Poultry Breeders who sell Brahma

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Ballinabarney Poultry. 2018.

I am breeding the following

Black Brahma LF

Gold Brahma LF

Bluelight/light Columbian brahma LF

White bantam silkies

Hatching eggs available

All our birds are show quality

All our birds have won or placed high in The Iverk show 2017, The Tullamore show 2017 and The national show 2018.

Location: Kilkenny / Wexford
Phone: 0864172248

BMAC Poultry, Barry McAleer. 2015

2015 Poultry Stock
I keep the following breeds:
Sablepoots (Gold Birchen & White)
Large Fowl Brahmas (Lemon Pyle & Gold Partridge) I only sell chicks and eggs to hatch from above.
Requests for eggs are limited as I dont keep a large breeding stock.

Location: Galbally, Co. Tyrone
Phone: 07902343161

Brady Poultry. 2016.

I have the following breeds of poultry:
White leghorn
Light sussex
Silver sussex bantam
Gold bantam brahma
Black Dutch bantam
Silver laced wyandotte large fowl
Barbu D'anvers
Blue bell

I will have no chicks or hatching eggs for sale this year will have next summer 2017.

Location: Virginia, Co. cavan
Phone: 0857040110

Brahmas Only. 2016.

I am a breeder of large fowl brahmas only at this present time.
I am concentrating on light ,blue light,and black but might also breed a few darks and solid blues in 2017.
I also run a Facebook page for Brahma enthusiasts only called Brahma Ireland.

Location: Antrim. Dunloy.
Phone: 07810372674

Cians Chickens. 2014

Hi all i am a hobbiest breeder of pure breed chickens such as gold partridge brahmas,Lf.
I also hope to be breeding salmon faverolles, gold laced orpingtons and silver laced wyndotte bantams. I also will have other various breeds and colour variations from time to time. I will also be selling hatching eggs too. Thanks

Location: Co Kerry
Phone: 0831342508

Clarke. Alice. 2015

LF orpingtons: Blue, Blue/splash, Buff, Gold laced, Jubilee LF Cochins : White and Cuckoo LF Gold brahma

All birds of high quality

Hatching eggs supplied from mid Feb 2015


Location: Wexford
Phone: 0874103120

Donnelly Poultry. 2016

We provide very high quality pure bred chickens and fertilised eggs. We have sumatras large and bantam, Shamos ko Asil ko English Game Rhodes island reds Light speckled Sussex Japanese bantams Dutch bantams Phoenix Icelandic Brahmas Irish game And many more.

Location: Longford
Phone: 0874470053
Website: https://m.facebook.com/Donnelly-Poultry-1682987165276793/

Farm and Poultry, Bill Weir. 2016

I live just outside Maguiresbridge, County Fermanagh. My present stock consists of
Large Fowl: Brahma (Lemon Pyle, Dark, Gold, Pearl,), Wyandotte (Blue Laced), Orpington (Gold Laced).
Bantam: Pekin (Black, Millefleur).

I do supply eggs all over Ireland and U.K. also i do incubate from my parent stock to assure the fertility of the eggs. I do also have some poultry for sale, and for more information please visit my website.

Location: Fermanagh
Phone: 028 66 385971
Website: www.farmandpoultry.com

Ferguson, Giana. 2014

Large Soft Feathered: Brahma (Splash, Gold, Grey), Cochin (Black), Jersey Giant (Grey) Unsexed.
Bantam - Pekin (All colours) mostly sexed, Frizzles (Gold, Dark).

Location: West Cork - Skibbereen area
Phone: 0863809809

Fiachra. 2016

Brahmas only.
Gold,Buff Columbian and also Blue Partridge.
Limited amount of hatching eggs for sale.
Will also have stronger birds towards the end of the Summer.

Location: Gort / Loughrea. Galway.
Phone: 0879954706

FJ Poultry. 2017

Breeding Show quality LF Gold Brahmas.

I do have birds for sale from time to time.

Call/Text to see what I have available


Location: Galway
Phone: 0879954709

Gary. C. 2014

Breeder of bantam Brahmas in following colours.
Lemon Pyle,
blue buff Columbian and buff Columbian.

Location: Gort, Galway.
Phone: 086 271 2311

J & M Poultry. 2018

We have the following birds

Large Fowl:

Light Brahma
Dutch (Crele)
Brahma (Gold)
German Langshan (Black)
Silkie (White)
Booted bantam Sablepoot (Lemon Meillfleur)

Hatching eggs can be ordered. I have a limited supply of other birds available for sale

Large fowl light brahma roosters

Pair of gold brahma bantam

Pair of large fowl light brahma

2 black barbu Danvers

Location: Cavan
Phone: 0863857028

Jacksons Poultry & Waterfowl. 2015

Description: We are continuously looking to expand our breeds list, rare breeds in particular.

