: Pekin (Red, Black, Lavendar, Gold Partridge, Cuckoo), Japenease (Black Tailed White), Silkie (Black, White, Gold, Blue), Sussex (Buff), Ko Shamo (Black Red, Wheaton), Polish (White).

Location: Laois
Phone: 0858403258

O B, Allen

i breed partdge bramha large and bantam ,partdge old english,partdge pekin,red lavandar black mottled-frizzle and cockoo pekin,and rhod island reds and loads of quail butten jumbo red-tenese califorina king quail and loads of finches and love birds all my birds or pure breeds

Location: Newbridge, Co Kildare
Phone: 0877582385

O Connor, Brendan

Bantams: Japanese (Brown Red, Black tailed White, Mottled, Silver), Pekin (Black, Columbian), Modern Game (Silver Birchen, Silver Blue, Lemon Blue), Booted Bantam (Lavender), Sablepoot (Lemon Millefleur), German Langshan (Black), Dutch (Gold), Rhode Island Red, Rosecomb (Black), Ko Shamo (White).
Ducks: Pekin, Mandarin (Normal), European Wigeon, Call Ducks (Various colours)
more breeds and varieties added throughout.

Location: Co.Laois
Phone: 0851709936

O Leary Poultry. 2014

I keep a few different breeds WATERFOWL call ducks, muscovies,crested,khaki, khaki crosses, indian runner at times,chinese geese and embden geese large fowl indian game , Transylvanian naked necks,rhode islands and some others breeds at times HYBRID BREEDS I sell, 8 types available , bluebell, blackrock,bareed rock,sussex hybrid and rir hybrid aswell as few others BANTAMS old English game ,dutch bantams,ko shamo,pekin,mixed bred aswell

Location: Macroom, Co. Cork
Phone: 0879697939

Oakman, John

Pure bred poultry out of prize winning poultry and all ireland winners. Large Fowl: Brahma (Gold, Columbian, Buff), Faverolle (Salmon), Cochin (Black, Blue, White, Partidge, Cuckoo), Rhode Island Red, Indian Game (Dark, Jubilee), Welsummer, Sussex (Speckled), Minorca (Black), New Hamshire Red, Orpington (Buff, Black).
Bantam: Old English Game (several colours), Pekin (several colours), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (Black, White), Dutch (Gold, Blue, Yellow, Blue Partidge), Brahma (Gold), Ancona, Japanese (several colours), Ko-shamo (several colours), Modern Game.
Ducks: East Indian (Black), Crested Duck (several colours), Appelyard (miniture silver), Call Ducks (several colours).
Geese: Chinese Geese (White, Grey), Embden (White), Toulouse (Grey).
Pigeons: Tumbler, Jacobin, Indian Fantail, Capuchin.

Location: Glasson, Weastmeath
Phone: 0906485096 or 0851318815

P n A Poultry. 2014

We are breeders of
Buff orpingtons.
Lavender pekins.
Rhode island reds.
Buff Pekins.
Millefleur Pekins
Gold partridge Pekins
White crested polish bantams and welsummers

Our aim is quality not quantity.
we will have pullets growers and hatching eggs available.

Location: Offaly
Phone: 086 837 3519

paddyhughes (Updated 2012)

We breed pure breed rhode island reds.. Pure breed light sussex and even them hybrids.. Make the order and we will get anything you want up.to 50 + types if you order

Location: armagh
Phone: 04830868991-02830868991

Pearson. Glen. 2014

Large Fowl

Sussex(Buff, Light, Speckled) Welsummer(Partridge, Silver Duckwing, White) Rhode Island Red, White Wyandotte.

Location: Kildare
Phone: 085 7121784

Phoenix Pheasants & Poultry 2015

Description: Small scale breeder of pheasants and poultry. We have several pairs of the breeds we keep,sourcing stock in the Ireland,Belgium,Holland and the UK.In our poultry we are striving to produce birds correct to type and exhibition quality. We will hopefully have the following for 2015-


Temmincks Tragopan.
Satyr Tragopan.
Himalayan Monal.
Sonnerats(grey) jungle fowl.
Red jungle fowl(2 races-gallus and jabouillei).
True pheasants(Korean and Bianchi).
Black crested guinea fowl.


Buff orpington- breeding stock directly sourced from David pownall
or birds from his lines.

Rhode Island reds.

