Poultry Breeders in County Galway

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Kelly. Shauna. 2023

USA Silkies

Top quality birds bred only.
All stunning parent birds selected for type, colour and temperament.

Can be posted or collected ( will be dispatched in polystyrene boxes) Location: Ardrahan, Co Galway.

Colours: splash, black, blue, partridge, buff and red Pyle

** Taking orders for day old chicks @ 10 each **

The USA Silkies are large fowl, they have shorter bodies, more compact round chest, larger headfeathers and more feathers on their feet than the EU standard.

More photos on Instagram @burrensilkies

Location: Galway
Phone: 0852834682

Knockroe Poultry. 2022.

We keep a small number of exhibition Quality Large Fowl Chickens of the following breeds:

- Buff Orpington

- Golden Brahma

- Rhode Island Red

We tend to sell offspring towards the end of the year when they have matured and don't sell hatching eggs.

Location: Galway
Phone: 0860393171