Poultry Breeders in County Cork

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Ash - Cork - Wyandotte. 2014.

Location: Cork
Phone: 0873673575

Biesma, Helena (Updated 2012)

breeder of white fatail tumbler doves - have bred some young birds for sale- are half tame as they are handled everyday and are the yard, ideal pets. ALso have two breeding couple available for sale. Love to hear from other breeders.

Location: Millstreet, Co. Cork
Phone: 087 6641582

Chicken Hill Poultry (Updated 2012)

I have a selection of Leghorns (White), Light Sussex, Bluebells,
Silkies (White), Rhode Island Red.
Hatching eggs also available, please feel free to contact me by phone or email at any time.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0870692629

Ciaran Cummins

Polish Bantams, Gold Laced Sebrights, Yellow and golden red phesants.

Chicks and eggs when available.

Location: Cork
Phone: 0852149689

Cunneen, Jason

Minorca (Black), Brahma (Gold), Vorwerk, Sussex (Buff, Light, Speckled), Rhode Island Red, Leghorn (Lavander), Pekin (Buff, Lavander, Black), Japanese Bantams.
Quail (Japanese).

Location: Cork
Phone: 087 1401972

Deane, William

I have: Pekin (Lemon, Buff, Black), Silkie (White), Minroca (Black), Ancona (Speckled).

Location: West Cork.
Phone: 0852771120

DKs Purebredpoultry. 2014

Hi my name is Darren Keohane and I am a small scale breeder of orpingtons and and bantam ducks growers and adult birds will be available from spring in to late autumn.
All my breeding stock are show quality and have won prizes,champions and reserve champions

My breeds

Large fowl
Buff orpington
Black orpington
Blue orpington
White orpington
Jubilee orpington

Black East Indian
White call ducks

I dont breed the white call ducks white and jubilee orpingtons my self because I buy them as hatching eggs from the uk so they would be the breeds that are limited and if you want them you need to pre order them first as I only bring over a limited amount of each breed.
Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to reserve birds

Thanks Darren Keohane

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0872647225


Large Fowl: Orpington (Black, Blue, White, Jubilee, Buff), Appenzeller (Silver Spangled, Gold Spangled), Cochin (White, Blue), Croad Langshan (Black), Wyandotte (silver laced)
Bantam: Orpington (Silver Laced, Chocolate), Pekin (Lemon cuckoo, Silver Partridge, Columbian, Black), Dutch (Yellow Partridge), Wyandotte (Silver Laced).

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0872957170

eva (Updated 2012)

large fowl: Orpington(Blue,Black,Jubbile,Cuckoo), Appenzeller(Silver,Gold), Wyandottes (Golden laced blue),
Bantams: Orpington(Black,Jubbile,Chocolated), Old English Game(Furnes), Pekin (Cuckoo,Mottled,Lemon cuckoo).

all my bird are top quailty show birds,eggs are sometimes avaibile in summer months

Location: west cork
Phone: 087 2957170

F C Farm. 2014

We raise lavender pekins, lavender aracuana, and speckled sussex.
Just started so more available come early spring 2015.

Location: West Cork
Website: http://friendlycovefarm.com

Ferguson, Giana

Large Soft Feathered: Brahma (Splash, Gold, Grey), Cochin (Black), Jersey Giant (Grey) Unsexed.
Bantam - Pekin (All colours) mostly sexed, Frizzles (Gold, Dark).

Location: West Cork - Skibbereen area
Phone: 0863809809

Florence. 2014

All Sold for 2014.

Location: Cork
Phone: 086 1549499

Flynn, Sarah

Orpington (Buff), Brahma (Blue), Serama.

Will have hatching eggs available from Spring 2011 by order only. Chicks also hatched to order, for sale as day old or off-heat.

Also run a hatching service (collection when last chicks are hatched) at 1.20 per egg.

Location: near Clonakilty, Co. Cork
Phone: 0876571599

Garza, Jane

I am a small breeder of: Silkie and Golden Brahma.
I also have hatching eggs.

Location: Dunmanway, Co. Cork
Phone: 0863356986

Ger. 2014

I am a hobby breeder of the following

Ayam cemani

White Wyandotte lf

Lemon Pyle Brahma lf 2 unrelated sets

White Yokohama bantam

Speckled Sussex lf

Welsh harlequin duck

Black east indian duck

I have hatching eggs chicks growers available through the season on request or order

Location: Mallow, Cork.
Phone: 0879901434

Gleeson Poultry

I have a selection of the following pure breed birds available from day old and point of lay in both male and female.
Breeds: Rhode Island Red, Japanese (Black Tailed White), Campbell (Khaki).