Location: Cork
Phone: 086 2397476

Polintamny Cottage Poultry

Chocolate-brown Rhode Island Bantams. Good show lines. Free range in the good weather(!) Fed only the best organic products and garden produce. Parasite free. Tame, friendly and hardy.
Can deliver if costs are covered. Please feel free to enquire.

Location: Ballymoney

Portlaoise Poultry

Breeds Kept: Rhode Island Red, Maran (Cuckoo).
Hatching eggs sometimes available. Other breeds also. Buying or selling try us.

Location: Portlaoise, Co Laois
Phone: 085 7223994

Poulacapple Poultry. 2015

Hobbyist breeders of Breed Standard, Free Range, Traditional Breeds. Our 2015 Breeds include..... Large Fowl Rhode Island Red, Copper French Maran, Double Laced Barnvelder, Blue,Black & Splash Jersey Giant, Blue, Gold, & Wheaten Wyandotte, Light Sussex, Buff Columbian Brahma, Barred Plymouth Rock, Bantam Breed, Golden Pheonix , Lavender Muscovy, we also breed , Anglo Nubian Goats,

Location: Callan, Co Kilkenny
Phone: 086 812 4277
Website: www.poulacapplepoultry.com

Power, Cormac

Large Fowl: Maran, Sussex (Light, Buff), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (Brown, White), Brahma (Gold, Silver).
Bantam: Dutch (Blue, Gold), Modern Game(Black Red).
Ducks: Call Ducks (Various Colours), Crested Appleyard, Indian Runner (Various Colours), Cayuga, Campbell (Khaki), Abocat Ranger, Saxony, Aylesbury.
Geese: Chinese (White), Pomerian, Giant Tolouse.
Other: Peafowl (Indian Blue, Dark Shouldered), Guinea Fowl (Pearl, Peid, Wwhite, Lavender).

Location: Galway
Phone: 0876767287

R & R Poultry. 2016

We breed a range of hens including Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Silver Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Vorweks, Barnvelders, Brown Leghorns, Partridge Wyandottes and more. We have worked with poultry for 10+ years now. Located outside Moneymore.

Location: Londonderry
Phone: 07802611986 or 07517210430

Rathnashannagh Poultry, Nigel Hogan

Hi my name is Nigel hogan i have recently started breeding poultry. All my poultry are pure breed they include: Light sussex, Rode Island Reds , Black opringtons, White Jersey Giants. I usually have chicks for sale or hatching eggs in the right season... call for further information

Location: Carlow
Phone: 0857540079

Roselawn Poultry 2014

Breeder of the following;

Rhode Island red (large fowl)

Rhode Island red (bantam)

Melanistic pheasant

All stock grass ranging

All enquires welcome via mobile or email.

Location: Meath
Phone: 086 8752820

Ross Kellys Poultry. 2015

I breed black muscovy ducks and white indian runners.
I also breed Rhode Island reds
White silkies
Large dark indian game
Buff orpingtons
All my poultry are show quality and I can supply chicks and hatching eggs also.

Location: kildalkey, meath
Phone: 0870578689

Sean T. 2014

Rhode island reds
Call ducks
Canada geese
Embden geese
Chinese geese
Light brahmas
gold brahmas
Silver brahmas
Blue buff columbian bantam brahmas
Double breasted bronze turkeys
Fawn indian runners
Naked necks

Only Pure Bred stock bred
selling some birds most of the year
Contact if interested in anything

Location: Galway
Phone: 0857834791

Shallon Poultry Breeders

Large selection of pure breeds and cross breeds: Silkies, Maran (Copper Black, Cuckoo), Maran/Rhode island X.
Fertilized Pekin and Khaki Campbell duck eggs available for incubation.

Location: Julianstown, Co. Meath
Phone: 087 4146843

Shane Swaine

Large Fowl: Leghorn (Red Mottled, Brown, White)Rhode Island Red, Sussex White, Guinea Fowl, Maran (French), Silkie (White, Gold), Hamburg (Golden Penciled, Silver Spangled), Vorwerk, Minorca (Black).
Bantam: Dutch (gold Partridge, Silver Duckwing, Blue Partridge, Yellow Partridge, Pyle, White, Black, Lavender), Old English Game, Japanese: (Black Tailed White), Serama, Buff Rock
Pheasant: Melnilstic, Silver, Ring Neck.

Location: Athboy, Co Meath
Phone: 087 6540622

Smith, Dave & Barbara

Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light), Leghorn (White), Barnvelder, Aracauna, Pekin.
Chicks and hatching eggs when available.

