Poultry Breeders in County Carlow

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Coppenagh Poultry. 2020.

I am a small breeder, specializing of top quality birds.

I sell a small amount of chicks, pullets and hatching eggs when available throughout the year of the below Large Fowl breeds.

Bielefelder - (German breed)

Black French Copper Maran (UK)

Location: Carlow
Phone: 0861550127

Eugene. 2019.

I keep Old English Game bantams.

The colours I keep are:

Blue furnace

Polcat furnace



Blue reds

I also keep Modern Game bantams

Silver duckwing


Location: Carlow
Phone: 0879934138

Kealy, John. 2016.

Barnevelder Gold Doublelaced.
Bantam Buff Sussex.
Large Silkies.
Gold top clockers / hatchers.

Location: Kilkenny. Carlow.

Kelly, Adrian. 2016

Breeder of African geese both grey and buff also Saxony ducks.

Location: Carlow
Phone: 0871204670

Mac Manor. 2019

Rhode island reds

Location: Carlow
Phone: 0858361190