Poultry Breeders in County Wicklow

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Bayley, Alex. 2016

I have the following breeds at the moment

"Cream legbars"
"Partaige welsummers"

All the birds are free range and have good sized runs All birds get wormed and sprayed for mites

Hatching eggs and will have limited amounts of chicks Call for more information

Location: Ashford. Co. Wicklow
Phone: 087 1944694

Family Fowl. 2018.

Hobby breeders of Pekins, Polish and Silkies.

Pekin colours: Blue, Black Mottle & Splash

Silkie colours: Paint, White & Black

Polish: Black / White

Selections of the above usually available during the season, though may have individual / pairs / trios off season depending on availability.

Location: North Wexford / South Wicklow
Phone: 086 076 5259
Website: familyfowl.wordpress.com

Little Acre Farm. 2018.

Cream legbar


Silver/gold/blue Wyandotte

Buff/Light Sussex

All large fowl birds and hatching eggs and birds for sale.

Location: Wicklow
Phone: 086 8329034

Tony B. 2019.

We are hobby poultry keepers but sometimes have hatching eggs for collection.

Buff Orpington chickens

Embden geese

Miniature appleyard ducks.

Location: Wicklow