Location: Kenmare, Co. Kerry

South East Poultry

Hobbyists Breeder of Pure Breed Chickens & Ornamental Ducks. We're situated just 5 minuites outside New Ross town. Adult and growing birds for sale most weeks.

Large Breeds: Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Maran (Cuckoo), Leghorn (White, Mottled), Orpington (Buff).
Bantams: Dutch (Gold, Black, Silver), Silkie (Black,Gold), Polish (White Crested), Pekin (Lavender).
Ducks: Carolina "Wood Ducks" (2 varieties), Mandarin, Call Ducks (4 varieties), Indian Runners (Black, Trout).

We also keep small amounts of organically raised Hybrid laying Hens. (All sourced from UK and raised from chicks)
Gingernut Rangers, Black Rock, Speckledy Marans, Daisy Bells, Blue Bells.

Location: New Ross, Co. Wexford
Website: www.sepoultry.weebly.com

Sparks, Sam

Breeder of: Rhode Island Red, Silkie (partridge,gold,blue,White), Leghorn (White, Brown, Exchequer), Maran (Cuckoo), Sebright, Sussex (Light).
Ducks: Campbell (Khaki), Indian Runner, Muscovy

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0870578471

Stakem, Eamonn

Large Fowl: Sussex (Light), Rhode Island Red, Welsummer.
Bantam: Dutch (Gold)
Duck: Aylesbury, Campbell (Khaki).
All pure, show quality.

Location: Wicklow
Phone: 0861948503/0876436002

Stan The Chicken Man

A powerfull selection of purebreads. I breed: Orpington (Buff), Brahma (Gold), Ancona, Leghorn, Bielefelder, Jersey Giant, Barnvelder, Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light), Cochin (Buff).

I breed all of the above and sell from day old chicks also hatching eggs when available.

Location: Foynes, Co. Limerick
Phone: 086 0837918


Large Fowl: Rhode Island Red, Sussex (Light), Hybrids.
Chicks and point of lay available. Orders taken

Location: Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare
Phone: 0860892129

Tangney. Cian. 2014

I breed
Rhode Island Red bantams, excellent layers Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot bantams

Hatching eggs, chicks and growers for sale for most of the year Eggs can be posted

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0858244917

The Willows. 2015

I am a hobby breeder of large fowl poultry. I keep small breeding teams of the following:-

Gold Laced Wyandotte
Silver Laced Wyandotte
White Wyandotte
Buff Orpington
Rhode Island Red

All birds are show quality, healthy and raised in a free range environment.

Hatching eggs when available can be collected or sent by courier for an additional charge. All chicks are sexed, cockerels can be ordered. Point of lay hens can also be ordered.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0851133673

Totten, Andrew

Large fowl: Rhode Island Red, Sussex, Maran, etc.
Bantam Fowl: Sussex (Light, Silver), Barnvelder, Maran, New Hampshire Red, Belgium Barbu d'anver, Dutch, etc.

Many other birds available on request.

Location: Co. Armagh
Phone: 07719998777

Trabreaga Poultry (Updated 2012)

I breed light sussex, blue/gold laced barnevelders and rhode island reds. My birds are good quality and all healthy.

I sell hatching eggs, day old chicks to pullets.

Location: Donegal
Phone: 0866686112

Walsh, Paul

Chickens, Large Fowl: Sussex (Light, Buff), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Buebell.
Ducks: Call Ducks, Indian Runner.
Bantam: Pekin (Black, Lavender), Silkie (White, Black).

Eggs all ways available.

Location: Kerry
Phone: 0876549090

Ward, Alan & Georgie

Breeds Kept: Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock (Barred)

Location: Roscommon
Phone: 086 1625077

Watkins Dylan. 2014

Hi,I have hatching eggs in the following

DUCKS: indian runners

CHICKENS: crossbreed bantams make great broody hens,rhode island reds cross with rhode island red bantam also make great broody hens .

PHEASANTS: common ringneck

Location: Offaly
Phone: 0871182939


Breeds Kept include: Maran (Cuckoo), Barnvelder, Rhode Island Red, Brahma (Golden).
Hatching eggs always available, growing birds usually available.

Location: Wexford
Phone: 087 6489745

Will & Mary chickens

This is what we breed: Sussex (Light), Maran, Welsummer, Sultan, Rhode Island Red, Silkie (White, Black, Red),SSebright (Golden, Silver), Pekin (Lavender, Black, White).

Location: Wicklow
Phone: 0863429982