Poultry Breeders who sell Geese

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Alexs Birds. 2023.

HENS LARGE FOWL-Rhode Island red, Welsummer, leghorn, Orpington etc

BANTAMS- Seramas, D'anvers, Gold dutch, Japanese, Silkie etc

QUAIL- Bobwhite, Chinese painted, Coturnix, Californian

PEAFOWL-Indian blue, Pied, White, Opal etc

ORNAMENTAL AND DOMESTIC GEESE- Red breasted, Barnacle, Exhibition Toulouse

ORNAMENTAL DUCKS- Various breeds Mandarins, Carolinas, wigeon, pintail etc

DOMESTIC DUCKS- Indian runner, Cayuga's, Cherry valley

BANTAM DUCKS- White Calls, Black east indies

GAMEBIRDS- Ringneck, red/grey partridge

TURKEYS- Bourbon Red

PIGEON/DOVES- Fantails, barbary..


Location: Kilkeel, Co. Down.
Phone: 07514270343
Website: www.alexsbirds.co.uk

Campion, Donal. 2023.

Ducks(cayuga,black East indie,rouen,miniature appleyard)


Geese (steinbachers,toulouse,barnacle,grey lag,bar head,emperor,white-fronted,pink foot,cackling)

Swans (black,whooper)

Ornamental ducks(mandarins,Carolinas teals,red crested pochard,

Bahamas,pintails,wigeons,whistling ducks,European shelducks,ruddy shelducks,Australian shelducks)

Peafowl (blue,pied,white,silver pied,opal,cameo,bronze,green)

Pheasants(Amhersts,goldens,reeves,Swindoe,blue eared,brown eared,tragopans,monals,Edwards,kalij,sonnerats,red junglefowl,ghost pheasants,Japanese pheasants,grey peacocks)

Quail(californian,gambles,mountain,Bob white,Chinese painted,mountain)


Bantams (large silkie,miniature silkie,black silkie,gold silkie,rose combs,Dutch,sebrights,wyandottes)

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0877749277

Drohan. Pat. 2023.


Rhode Island Red

Large Toulouse Geese

Location: Newcastle West. Limerick.
Phone: 0872766901

Jazz-a-belle Poultry. 2023

Hatching eggs, chicks and pol rare pure breed poultry from high quality/show lines

Bantam :-

Pekin ( black mottled, lavender and white )

Booted bantam ( black, porcelain, lemon millefleurs, white, buff mottled )

Silkie ( painted and blue )

Wyandotte ( blue laced, buff laced and gold laced )

Large fowl:-

Light Sussex

Speckled Sussex

Buff Orpington



Call ducks ( mixed coloured breeding group )

Farm yard ducks ( various colours )

Embden geese

Red bourbon turkeys

Hatching service

Poultry equipment and feeds, bedding etc

Location: Mayo
Website: jazzabelle-poultry.simplesite.com

Nore Valley Park Farm. 2023

We're a Pet Farm with a wide range of birds on show to our visitors.
We hatch all through the year and can hatch for people on request.
We almost always have birds for sale, esp laying hens, bantams and ducks. We also have turkeys for christmas and occasionally guinea fowl, geese, pheasants, quail and other rare breeds!
We also do educational hatching projects in schools and have a mobile farm where we bring animals to you!

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0857644100

Roland. Alison. 2023

Pure bred Friesian chicken hatching eggs and chicks for sale with some adults.
A very attractive and agile rare breed which is ideal for free ranging and can fly very well (to escape from predators).
Good egg producer; circa 230 per year.
Very strong chicks and high fertility rate of the eggs.
All eggs collected daily and individually dated.

Also Chinese Geese

Location: Castlerea, Roscommon
Phone: 0833158224

Shiels, Pat. 2023.

breeder of pomeranian geese, pearl guinea fowl & brown leghorns

Hatching eggs for sale when available

Location: Westmeath
Phone: 0860636420

The Lane Cottage. 2023

I have fertile eggs from the following breeds

1. sablepoot bantams

2. Ayam cemani

3. Usa Silkies

4. Silver sebright bantas

5. Gold sebright bantams

6. Pekins

7. White & Brown call duck

8. Chinese geese

Location: Listowel. Co. Kerry.
Phone: 0877994226
Website: www.thelanecottagefarm.wordpress.com