Hatching eggs also for sale. Contact anytime

Location: Cork (central)
Phone: 0873186298

Golden Quails Ltd. (Updated 2012)

Producers of quail eggs,hatching quail eggs,japanese jumbo,chinese,white english,golden italian,estonian etc.We can supply chicken from one day to eight week old,ready for laying.Also we are producing quail meat oven ready,fresh,frozen,also as a feed for hunting bird,eagles,hawks etc,in live or slaughtered condition.

Location: Cork
Phone: 0872249088

Hathaway, Sarah. 2014

Large fowl: Barnevelder, Light Sussex
Ducks: Black East Indian
Geese: Chinese White

Hatching eggs and youngsters sometimes available

Location: West Cork
Phone: 086 8120112

Hennessy Poultry, Damien and Pat

We breed lots of different fowl from chicks to a few months old.
Here are our breeds:
Orpington, (Buff, Yellow), Faverolle (Salmon), Jersey Giant, Polish (Black), Plymounth Rock (Yellow), Wyandotte (Silver Laced), Silkie (different colours), Leghorn (Brown, White), Black Rock, Sussex (Buff, Light), Rhode Island Red, Welsummer, Ancona, Hamburg, Maran (Copper, Speckeldy), Bluebell, splash Pekin(Cuckoo, White), Japanese, Dutch (Black and gold).
Guinea Fowl (different colours).
Waterfowl: Campbell (Khaki), Indian Runner (different colours) and more. thanks

Location: East Cork
Phone: 086 8074919

Ilen Poultry

We keep Barnevelders as a hobby and in order to maintain the breed we are creating different bloodlines, currently we have two, so if you want to pre-order for 2010 NOW is the moment! We also sell eggs for incubation!
Contact me and i can send you photo's off our Barnevelders.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 086 3922770

Jonathan McCarthy

I currently have the following breed
Large Fowl: Orpington (Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Lemon Cuckoo, Lavander), Sussex (Coronation Pure), Appenzeller (Chamois, Black, Gold), Barnvelder (Silver Laced), Wyandotte (Chocolate, Silver Laced, Gold Laced), Spanish White Face.
Bantam: Wyandotte (Chocolate, Silver laced), Orpington (Chocolate, Silver Laced , Black, Gold Laced).

Location: West Cork

Kelleher, John & Sarah

Large Fowl: Silkie (White, Black), Maran, Plymouth Rock (Barred) , Faverolle (Salmon), Dorking, Orpington, Campine , Welsummer.
Bantam: Barbu d'uccle, Dutch, Hamburg, Wyandotte, Pekin.

We sell hatching eggs, chicks and growers in season. Some breeds are from ehibition quality stock.

Location: Cork
Phone: 0877430356

Maguire, George. 2014

Large Fowl: Sussex (Light), Welsummer

Both breeds are of show quality and I show birds myself.
Hatching eggs, Chicks and Young Birds are available in season.
To enquire about the availability of same, please do not hestitate to contact me by phone or by email.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 023 8848368

Mallow Rhode Island Reds

We have Pure Bred RIRs only. Chicks hatched weekly from a large healthy stock.Chicks of any age available up to 8 week olds.

Location: Mallow,Cork
Phone: 0857166178

McGuire, Margaret and Colin

We are hobby breeders of: Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex (sex link cross).
Pekin Bantams various colours, pure white Pekin Bantams.
Hatching eggs available in the spring. We also breed Rex Rabbits (non shedding suitable for children with allergies, asthma etc)
Irish agents for Allen and Page Small Holder Range.
We also stock a full range of Organic GM Free poultry feed, rabbit food, dog food and horse feed. Feeders and drinkers also available.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0868408944 0238839880

McLaughlin, Susan 2014

Large fowl: Lincolnshire Buff
Bantam: Nankin, Sebright (silver and gold, and buff by request only)
Waterfowl: Black East Indian duck

Location: East Cork
Website: www.rarebuffspoultry.weebly.com/


I am a hobby breeder of the following: Silkie (White/Blue, Black), Brahma (Gold), Sebright (Gold Laced), Pekin (Mottled).
Quail (Japanese), Tumbler Pigeons, White racing pigeons.

