Poultry Breeders in County Antrim

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Brahmas Only. 2015.

Hi i breed large fowl brahmas in 2 colours dark and silver blue,these are a large docile breed which are very freindly and lay a good number of light brown eggs a year fantastic breed of chicken and the only ones i now keep if you would like hatching eggs you can call anytime and will be added to the list thanks chris.

Location: Antrim. Dunloy.
Phone: 07810372674

Clyde. Diane. 2015.

Brown hybrids at point of lay.
I rear these birds my self from day old available all year round.
Small or large quantities, top quality stock, full vaccination prgramme DARD registered.
I run a closed unit so you can be sure the birds have not been exposed to diseases or mixed with other birds.

Location: Larne. Antrim.
Phone: 07815841222
Website: www.fowlplayni.com

Gardiner. Dermot. 2015

Large fowl:
Light, White and Red Sussex
Black Australorp

Light Sussex
Black Orpington
White Wyandotte
Black Australorp

Pekin (German type)


All top quality exhibition strains sourced from the best breeders in the UK

Location: Antrim
Phone: 07739837372

Johnston. S & R. 2015

Belgian D’Anvers Quail and Black and Belgian D’Uccles Millefleur.

Location: Ballymena, Co Antrim. N. Ireland
Phone: 07776 152478

McCormick. Niall. 2016

I breed show quality :
•Rhode Island Reds
•Speckled Sussex
All are top quality and parent birds have been shown successfully in recent years.
Only the best are bred from so to ensure only top quality birds are available.
Stock birds are purchased from top breeders in England and Ireland.
Pullets and cockerels usually available from July onwards.
Call for more details and prices.

Location: Antrim
Phone: 07598325587

Moore. 2015

Large brown leghorns

Location: Antrim

Road Side Poultry. 2016

We have cream legbars / lebreese gauloise male and female of each and hatching eggs also.
Call mark

Location: Antrim
Phone: 07789495299