At the moment we have the following:


Silkies - White (Miniature + Bantam)
Pekins - Millefleur + buff
Sablepoots - Lemon Millefleur
Polish - Buff, Gold-laced, black
Sussex - Light
Hamburg - Golden spangled
Dutch bantam
Sultan - White
Wyandotte - Silver-laced, Gold-laced

Large Fowl

Silkies - White, black, blue (Whites from show lines) Houdan - Black mottled (Show winning stock from England) Vorwerk Leghorn - Exchequer

Quail - Japanese, Chinese Painted, Tuxedo, Bobwhite

Waterfowl - Coming Soon

Growers for breeding from 2016:

Paint Silkies
Silver Dorkings
Lemon Pyle Brahmas

We always have Goldtop chicks + eggs for sale as well as Polish x Hamburg chicks. Apart from that all other chicks are pure bred.

Location: Lisburn
Phone: 07749 549694

Jacobs poultry. 2014

Hi all ,breeds for 2014.
Buff orpington:
Black/cuckoo orpington:
Gold partridge brahmas:
And may have other breeds from time to time .
All birds are show quality and up to breed standards, some from brittish and northern irish blood lines . Hatching eggs availible from april to september.

Location: Killarney, Co. Kerry.
Phone: 0831342508

Jungo. 2014

We keep the following pure and rare breeds of hens:

Real Rhode Island Reds (LF),
Light Sussex (both Bantams and LF),
Gold Brahmas, Silver Brahmas and Lemon Pyle Brahmas (all large fowl) and Silkies (LF).

We keep the following breeds of ducks:

Indian Runners, Silver Appleyards and Call ducks. We keep these breeds pure and as a hobby so we do not generally have birds for sale. We do have hatching eggs available throughout the breeding season.

We are located just outside Galway City. Thank you.

Location: Galway
Phone: 0871369714

Knockroe Poultry. 2017.

I breed a small selection of Quality Large Fowl Poultry. I do take orders for birds but unfortunately numbers are limited. Feel free to contact me for more information.

My Breeds Include:

Rhode Island Red.
Buff Orpington.
Golden Brahma.
Derbyshire Redcap.
Old English Pheasant Fowl.

We also have a Facebook page 'Knockroe Poultry'.

Location: Galway
Phone: 0860393171

McGraths Poultry. 2014

Golden Brahma

Light Sussex

Rhode Island Red

All bird pure bred.
Hatching eggs available all year.
I hatch new batch of each breed every four weeks.
Chicks available most of the time.

Text or email for details

Location: Kilkenny
Phone: 0864172248

McGuirk, Declan. 2016

Bantam breeds: milfluer Pekins, buff Sussex,
Large fowl: buff Sussex, lemon Pyle, brahma, silver brahma, black minorca,
Pheasants: Ring neck, Buff White, Melanistic, Red and golden Reeves,
Bob white quail

Location: Laois
Phone: 0868534634

ONeill Poultry. 2015

We keep, breed and exhibit the following purebred poultry:

Fowl: Brahma, Silkie, Pekin (all various colours)

Waterfowl: Saxony, Welsh Harlequin, Pekin, Call (various colours)

Ornamental: Mandarin

Location: Meath

Check out our website, images of our breeds will be updated regularly:

Location: Meath
Website: http://oneillpoultry.wix.com/oneill-poultry

Scanlon, Karl. 2017

Large Fowl: Sussex (Light), Marans (Cuckoo), Brahma (Light Columbian, Blue Light Columbian), Jersey Giants (Black, Blue), Silkie (White)

Bantam: Pekin (Light Columbian)

Ducks: Khaki Campbell, Rouen, Miniature Silver Appleyards

Location: Kildare
Phone: 0879283532

Sean T. 2014

Rhode island reds
Call ducks
Canada geese
Embden geese
Chinese geese
Light brahmas
gold brahmas
Silver brahmas
Blue buff columbian bantam brahmas
Double breasted bronze turkeys
Fawn indian runners
Naked necks

Only Pure Bred stock bred
selling some birds most of the year
Contact if interested in anything

Location: Galway
Phone: 0857834791

Taylor, Graeme. 2016

Hens : Light Sussex,
Buff Orpington,
Road Island Reds,
Silver Laced Wyandottes
Gold Brahmas.

Ducks : Welsh Harlequins

Geese : Giant Dewlap Toulouse

Enquiries always welcome hatching eggs always for sale

Location: Leitrim
Phone: 087 9623548

Virginias Fowl. 2016

Large Fowl:
Light Columbian Brahmas 3 lines (NI)(UK)(Eire)

Bantam Fowl:
Blue Buff Brahma
Sablepoots in colors black(german) ,silver, white (NI),porceline(GB)

Ornamental Red Golden and Dark Traothed(NI)

Chocolate White Muscoveys(NI)

Fawn White Indian Runners(UK)

Tumblers mixed colors
Fantails white and mixed

Location: Roscommon
Phone: 0894391294

Whelan. David. 2017.

Partridge Welsummer and Columbian Brahmas

Location: Wexford
Phone: 0876489745