Location: East Cork
Phone: 086 3220036

Munster Quail Farm

Japanese quail, English white, Italian quail available.

Also quail eggs for sale.

Location: Cork
Phone: 0868719098

Murphy Poultry. 2014

Hi. I am a breeder of quality poultry in West Cork. I breed the following breeds:

Largefowl: Cochin (black). Flock have bloodlines originating from England,Scotland,Wales and Germany.

Bantam: Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam. Birds in this flock are show winners.

Waterfowl: Muscovy (chocolate and white).

Hatching eggs are available throughout the Spring and Summer from all flocks. Day olds,Growers and Mature breeding adults are also available throughout the Seasons. All of the above mentioned have been entered in shows across the Cork and have performed time and time again.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0868306384

O Donovan, John & Ann Marie

We live and farm in West Cork, as well as our large collection of animals we also keep a wide variety of fowl. We have the following breeds and ocassionally we offer pairs for sale as well as eggs for hatching,

Sussex (White, Speckled), Orpington (Buff), Campien (Silver, Gold), Barbu d'Anver, Ancona, Araucana, Barnvelder, Brahma, Cochin, Favorelle, Hamburgh, Leghorn,
Pekin, Poland, Sebright, Silkie (Red, White, Gold, Gypsy), Wyandotte bantam, Lakenvelder, Polish (Frizzel).

Location: West Cork

O Leary Poultry. 2014

I keep a few different breeds WATERFOWL call ducks, muscovies,crested,khaki, khaki crosses, indian runner at times,chinese geese and embden geese large fowl indian game , Transylvanian naked necks,rhode islands and some others breeds at times HYBRID BREEDS I sell, 8 types available , bluebell, blackrock,bareed rock,sussex hybrid and rir hybrid aswell as few others BANTAMS old English game ,dutch bantams,ko shamo,pekin,mixed bred aswell

Location: Macroom, Co. Cork
Phone: 0879697939

O' Connell, Andrew

Large Fowl:: Sussex (Light), Leghorn (Exchequer, White), Silkie (White)
Bantam: Barbu d'Uccle (Millefluer),Old English game, Sebright (Gold)
Ducks: Indian Runner (Fawn and White), Call Ducks (White)

Location: Cork
Phone: 086 3936825

O'Sullivan, Philip

We breed Large Fowl: Indian Game, Dorking (Silver Grey), Leghorn (Exchequer).
Bantam: Dutch (Gold, Silver), Pekin (Millefleur), Japanese (Black Tailed White, Buff), Pekin.

Other: Bronze Turkeys
Also selection of cross breed bantams for broodies. Hatching eggs when available.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 0871448045

Ocallaghan, Jer. 2014

Ayam Cemani, Lemon Pyle Brahmas, White, Blue laced and Gold Laced Wyandottes.
Indian Runner Duck (Magpie and White).
Hatching Eggs available throughout the season.
Photos on http://jerocall.imgur.com

Location: Mallow, Cork
Phone: 0879901434

P/A Aviaries

I am a breeder ornamental pheasants. Taking order for 2010: Redgolden, Yellow Golden, Reeves, Ladyamherst, Silver, Kalij, Elliots, Cheers, Browneared, Sswinhoe, Eedwards, Hhimalayan Monal, Satyr Tragopan, Temmincks, also Redleged Partridge, California Quail, Bluescale Quail.

Location: Co Cork
Phone: 087 6694676

Rockhill, Terry. 2014

Hobby breeder of White/Buff/partridge Silkies also have red Silkies.
Cream legbars (blue/green egg layers)
currently no birds for sale but hatching eggs available from July

Location: Drimoleague, Cork
Phone: 089 481 7286

Rutherford, Allan

I am a hobby breeder of quality pure bred Barnevelders (Double Laced).
A limited number of pre-ordered hatching eggs available from early March. Contact me by either phone, text or email for further details.

Location: West Cork
Phone: 086 6089926

Wyandotte Sussex. 2014

Coronation Sussex (Large Fowl) Hens 20. Roosters 15.

Light Sussex (Large Fowl) Hens 15. Roosters 10.

White Sussex (Large Fowl) Hens 20. Roosters 15.

Partridge Wyandotte (Large Fowl) Hens 20. Roosters 15.

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (Large Fowl) Hens 20. Roosters 15.

Buff Laced Wyandotte (Large Fowl) Hens 15. Roosters 10.

Gold Laced Wyandotte (Large Fowl) Hens 15. Roosters 10.

Location: Cork